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Bing VS Yahoo VS Google 2023 – Which One Is Good For Marketing

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most used search engine platforms around the world. Most of the advertisers prefer to target people on Google. A smart advertiser always tries to promote the business from all possible sources.

So, in this Bing VS Google VS Yahoo debate we are going to see which one is good for your next marketing campaign. But before that let’s explore these search engines in short.

Bing VS Google VS Yahoo – A Brief Introduction

What Is Google?

Launched in 1998 Google is dominant in the search industry with more than 85% of the market share. It is not only used in the home country the U.S but around the world.

With daily traffic of more than 5.5 billion searches, Google is a great platform for marketing also. Google offers a service known as Google Ads where anyone can advertise their product or services easily.

What Is Yahoo?

Yahoo was launched in back 1995 and was the most used search engine on the internet. Yahoo is the biggest competitor of Google at a time.

Over time, Yahoo started to focus on a website with keywords rather than content relevancy. However, after Microsoft owned Yahoo, it is now powered by Bing.

What Is Bing?

The second most search engine, Bing was launched in 2009 by Microsoft with almost 900 million searched every day. Where Yahoo is a part of Bing, the results of Yahoo and Bing are the same thing.

Bing has a very intuitive search appearance and is very similar to Google. It is gaining popularity and marketers also using Bing these days for their marketing campaigns. Use a Bing Ads Coupon to get a free credit of $100 bing ads on every new sign-up that can be used for a marketing campaign.

Pros & Cons of Google Ads VS Bing Ads

Here are some of the advantages & disadvantages of Bing VS Google search engine for advertisers & users.

Pros & Cons of Google Ads

Pros & Cons Of Google Ads


  1. Huge Traffic – With a daily average of more than 6 billion, Google has a huge number of active users. That gives a great opportunity to the advertisers who want to target the audience.
  2. Target Specific Audience – One of the best parts of Google Ads is that advertisers can target the specific audience and country.
  3. Pay Only Click Only – Google Ads uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model that means the advertisers have to pay for the clicks only. The ads that appear on result pages don’t cost anything until it gets clicked.
  4. Track Every Result – With the tools from the Google Ads account, users can track each & every result. That way you can see which strategy is working and which is not.
  5. Easy To Set Up – Anyone who wants to promote their business, product, or service can easily set an ad account on Google free of cost. It is very easy to set up an account on it.

What Are The Cons of Google?

  1. Difficult to Rank – As the traffic is high on Google, competitors are also. It takes a lot of effort and time to rank on SERP organically. The bidders put a high bid to show the ads.
  2. Fluctuations – The algorithms of Google change frequently with new updates resulting in fluctuations of results. It also affects the SEO strategies and the organic results.
  3. High Competition – Google has huge traffic used around the world. The newcomers can’t compete with the players already in the ranking.
  4. Valued Organic Results – Visitors on Google prefer to click organic results more than on ads although these results are shown at the top.
  5. Keywords Are Expensive – The competitive keywords that can get traffic are expensive. Advertisers with low budgets can’t afford these high rate keywords.

Pros & Cons Of Bing Ads

Pros & Cons Of Bing Ads


  1. Low Competition – Bing has low traffic as compared to Google which shows it has fewer competitors. This is the major advantage for the advertisers to target the people.
  2. Easy To Rank – To rank on Bing is easy than on Google due to less number of competitors.
  3. Track Results Easily – Bing Ads offers some of the unique features that let advertisers track and monitor the results anytime they want.
  4. Import Google Ads Campaign – One of the major advantages of using Bing ads is that it has the option to import Google Ads campaign in Bing Campaign easily.
  5. Affordable – Bing Ads is less expensive and advertisers with a low budget can run the campaign easily without stressing on the pocket.


Well talking about the cons of using Bing Ads is that due to low traffic the advertisers can’t be sure if they get a conversion or not.

Although Bing Ads is gaining popularity people prefer to use Google more than any other search engine.

As Yahoo is a part of Bing so we won’t discuss the pros & cons of it.

Google VS Bing VS Yahoo – Market Share

Online search platform Google is at boom with the highest market share accounted for 87.76 as of June 2023. Today we can say Google is the king of the search industry.

Talking about Bing search engine then it is the second most used search platform after Google. The market share of Bing is almost 5.56% in the global search network. Yahoo accounts for 2.71% only as it is now powered by Bing and acquired by Microsoft.

Bing VS Google Revenue

The fact is that 80% of the revenue of Alphabet is generated from Google Ads. In FY 2020, Google Ads revenue was $147 billion US dollars.

According to stats, Bing has generated $7.74 billion US dollars as of FY 2020 from Microsoft Advertising. As in FY 2019, the annual revenue of Microsoft was $7.62 billion. This is an increase of 1.47% and it shows that Bing is growing over the year.

Bing VS Google Algorithms

The algorithms of Google & Bing are pretty much similar but they work in different ways.


Google is more secretive about its algorithms and updates them on regular basis. The machine-based algorithm of Google is concerned mainly with E.A.T i.e. Expertise, Authority & Trust, and links.

There are many different ranking factors that matter a lot to rank on Google.


The algorithms of Bing are open and there is nothing secret about it. It uses machine learning and AI of search results where Meta keywords are considered as a spam indicator. In the recent Bing algorithm update 2023, if the keywords aren’t in content but they are in Meta title then it would be considered spam.

Bing uses different ranking factors to rank a particular page and mobile-friendly is one of those.

The results of Yahoo are the same Bing as Yahoo is now powered by Bing.

Bing VS Google Privacy – Which Search Engine Is Best For Privacy?

If you think that Google is the most secure search engine then you must know that it tracks each of your activities. This is important for Google to target the audience by showing them ads based on their interest & preferences.

Google has a vast range of services and apps and your data is shared by these apps.

On the other hand, Microsoft Bing doesn’t have enough apps so all your data is kept private from other apps & services.

But this doesn’t mean that Google is not secure, both search engines use almost the same algorithms.

Does Bing Track You?

Bing tracks all your online activities and then targets the visitors based on their interests. So, all the search engines track their user’s behavior and show them ads and relevant results.

Why Is Google Better Than Bing and Yahoo?

Google updates its algorithms and brings up new updates & features from time to time. It favors the sites with quality more than the quality. Also, the market share & volume of traffic is huge than on any other search engines till now.

Yahoo is now part of Bing that means all the results are now the same as Bing. Microsoft’s Bing is the biggest competitor of Google and has millions of daily searches from around the world.

Bing has great growth potential, where Google is already dominating the search industry and Yahoo is now powered by Microsoft. So, we can’t say one the best only on single factor without experiencing by self in fact bing ads discount are cheaper than Google.

Bing VS Google VS Yahoo 2023 – Rounding Up

All the search engines from Bing VS Google VS Yahoo are best in their way and provide different features and search results. There is no particular search engine that is perfect and superior to others.

There is no doubt that Bing & Google are widely used search engines from around the world. Advertisers must analyze which search engine offers the advantage and benefits to the users. A visitor must try out different search engines to know which is one is good for them or not.