Clip Studio Paint EX vs Pro 2021

Clip Studio Paint EX vs Pro 2021

Whether you are a non-professional and experienced artist you can use Clip Studio Paint Software. The software is the best and versatile to create designs. If you are new to use this software then you have the choice to choose the right one from Clip Studio Paint EX vs Pro.

Clip Studio Paint is flexible painting software. With the help of its tools, you can easily create paintings. The software is manageable & provides multiple customs brushes & tools. You can render different illustration as per needs.

The program of clip studio paint guides you to create a comic book and modify 3D models & backgrounds.

If you are confused about which version you should choose Clip Studio Paint. So, Read the Comparison between Clip Studio Paint EX Vs Pro.

By this Clip Studio Paint Products Comparison, you can select the fine one that performs according to your work & need.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Versus Ex Overview

With its products, you will get the best features. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to manage Clip Studio Paint then its tutorial will help you to manage it easily.

Clip Studio Paint Pro:- The pro version of clip studio is a stupendous choice for beginners. It is manageable to create animated comics & other content.

Clip Studio Paint Ex:- The EX version is designed to create cartoons. This is easy to manage for the new user & pro.

Summary:- Whose the Winner?

Clip Studio Paint Pro & Ex both are excellent choices. But it is not possible to buy both versions at a time.

While selecting one from the two versions I recommend you to go with the Clip Studio Paint Pro. Because it is easy to use and not expensive.

On the other side, the Clip Studio Paint Ex has many options but it is costly for the users. It is usually used by an experienced artist.

Of course, you want to know why you should choose Clip Studio Pro Or EX. Let’s Dive into the sea of clip studio paint & know about each in detail.

About Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip Studio Paint Ex provides you all the qualities that you need to create high-quality images, cartoons, animation, covers, background, etc. It gives all the features that help you to bring your imagination to real life.  First, you will get different shapes, gradients, custom brushes & customizable 3D references. Multiple brushes to draw a character in different designs. Special rulers to design according to wants. Realistics paint & brushes to create a real comic character. Different skin functions for the animated comic character.  The software qualities will assist users to create & design any background, comic characters, etc. Different 3D shapes & features to add any kind of surface.

About Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is an excellent choice to create character art, concept art & illustration. This will help you to bring various characters into life according to the imagination. In this, you will get multiple objects, tools & templates to get started to create your animation.  The multiple shapes, brushes, text tools & advance technique that gives your animation a realistic touch.  The Clip Studio Paint Pro brushes make it easy to color & sketch your painting. In its color kit, you will get multiple options to select.

What are Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro Price

Both the software server quality services & features. You can easily buy the desired & selected one at reasonable prices. But Clip Studio Paint Pro & Ex not available at the same cost. You will find a huge difference in its prices.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Prices

Clip Studio Paint Pro Clip Studio Paint EX
One Time Purchase:- $49.99 One Time Purchase:- $219.99
Monthly Cost:- $0.99 Monthly Prices:- $2.49
Free Trial Free Trial

You will find a huge difference in the prices of Clip Studio Paint Versions. The company offers a huge Clip Studio Paint Coupon Codes to make its software affordable for the buyers.

Features:- Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Features

Clip Studio Paint Pro Clip Studio Paint EX
Single Page Illustration & Comics Manage Multiple pages in Single File
Vector layers Convert images & 3D models into lines and dots shading
Animation Tools* Various Animation Tools
Number of materials Numerous Material
Customizable paint & brushes Print & Export Multiple Page Documents
2D LT & 3D LT Rendering Function

In what kind of OS devices you can operate Clip Studio Paint Pro & Ex?

The software is design for multiple devices. The user no need to worry about the device because it works in Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, & Android.

Which one is worthy for the users?

The software is well designed and provides multiple features to paint & create the animated character & many more. But Clip Studio Paint Pro is worthy for the buyers because this user will get maximum features and it is reasonable for the buyers.

Can you upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex?

Yes, Users can easily upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex. Those users who own single one-time payment software of the Clip Studio Paint Pro for windows/mac can upgrade to its advanced version Ex.  The only difference is in the prices at the time of upgradation. The Clip Studio Ex Version costs $219.99/one-time payment but the upgrade prices are $169.99/one-time payment.

Which software is good for animation Clip Studio Paint Pro or EX?

According to my research, I find that the Clip Studio Paint Ex excellent for 2D animation as compared to the Pro. It gives a real touch to your animation.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Clip Studio Paint Ex:- Which is better?

When you compare Clip Studio Paint Pro & Ex then you will find that both are the ideal software to use.

But If you are a beginner then Clip Studio Paint Pro is the excellent choice for you because the features of the EX version are not very easy to understand.


If you are an experienced guy and used multiple painting software then EX is a fantastic choice for you. So, I think that now you can decide the right one for you between the mentioned software.

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