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Clip Studio Paint Ex Review 2021- Features & Pricing

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Clip Studio Paint Ex is one of the advanced digital art software with unique features. This software can be the best for professional digital artists. It has thousands of customs brushes which are enough to make every small detail in digital drawing. You can do character art, illustrations, comics, manga, animation and so more. Let’s dig more about this software in this Clip Studio Paint Ex Review and explore its features, pros, cons, and more.

For all those who have a good knowledge of digital art, this program can be the best tool. CSP Ex is the one-stop solution for all digital artists due to its improved and effective features.

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Clip Studio Paint Ex Review 2021: Ease of Use

Clip Studio Paint Ex Ease of Use

Either you are a professional or a newbie in the field of digital painting, CSP can help you for sure. As a beginner, the pro version of this software can easily fit your needs you can read the comparison of Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro. But if you are a professional or a good digital painter then Clip Studio Pain EX software is best for you. It includes controls over vector layers, 3D layers and it can also file object layers to your art to make it finer. It can work beyond your imagination and other graphic software with its natural paintbrushes.

For any beginner, it can be a bit hard to access and operate Clip Studio Paint features. But if however, you can manage to watch all tutorials then it can be so easy to make paintings with this software.

How Much Does Clip Studio Paint Ex Cost?

Clip Studio Paint Ex provides various options to buy this amazing digital painting software. You can buy from CSP Ex software monthly, yearly, or one-time plan. The Clip Studio Paint Company also gives you the option to increase device compatibility on this software. Buyers can use this software for up to 4 devices without having any issues with it. But you have to pay a good amount of money if you buy more device compatibility plans.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Cost

Clip Studio Paint ex Monthly Plan

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The CSP ex monthly plan costs you $8.99 that can be so costly for anyone for sure. This price is for the single device use of CSP software. You will get 4 types of options to choose from for how many devices you need to connect with this software. You can select from a single device plan to a four device plan where you have to pay an additional amount for every additional device.

Clip Studio Paint ex prices for a dual device costs you $12.49 where you can connect two devices of any operating system. You can also purchase a CSP premium plan that allows users to connect 4 devices whether they are android, Mac, iOS, or Chromebook. Premium plan of Clip Studio Paint program costs $14.99 that is a good deal for everyone to get this software for long-term use.

Clip Studio Paint ex Yearly Plan

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Grab this software best for Windows/Mac manga & comics, animations.
Grab this software best for Windows/Mac manga & comics, animations. Show Less

CSP ex annual plan will be the best choice to buy this software for the long term. The Clip Studio Paint Ex One time buy plan costs $71.99 that allows customers to use it for a year without any renewal problem. For the Dual device annual plan of CSP ex, you have to pay $99.99. The 4 devices CSP ex annual plan Costs $117.99 which can be a good deal for any digital painting company. It allows the customer to use this software on 4 devices for years instead of paying a fixed amount per month.

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Clip Studio Paint ex Smartphone Plan

Clip Studio Paint Ex SmartPhone Plan

Yes, you read it right. You can use Clip Studio Paint ex software on smartphones too. It also costs cheaper than any plan of CSP ex version. You will get enough features, by which you can make amazing digital art pieces on your phone also. The Monthly plan of Clip Studio Paint ex smartphone plan costs you $2.49 per month that can easily pay by any student also.

Many of us prefer to do things on our smartphones instead of using a laptop or computer. Clip Studio Paint android version is so popular because in this daily busy life we don’t have time spend on our other operating systems.

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So with this CSP mobile version, anyone can learn digital painting and draw on their phones. This company also provides the yearly plan of its mobile version. However, it will cost $16.99 per year. But it is better to buy its monthly plan of the mobile version to try all of its functions. After that, you should buy a complete 1-year plan for a CSP ex smartphone version while using Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

Review of Clip Studio Paint Ex : Features and Benefits

As compared to other digital software Clip Studio Paint ex has more features to offer. You will get ultimate brushes and effects to turn your drawings into masterpieces. It has various tools that can turn your drawing skills into professional so easily. So let’s know about Clip Studio Features in deep which can be a great helping hand while you’re drawing.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Features

Clip Studio Paint Ex Palette

The Clip Studio Paint offers different types of palettes to provide you the ease of use software. It includes a palette for tool, sub tools, brush sizes, color slider, material and so more. You will get up to 25 types of palettes to use which makes it easy for you to get the correct tool at the right place and time. With these Clip Studio Paint Palettes, any digital painter does their work inefficiently and faster than ever.

CSP Basic Tools

CSP program also provides you some basic tools which are small and important too. With these tools, you can easily move, zoom and operate your design. It also provides you selection tool, auto selection, pen, pencils, brushes, airbrushes that impressively improve your painting skills.

As an addition, this art software offers basic tools like a ruler, correction line, and frame border. These tools are easy to operate that can be easily used by any beginner too.

Layers Edit in Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint ex lets you edit various layers functions like vector, 3D, gradient, fill, and many more. With these features, artists can easily control their drawing brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, tone curve, and level of correction too.

The 3D layer tool is the best thing that this amazing software is providing to you. You can effortlessly ad 3D layers to your drawing which is so easy as compared to other programs like Photoshop.

Editing Features of Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint also includes editing features that can improve your painting skills easily. It includes smart smoothing, tone removal, outline selection and so more. You can rotate your canvas and change image resolution effortlessly and also obtain screen colors.

Clip Studio Paint ex Filters and brushes

The ex version of Clip Studio Paint includes various filters for its users by which you can give a new look to your paintings. You can blur, sharpen, transform, and correct lines directly with this software.

You will get the independence to change the shape and size of your brush to dram every small detail. It also lets you import Photoshop brushes to use on this software.

Multi-Page Comics & Illustrations

With Clip Studio Paint Ex you can manage multiple pages in a single file. This feature makes it so simple to use this software for different projects at the same time. You can only get Multi-page management on the ex version of this program. If you buy another version like pro or debut then you cannot use it.

Is Clip Studio Paint Ex-free or not?

Clip Studio Paint Ex Free

No, you have to pay money to use this digital painting software. But you can also get Clip Studio Paint Ex free for 3 months. This company provides it’s a free version of its ex product. You can easily download it from the official site of the clip studio company. But as we say, it will only provide you some of the basic functions to try this software on your device.

The Clip Studio Paint Ex free can be the best option to get this software trial. Even after having some basic features with it, the free version can also provide a good experience of digital drawing.

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Clip Studio Paint Ex Review: Pros & Cons

Same as every software Clip Studio Paint also has its pro and cons that you should consider before buying it.

Pros & Cons of Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint Ex Pros:

  • Flexibility In drawing: With its optimized and effective digital drawing tools, it becomes the best software that provides drawing flexibility.
  • Brushes options: This software allows you to create your own brushes. You can also choose from the hundreds of brushes already available there.
  • Enhanced Vector layers: CSP ex also lets you draw directly on the vector layers to improve the quality of your lines after scaling.
  • Animation tools: Create animation up to 24 frames with various animation tools. Create and import animation templates and make drawing skills better than ever.
  • Dark theme option: To provide its users a new and comfortable look Clip Studio Paint ex offers its dark theme option. It saves your eyes too from harmless screen rays when working for hours with it.
  • 3D Art: Clip Studio Paint Ex lets you use and modify 3D objects seamlessly with a simple drag and drop option.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Cons:

  • Various Features and options: If you use this software for the first time then it can be so tricky to understand the options.
  • Complex key binding: If you have ever used any other digital painting software likes Photoshop, Corel. Then you might find CSP ex has a strange key binding.

Is Clip Studio Paint Ex a One Time buy?

Usually, users buy is one year plan to get this software at the best price. But you can also buy the Clip Studio Paint ex one time buy offer that can provide you so much discount on it. It will cost you $219 which is so reasonable if you look at its features.

Is Clip Studio Paint Worth it?

In this Clip Studio Paint Ex Review 2021, we have discussed all the details of this amazing software.  We suggest you buy this software as soon as possible for great digital drawings. It is the latest digital painting software that you can get at the very best price and it is well worth the price.

You can make different digital arts with Clip Studio Paint Ex, whether it is comic, illustration, or any digital painting.