Black Friday early VPN sales have started which gives you a bit more time to get your hands on the best VPN. There will be a tuff competition as a lot of buyers will buy online this year. ProtonVPN is offering a Standout Black Friday Sale of up to 50% off. One of the best deals we have founded so far is ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals.

Here’s What You Should Know About ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

Strong Security provided by ProtonVPN brings this deal to the forefront of our list. Grab Black Friday ProtonVPN Sale because it comes under your target budget.

  • Two Years Plan Info

ProtonVPN Plus+ProtonMail Plus

Discount-50% Off

Discounted Price-$7.50/mo

  • Annual Plan Info

ProtonVPN Plus+ProtonMail Plus

Discount-45% Off

Discounted Price-$8.25/mo

Subscription Period-12 Months

  • Note

 Annual Plan Discount- 33% Off

Discount price $6.67/mo

 What Are Superlative Features Of Proton VPN?

The month of November considered being the best season for shopaholics. But before considering ProtonVPN Black Friday Sale. We have tried to bring a glance at its features.

Features of ProtonVPN

  • Secure Core

It protects your privacy and security by routing your traffic to multiple servers. Hackers cannot trace the user’s IP address even if they monitor the traffic. Unfortunately, ProtonVPN has fewer servers than other competitors. It has 950+ servers across 50 countries. It is based in Switzerland.

  • Good Encryption

They give AES-256-Bit encryption levels and data perfect forward secrecy. Hackers could not decrypt or capture the traffic. They use high-strength authentication for messages called SHA384.

  • Strong Protocols

Open VPN and IKEv2/IPSec are the two most reliable protocols. It makes a secure tunnel for your web traffic.

  • No-Log Policy

They don’t keep a record of your activities. They just keep a record of your last login to protect you from attacks against your passwords.

  • Bypass All Restrictions

They have a history of evading VPN blocks. They can unlock all websites and services that have geographical restrictions. Besides they also make it easy to access your favorite old TV shows.

  • Kill Switch

They protect you from transferring larger files without harm even when you lose your connection.  It protects 10 devices simultaneously.

  • Reliable Speed

It is significantly reliable fast speed globally. Many users prefer ProtonVPN because of their high-end performance server along with the best network connectivity.

  • DNS Leak Test

ProtonVPN is a whole package of robust security and provides the best security features. Your IP masked is replaced because of the in-built feature of DNS leak protection.

  • User Interface

They provide an impressive and easy-to-use interface. ProtonVPN also has an app with the best security tools.

  • Thirty Days Money Back Guarantee

The user can claim a refund within 30 days if they are dissatisfied. The company also refunds the whole amount.

  • Customer Support

ProtonVPN tries to resolve customer queries as soon as possible. The representatives are highly enriched with knowledge and are tech-savvy. You can only reach out through chat support they reply within 24 hours.

 Does ProtonVPN Black Friday Sale Bring You Discount?

Black Friday is a good time to buy a ProtonVPN. It provides top-notch services. The perfect time to ponder over PortonVPN Black Friday Sale. Early Black Friday Sale has given you a bit more time to plan out for the best saving deal. I would like to suggest all the readers and users go for a two years plan because of bundles of features. Don’t delay if you find the best deal in your target budget. We cannot guarantee whether you will find the same deal later. It is hacker-proof and has sound security.