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Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky 2024 – Which One is better?

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In the digital world, no one wants to take a risk for their privacy. Each person wants the best software which can protect their personal identification information. and for this, many security software companies offer different products. You need to keep safe when online, safe payment, communication, and more. The two best security software company that is Bitdefender & Kaspersky provide the best online security.

It becomes hard to select only one product of a company especially if many options are available. Henceforth, we bring a comparison of Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky, it will help you to choose the one and affordable with top features. A person can easily purchase a product if it is at a nominal price. & if the features are good enough to protect the device.

Know More About the Bitdefender & Kaspersky

Bitdefender and Kaspersky are cybersecurity and anti-virus software companies. These companies offer many products to defeat the attack of cyber-attackers. Both companies are old, Bitdefender was founded in 2001 & Kaspersky was in 1997. For many years both companies had developed many products. Bitdefender’s founder is Florin Talpes & also the CEO is present. Kaspersky’s current CEO is Eugene Kaspersky & its headquarters are in Moscow, Russia. The headquarters of Bitdefender is in Bucharest that is in Romania’s country.

Features of Bitdefender & Kaspersky

30-day free trial

Protection for Mac, PC, android, iOS

Protected over 500 million devices since 2001

Customer support 24/7

It also provides products for family

Free trial for 30 day

It also protects all devices

Protected over 400+ million people

Customer support by making a request or call

Safe kids protection for your kid’s safety

Bitdefender products for macOS, Android, PC, iOS, and multi-platform security

Security for your personal computer

Bitdefender offers many products for the security of your PC. These are Bitdefender’s small office security, Bitdefender premium security, Bitdefender Total Security, Internet Security, and Bitdefender antivirus plus. You will have the option to connect the software to up to 20 devices.

macOS Security

Security is important for all devices and therefore it offers products for mac security. These products are Bitdefender premium security, Bitdefender total security, and Bitdefender antivirus for MAC.

Android Security

For the security of Android devices, it includes Bitdefender premium security, Bitdefender total security, and Bitdefender mobile security for android.

iOS Mobile Security

It includes the products for iOS mobile security are Bitdefender premium security, Bitdefender total security, and Bitdefender mobile security for iOS.

And other is Multi-Platform Security

The most popular product of Bitdefender is Bitdefender BOX, in this, you can connect an unlimited number of devices. The other products are Bitdefender Premium Security, and Bitdefender Total Security, small office security, and Bitdefender family pack included in multi-platform security.

Kaspersky products – home, small & medium business

Kaspersky provides many home products and is also considered for small and medium businesses. There are some free tools also that you can easily use to get security for your devices. The Kaspersky security cloud is available to free download, the password manager is also available in the free version. All the products are at an affordable price and even if you want some relief by discount use, Kaspersky Coupons. Home products are Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security. Kaspersky Security Cloud, Kaspersky VPN secure connection, Free Antivirus, Android Antivirus.

Kaspersky Small business security products are:-

  • Kaspersky Small Office Security
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Kaspersky Medium Business Products are:-

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced

Bitdefender & Kaspersky’s Products – Pricing

Small office Security – if you have a business then of course you are searching for the best productivity software for your business security. As we all know that businesses carry lots of crucial information about their business. And if these details like banks, files, document leaks, the business can face huge risks. This is why every business whether small, medium, or large requires a tool that protects their privacy. Bitdefender offers 1, 2, and 3 years plan for 5, 10, and 20 devices, the price for 10 devices for 1 year is $74.99. Kaspersky offers 1, 2, and 3 years plans & can enter 5 to 50 devices. Kaspersky Discount Vouchers will help the user to get it at the lowest price. Its prices for 10 devices for 1 year are $170. & it is your choice to select the year & number of the device in Kaspersky & Bitdefender.

Features of Bitdefender Small Office Security

  • It secures your employee’s information
  • Cloud-based management for the protection
  • A safeguard of ransomware protection
  • Threat detection
  • It does not let affected the productivity

Features of Kaspersky Small Office Security

Features of Kaspersky Small Office Security

  • Ransomware protection
  • Keep safe your money and online payment
  • Android device protection for your employees so that they can work safely
  • Secure your important files and backup

Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky – Total Security

Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Total Security

Total security includes all the features that are not included in other products. This is why its name is total security. Bitdefender’s price for 10 devices for 1 year is $99.99 & the option is available for 1, 2, and 3 years. Kaspersky’s total security plan for 10 devices for 1 year is $74.99 & can select years 1, 2, and 3. But if you choose the plan for 2 years or 3 years the price is different. The Kaspersky plan is 50% off can this available discount by Kaspersky code. Let us know the features of Kaspersky’s total security.


  • Webcam protection
  • VPN secure connection
  • Safe payment
  • Secure account’s passwords
  • Parental control for your kid’s online safety
  • Removes the virus and harmful attacks that can create a risk to mislay your privacy

Bitdefender Total Security Features

  • Secure VPN connection
  • Malware detection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Safe kids protection
  • Reduce the risk of getting an attack on system performance

Internet Security product for Bitdefender & Kaspersky

Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Internet Security

Internet security software is made for the protection of your online information. Find and detect the threats and if any virus is detected block them without affecting the performance of your system. Bitdefender internet security’s device option available is 1, 3, 5, and 10 devices and the choice of 1, 2, and 3 years. The internet security product is affordable for you if you choose Kaspersky. The price of Bitdefender’s internet security is higher than Kaspersky’s internet security. Compare Kaspersky and Bitdefender internet security:-


Features of Bitdefender Internet Security
  • Threat detection
  • Firewall to secure your network traffic
  • Webcam & microphone protection
  • Secure VPN connection
Features of Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Detect virus, malware, spyware & other attacks
  • Webcam protection
  • VPN connection
  • Defend your private information
  • Safe online payment

Antivirus – Bitdefender & Kaspersky

Kaspersky Antivirus Vs Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender renders the antivirus software one is Bitdefender Antivirus plus & the other is Bitdefender antivirus for MAC. The antivirus plus is for the windows & support device option is 1, 3, 5, and 10. But Bitdefender Antivirus for macOS support device option is 1 & 3 only. Kaspersky antivirus gives the option of 3, 5, and 10 device connections in one plan. The price of the Kaspersky antivirus is cheap than the Bitdefender. So if you are searching for the plan that is available at the lowest price is Kaspersky antivirus.


Features of Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Protects from the virus, ransomware & other attacks
  • Does not affect the system performance
  • Easy to use this application
  • Real-time protection

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

  • A safeguard that fights against viruses & ransomware
  • Prevent you from the online fraud
  • VPN that is 200 MB per day, per device

Bitdefender Premium Security & Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender sells premium security that allows up to 10 devices connected in a one-year subscription. On buying this premium security, Bitdefender is giving a discount to save your dollar & also for a deal use the Bitdefender coupon. Bitdefender BOX shields all of your devices and provides security for your home & wifi security.

Secure VPN Connection – Kaspersky & Bitdefender

Kaspersky & Bitdefender offer VPN services & plans but prices are different. Bitdefender does not include free VPN service but Kaspersky includes free and paid both. If you see the plans then of course Kaspersky VPN is inexpensive than Bitdefender VPN.

Benefits of using Bitdefender VPN
  • Shield your online privacy
  • No logs
  • The 1-month plan is $6.99 & the annual plan is $3.33 per month
  • It has 1300+ servers across the world
  • This VPN is available for all devices – macOS, window, android, & iOS
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Safe streaming & media
Benefits of Kaspersky VPN
  • Protect your online privacy, communication & more
  • It keeps safe you on public wifi
  • Can easily access the content that is not allow
  • Shelter your privacy and data
  • Free VPN connection
  • 1-month plan at $4.99 per month & yearly plan at $29.99/pa
  • No activity log
Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Kaspersky provides endpoint security for small and medium businesses. There are two plans included in each small business & medium business. That is Kaspersky endpoint security cloud & Kaspersky endpoint security cloud plus for small & medium business’s endpoint protection. Bitdefender also provides endpoint protection to make your devices & business risk-free. You can get a free trial for using the Bitdefender endpoint protection. The Kaspersky endpoint security cloud plus does includes extra features than the secure cloud. Therefore, its price is higher than the Kaspersky security cloud. The Bitdefender endpoint protection can be called a Gravityzone elite & you will get a 1-month absolute free trial.

For medium businesses, Kaspersky offers the other two products –

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT

The endpoint security business selected has been designed for the security of a medium business. It detects threats and helps in boosting productivity.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED

It includes advanced features that businesses select that prevent their data from getting damaged. The endpoint detection & response detect harmful threats & do instant actions and give advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bitdefender be trusted?

Yes, you can trust the Bitdefender as it is in service since 2001 & protected over 500+ million people.

Is Kaspersky better than Bitdefender?

No, we can not say that Bitdefender is not good, because the Bitdefender product features that we discussed above are good. But if you want an affordable product and with good features that is Kaspersky for you. The price of Bitdefender for all products is above the products of Kaspersky.

Is Bitdefender total security worth it?

Yes, the Bitdefender covers all the features in the total security products. It can be worth it for you but if you find an alternative for this Kaspersky is reasonable for you.

Is paid antivirus better than free?

The difference comes between the paid and free antivirus is of features. If you are finding the free antivirus and do not want advanced features then free antivirus suits you. But if you want extra features and security for your device then merely paid antivirus is better for you.

Which security is affordable – Kaspersky or Bitdefender?

Both companies are the best and best features they provide. But the price would not be affordable for you if you choose the Bitdefender security. However, Kaspersky offers a discount that you can get using the Kaspersky Discount Coupon. The price of Kaspersky security products is already cut and this is why cheap for you.