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Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter 2022- Which Is The Best Digital Painting Software?

Now create your masterpiece with the help of amazing painting software. We have brought out the 2 best software for you to improve yourself in painting and animation. Clip studio paint and Corel painter help you to learn exclusive creative work. But both these software have some different features which make them different from each other. In this article, users can understand the Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter differences.

Difference between Clip Studio paint and Corel painter

Both are digital painting software but still, you can see differences in Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter.

BasisClip Studio PaintCorel Painter
SpecialtyDigital Art SoftwareAnimation
Create own brushesNoYes
Need LicenseNoOnly for Mac and Windows
Free trialThe numbers of
days depending
on the device
For 15 Days
Can convert into videosYesNo

Prices – Comparison Between Clip Studio Paint And Corel Painter

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint & Corel Painter

Clip studio paint has two versions and both have different prices. CSP ex version contains more features as compared to the pro version of Clip studio paint. This software has a one-time payment charge. Corel painter also charges once a time. Both these painting or animation software have a lifetime subscription.

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So, the cost for the Clip studio paint of pro version is $49 and for the CSP ex version is $219. And Corel painter users have to pay the amount up to $429.

Nowadays Clip studio paint and Corel painter are in demand but it’s costly too. So, users can apply for the Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code and Corel Painter Coupon Code while purchasing their version.

How Clip Studio Paint is different from Corel painter?

You can make animation, comics, convert them into lines and images into videos with the help of CSP. While Corel painter software helps you to add much more brushes and designs according to your need. In this software, users have the choice to use watercolor or some crayon textures on their paintings. The Ex version of the Clip studio paint comes with unlimited designs of the brushes.

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter – Features

Clip Studio PaintCorel Painter
Concept Art & PaintingConcept Art
Character ArtPhoto Art
Illustrations For DesignsIllustration
Comic & MangaEnhanced Layers
AnimationColor Mixing
Brush Control
Fine Art
Create own brush designs

Free trial Period – Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter

A free trial period is the best time to decide before purchasing any software or product.

Clip Studio Paint

  • Clip studio paint software is free for the iPhone users
  • Free versions up to 3 months only available for the Windows, macOS, Chromebook, and the iPad
  • Galaxy users can grab up to 6 months of the free trial from Clip studio paint.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter Vs Clip Studio Paint

Enjoy the 15 days free trial before purchasing the premium of the Corel painter painting software.

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FAQs – About Clip Studio Paint vs Corel Painter

Does Corel painter have useful brushes than Clip studio paint?

Yes, Corel painter users have the right to create their brush designs according to their needs. But in the case of Clip studio paint, users are unable to create brushes.

Is Clip studio paint is useful for beginners as compared to the Corel painter?

Both software is useful for beginners as well as professionals. These tutorials can be easily available on YouTube and they also help you how to learn painting, animation illustrations, etc.

Does Clip studio paint and Corel painter provides extra benefits?

Yes, but only Corel painter offers free brush packs with the subscription of the software.

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Which is best to use – Clip Studio Paint or Corel Painter

As we have discussed in this article about the Clip studio paint and Corel painter. You can see that CSP is useful for the to make comics and art painting work. While the Corel painter mostly used to paint the characters. Users can create amazing moving characters also with the help of the Clip studio paint software. It also contains lots of designable brushes. And the users of the Corel painters can do creative things by doing awesome paintings. In this software, you can mix and make new colors. Users can also create new designs of the brushes for the different textures of painting.

So, if you want to do creativity or want to create a masterpiece or some character then choose the Clip studio paint. While on other hand, if you want to do only painting then choose the Corel painter software.

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