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Dynamically Testing APIs: Top 6 DAST Tools

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are everywhere today. They’ve advanced so quickly that we are yet to have a good grasp on ways to test them. APIs allow different software components to communicate with each other irrespective of the language used on either end. Most of the time, APIs are used for developing web applications. This is where DAST comes in. Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is a great way to test web applications and can work wonders for testing APIs. In this article, we will discuss how API testing can be done using DAST tools and also list six of the best DAST tools for API testing.

Is DAST only for web applications?

No, the scope of DAST is not limited to web applications. It is useful for testing APIs as well. API testing using DAST is a great way to test APIs as it can detect vulnerabilities that static analysis or conventional API testing tools might not be able to find.

Benefits of DAST

Some of the benefits of using DAST for API testing include:

  • Detection of vulnerabilities that might not be found through other means of testing
  • Ability to test APIs while they are running and get a better understanding of their response to real-time attacks.
  • Greater visibility into the inner workings of an API

How does a DAST tool work?

DAST tools work by dynamically scanning the application while it’s running. This is done by sending all sorts of malicious requests to the application and analyzing the responses. The tool then looks for vulnerabilities that might be present in the code or in the way the application is responding to the requests. This gives testers a better idea of how the application works and what kind of vulnerabilities a hacker can find. Additionally, DAST tools can be used to test the security of APIs since APIs are used widely in web applications (irrespective of the platform).

Top 6 DAST tools for API testing

Now that we know what DAST is and some of its benefits, let’s take a look at some of the best DAST tools for API testing.

Here are six of the best DAST tools for API testing:

1) Astra Pentest:

Astra Pentest is an automated penetration testing tool that you can use for DAST APIs. It does an excellent job at testing web applications. This tool has all the essential features you may be looking for. It ensures that it covers the OWASP top ten and tests against 3000+ known vulnerabilities. You will also get view remediation tips, risk scores, and get real-time threat alerts. What’s more, Astra Security, the company behind this tool, also helps you with manual testing.

2) Burp Suite Pro:

Burp Suite Pro is a well-known tool for web application security testing. It comes packed with loads of features, though aimed at web application pentesting, they still cover everything you need for API testing. This tool can be used for both manual and automated testing. It also offers a wide range of vulnerabilities that can be tested against. It supports several formats in which you can export and view the results of your scans.

3) Data Theorem:

This is an all-rounder security testing tool. a tool that is specifically designed for API testing. It’s an automated security testing tool that can be used to constantly analyze APIs and mobile applications to find vulnerabilities in real-time.

4) Crashtest Security:

Crashtest Security is a tool that can be used for web applications and API vulnerability scanning. The tool makes everything fully automated, easy to implement, and fast. It also includes a detailed report that points out the vulnerabilities in the scanned application.

5) Tinfoil API Security Testing:

Tinfoil API SecurityTesting is a security testing tool designed specifically for API testing. Use it to detect security risks in websites, mobile apps, IoT apps, and other web services in minutes.

6) Hdiv Security:

Hdiv Security is a web security testing tool that can be used for API testing. It’s designed to detect security flaws within the source code. This is a scalable solution and you get a free demo/trial from the company.

These are six of the best DAST tools for API testing. They all offer many unique features that make them ideal for any kind of API testing. So, if you’re looking for a good DAST tool to test your APIs, then one of these should work well for you.

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Conclusion – What are the best Dast Tools?

DAST tools can indeed be used for API testing. This article has covered the notion of DAST and its advantages for API testing, as well as tools to achieve it. You have also learned about six of the best DAST tools that you can use for API testing. As always, leave no stone unturned when testing your APIs and web applications. Remember to prioritize security. Finally, verify that you’re employing the best tools and procedures to keep your apps and information safe.

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