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Best Video Setting For Rocket League 2024

There are many people who are fond of having access to rocket league but many of them are not aware of what is the best video setting for rocket league? So in this fascinating discussion of the article, we are going to share every important setting for rocket league.

The video setting you are going to be told is appropriate for all whether you are a beginner or a pro player of rocket league.

Best Video Setting For Accessing Rocket Leauge

There are three types of the main setting that are used by everyone for accessing rocket league.

  • Basic settings
  • Advanced settings 
  • Window settings 

Basic Settings For Rocket Leauge

In basic settings, we have some major options that we have to keep in mind during rocket league.

  • Render quality – The quality should be high 
  • Render detail – It must be on custom mode 
  • Anti-aliasing – It must be off
  • Frames per second – Most of the people suggest an uncapped option for frames per second.

Advanced Settings For Rocket Leauge PS4

This setting is almost for on and off performance such as –

  • High-quality shaders – Off
  • Light shafts – Off
  • Lens flares – Off 
  • Weather effect – Off 
  • World detail – Performance 
  • Effective intensity – Low intensity 
  • World detail – Performance 
  • Particle detail – Performance 
  • Texture detail – High performance 
  • Dynamic Shadow- Off
  • Motion blur – Off 
  • Ambient occlusion – Off
  • Transparent gaolposts – On 

      3. Window Settings For Accessing Rocket Leauge

  • Vertical sync – Select the option of Off button 
  • Display mode –  Set it to fullscreen 
  • Resolution – It should be a Native resolution

These are the major best video setting for rocket league pc that is appropriate for having a great experience of rocket league while playing.

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Rocket League-Best Camera Settings 

This is one of the most important settings in the rocket league. You must know about all the best camera settings for rocket league such as –

  • Distance – Distance is simple, If you increase the distance it will put the camera back from your car, and dropping the distance will put the camera closer to you.
  • Camera shake – Disabled mode 
  • Angle – Set it between -5 to -3 and it must not be more than this.
  • Height – It can be according to your desire but formally it should be 90-110.
  • Camera preset –  Set it on the Custom mode.
  • Field of view – It must be 110
  • Transition speed – Set the value between 1.0 to 1.3
  • Interval swivel – Disabled mode 
  • Swivel speed – Set this between 4 to 6
  • Stiffness –  Set the value between 0.35 to 0.7 or you may also set it between 0.40 to 0.45.

These are the basic and major camera settings for rocket league that can be used by both beginners and pro players.

Once you change the Rocket league video settings, you can able to play the game smoothly. And if you want to record that gameplay screen then you can use the Filmora 11 video editing & Screen recording software.

What Is The Best Setting For Rocket League And Tips For Beginners?

There are some major tips for beginners of rocket league that can be sufficient for every beginner. Battle car, aerials, feathering your boost, training, improving your skills, centering the ball, boost management, and many more. These all are important for every newbie.

Best Rocket League Sensitivity Setting 

As far as sensitivity setting is concerned so the numbers must be between 1.0 to 2.0. These are the decent numbers that are good for every player of rocket league. This setting is used by most of the pro players so it can be pleasant for players of rocket league.

Best Setting For Rocket League Controller

This is the query of many users of rocket league that they are not aware of the rocket league controller. They are not aware of what should be the minimum and maximum sensitivity, intensity, vibration, and many more. The following setup is the appropriate and the best video setting for rocket league controller.

  • Aerial setting –  It can be started from 1.00 but it totally depends on you how pleasant you are for controlling air movements. It is adjustable and you can set it according to your gameplay.
  • Controller Deadzone – It mentions how far off you have to pull the joystick before the game registers movement, it can be different like 0.50 or 0.70.
  • Controller vibration – It should be disabled but you can set it with your cooperativeness.
  • Steering sensitivity – Avoid unnecessary movements and keep it on lower mode.
  • Mouse sensitivity –   It can be 10.00 or keep it lower during blocking, dribbling, and making aerial epic shots.
  • Ball camera mode –  Select toggle for free view camera angles in different instances.
  • Keyboard aerial safety – It must be off for your safety and prevention, it also filters your skill without corrective controllers.
  • Keyboard input acceleration time – You can set it to 0.00 for interactions between inputs and on-screen.

These are the various best video settings for rocket league controller lovers whether they are newbies or pros.

What Is The Best Video Setting For Rocket League Pc?

There is no other extra setting for a PC or any computer. On the computer or PC, most of the time we follow all the above settings for good quality. 

We just have to set all the basic, advanced, window settings as mentioned in the above heading.

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In the light of this evidence, we can say that these are the major best video settings for rocket league. These are not only for video but for other options as well. We have also mentioned controller settings, settings for beginners, sensitivity settings, and many more things that are significant for rocket league.

Frequently asked questions 

What FPS Should I Run For Rocket League?

You can have great access to 1440p 60 FPS or 1080p 100 FPS systems for good gameplay.

How Much Ram Does Rocket League Need?

For playing with the smoothness you need to have at least 8 Gb ram in your gadget or device.

Do FPS Matter In Rocket League?

Yes, it can make a great difference in games like rocket league. It can give you a better performance.

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