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CorelDraw vs GIMP 2024 – Differences Between GIMP And CorelDraw

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Coreldraw and GIMP both are graphic editing software but there are lots of differences between them. You will see the difference in the features, prices, and uses. We will discuss almost every aspect of CorelDraw vs GIMP in this article. I have personally used these two graphic designing software and I did lots of research to show you the best clash.  So let’s start with the Overview of these companies.

Overview of Coreldraw and GIMP


Coreldraw is a well-known company all over the world and almost every graphic designer knows about CorelDraw. The company was started by the Corel Corporation that is a Canadian-based company.


 GIMP (General image manipulation program) is free to use one of the best graphic designing software. It has many tools that help to create a professional image it is a good competitor of Coreldraw.

Price of the CorelDraw and GIMP


Coreldraw offers multiple different types of payment methods you can make a monthly payment, one-time payments, or annual subscription.


Here GIMP is free software and that’s also a reason for being famous in the graphic designing industry. There is no need to spend a single penny.

Comparison between the features of CorelDraw vs GIMP

Features of CorelDraw & GIMP
Live Sketch toolCustomizable interface
Touch-friendly GU interfaceDigital retouching
Corel font managerInkscape
Healing Clone toolGraphic designing elements
Import legacy WorkspaceFile Formate
Multi-monitorOriginal Artwork
Custom node shapesHardware support
Copy curve segmentPhoto enhancement
Font filtering and searchOriginal artwork
Powerful stylish enhancementScribus
Gaussian blur featureSwatchbooker
Enhanced vector preview 

Support of the CorelDraw and GIMP


Coreldraw has an excellent support team. They are ready to solve your all problems patiently. You can take support from the call, live support, and tickets.


GIMP doesn’t provide any kind of call support or live support but they offer the training to their customer. There are also lots of tutorials on youtube to help you.

Is GIMP free

GIMP is free there is no hidden cost. All you need to do is just go to the official website of the GIMP and download the software. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Is Coreldraw free

CorelDraw offers a free trial for 15 days. You can create graphics and layout, edit photos, and design websites. After that, If you want to use the software for a long time so you have to purchase it. CorelDraw is available for Windows and Macs only. Not only with GIMP you can also compare this Corel with other designing software through our blog. Go & Check out Corel VS Affinity Designer.

 Why choose GIMP?

Pros of Coreldraw & GIMP

There are many reasons to choose GIMP but here I am going to show you some strong reasons.

  • Free- This is a Free Software. No need to pay any amount to use this software.
  • No need for high space- GIMP doesn’t require lots of space on the computer. So it doesn’t slow the other apps.
  • No update charge- You don’t have to pay any amount to update the GIMP.
  • Work with Photoshop files- You can easily operate the Photoshop files with GIMP.

Why Choose  CorelDraw?

  • Customization- You can customize the Coreldraw according to your convenience.
  • Easy to learn- It’s very easy to learn the Coreldraw. No matter if you are a beginner you can easily use the Coreldraw.
  • Bezier tool- If you are a graphic designer then most probably you have faced the difficulty while managing the curves of the design. The Bezier tool helps to manage the curves easily and smoothly.
  • High performance- Coreldraw takes a very less amount of computer memory and that’s why Coreldraw runs very smoothly and gives high performance.

Final Words:- CorelDraw vs GIMP

CorelDraw and GIMP both are good software. GIMP is a good graphic designing software for small businesses, medium businesses, and freelancers. CorelDraw is good for small businesses, medium businesses, freelancers, and large enterprises. I hope this CorelDraw vs GIMP article helps you. If you want to know more about CorelDraw then check out CorelDRAW Review.