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Best Video Editing Tools For TikTok 2024- Make Your Videos More Attractive

TikTok is widely popular among all generations over the globe that allows you to create short video content. You can find various genres on TikTok such as comedy, fashion, story, fact, sci-fi, animation, and more. For any type of genre creator, it is quite obvious to enhance the quality of content.

Short video platforms like TikTok, video editing tools can play an important role to enhance quality. TikTok users like to consume good edited and organize content.

For this, we have some best video editing tools for TikTok

How To Edit Video On Tiktok? 

In this, we are going to help you learn how to edit videos for TikTok with the in-built feature of TikTok. 

It provides various features to edit your videos such as sounds, filters, stickers, flip, speed, beauty, and more. this recording a video you can find this option before uploading it.


  • Sound: You can add a song or an audio effect. 
  • Playback Speed: It helps you to control the playback speed. 
  • Filter: You can use it for brightness, contrast, and texture. 
  • More: you can use the beauty option, trim video, use stickers, and text layers. 

Best Video Editing Tools For TikTok Videos  

Features provided by TikTok to edit a video are basic which are not enough for a better creator. So, you have to use outside apps to edit your videos. We had come with some best apps to do video editing for TikTok.


CapCut the best video editing tool for tiktok

CapCut is a free TikTok video editor and an excellent app for editing videos. All features in this app are designed while keeping TikTok in mind, as the developer company of CapCut and TikTok are the same. Moreover, It doesn’t have a green screen feature but still, it has lots of exciting offers. Also, it has tons of VFX and animation for creativeness. 

It is available for both ios and android. 


  • Huge copyright-free song
  • Text and trending stickers
  • Easy to use
  • Magical effects of VFX range
  • Animation 


Inshot the top video editing tool for tiktok

InShot is the best free video editor for TikTok and a one-stop solution of video editing tools for TikTok. It has some amazing features which you cant access from TikTok, as you can add your library music with InShot. InShot has features like blur background, effects, trim, split, and more. The drawback is, it doesn’t have royalty-free songs and in the free version, there is a watermark with video. 

It is available for android and ios. 


  • Cool effects and movie-style filters
  • HD video editing
  • Combine a lot multiple videos and photos 
  • Adjusted contrast and brightness


beecut the best video editing tool for tiktok

BeeCut is a free video editor for TikTok and without any watermark. It is easy to use interface and has a lot of features to make your TikTok video stunning with few clicks. A beginner can use it easily with powerful video editing functions. BeeCut is the best TikTok video editor app download for pc, yes you can use it on pc also.

It supports windows, android, mac, iOS, and the web also. 


  • Split, trim and merge video easily
  • Transaction to convert your photos into videos 
  • Supports 1080p, 720p, 480p video exports also
  • Provides 5 different types of video ratios to almost all social media platform 


Magisto the top video editing tool for tiktok

One of the best video-creating video editing tools for TikTok in the market is Magisto. It can enhance your editing in TikTok video and you also can create videos for parties, birthdays, weddings, occasions, and weekends. 

You can opt for music from its music library or you add music from the gallery. It is a free app with basic features and you can subscribe to paid one to expand your features. Also, It is a TikTok video editor on pc and phone too. 

It works with android, window, and ios. 


  • Colors with various fonts customization
  •  You can filter and give effects t your project
  • Professional themes and templates
  • Licensed libraries to pick music 


Zoomerang the best video editing tool for tiktok

There is no better app than Zoomerang if you are a beginner or you are new and don’t know how to edit videos for TikTok. It did not provide a one-button solution to you. Whereas, it helps you by giving tutorials of how big & famous creators make their videos. This app includes filters, effects, music, and more. It is not a free app but you can take free trials of a pro subscription. 

You can use this app on ios and android also. 


  • Easy to use beginner-friendly 
  • Basic to advance tutorials
  • Cool filters and music to edit 
  • More than 100 effects 

Conclusion: Top Video Editing Tools For TikTok

We suggest to you some of the best video editing tools for TikTok videos and other platforms. All apps are the best TikTok video maker, it’s totally up to you whom you choose for your editing journey. You have to think about in which category you fall(beginner, intermediate, advanced) and choose according to it. 


Does Tiktok Have Video Editing?

YES, TikTok provides various features to edit your video but such features are basic from you cant edit like a professional. You have to outsource some other apps to polish your editing skills. 

What Video Editor Should I Use For Tiktok? 

In any category you fall, if you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced we provide some best apps for you. Such as CapCut, InShot, BeeCut, Magisto, and Zoomerang. 

Can you edit TikTok videos after posting?

No, TikTok doesn’t provide this feature, even you cannot change your caption of the video. The possible way to edit is by reposting the video by making your edit.