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5 Best Video Editing Apps for First Year Film School Students

We can easily say that video production will always grow, especially in film and music, so creating a masterpiece can help you make or break your project. That is precisely where good editing apps play a significant role and separate good work from mediocre ones. 

You need to step up your game and invest in good editing apps or software that will help you produce professional content that will pop. There are various options out there, free and paid-for ones. Don’t think that free options are sticks and stones– they have some limitations, but if you use them right, you can produce just as fantastic work as you would with a paid app. 

Your first year at college will probably stress you out, and you will have to learn how to stay on top of your tasks and balance your free time. If you experience burnout quickly and want to spare yourself this stress, visit the write my essay for me online service that will provide you with an outstanding job in no time. You could invest that time in editing and educating yourself on many other subjects. 

Let’s look at some of the best video editing apps for film school students to help them succeed in their future careers.

5 Best Video Editing Apps For Film School Students

Apple iMovie

Apple’s free apps take up most lists because they have fantastic features. They provide you with original components, are easy to use, and are brilliantly functional. This app has everything a video editor should have; it is quick and straightforward. 

Suppose you want to create eye-catching videos and make creative edits, this one’s worth noting. It is compatible with many editing software and provides main features such as: trimming your clips to the wanted size, building in music, and adding various effects and animations. 

The app is easy to understand and will work on all Apple devices; you’ll be able to save videos in 1080 or 4K. It is sadly only available on Apple devices, but it is free, so Android users should look for other apps.


Another great app is Splice, which provides you with desktop editing performance while using your iPhone. It is powerful, and you can combine and pick random clips to put them together. You can trim, crop, and use titles, effects, and different speed controls. 

Another great thing about this app is that it covers a wide range of free music you can lay over your finished video and even sync the beat to the clips. It is an award-winning app, ready for immediate use. It is available only on iOS devices and can be found for free on the app store.


If you fancy recoloring poorly lit videos, adding a touch of color, or using black and white filters, this app will tick several boxes for you. It can easily handle these editing tasks, and you can take complete control over the process. You’ll be able to see the difference between your original video and the edited one because the app provides a split screen. It is easy to use and requires iOS 12 or later. It costs $5.99 but is worth every dollar. 


VivaVideo is another excellent app that will let you splice your videos together in a few steps. It includes stickers, filters, various special effects, and animated clips you can add to produce great content. It also features fast/slow motion, a library of music options, and nine lens options. You can even share your work with the app’s network to over 200 million users.

It has plenty of unique and exciting features, but some users have reported glitches and annoying in-app purchases and adverts. It is free and it is also available on Apple devices and Android devices.


Magisto is an advanced app that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify the best elements of your footage. It is the best pick for editors on the move who use their mobile devices and require some of these specifications: facial recognition, effects and filters, auto-cropping, and many more to produce eye-catching videos. 

You can choose from Professional and Premium subscriptions which will enable you to create more extended moves and provide you with a broader array of editing styles. Select a backing track from the app’s library or add your audio. 

With over 90 million users, this app is free and comes with various in-app purchases. Some users have reported problems canceling their subscriptions, but if you don’t plan on spending money on them, there should be no problems. It is also available for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.

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Final Thoughts

Creating eye-catching work can be a complex task. But, with these simple apps, you can produce exciting work that will prepare you for your future film career and help you build a strong base. Good luck!

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