CorelDraw vs InDesign

CorelDraw and InDesign Both are well-known software in the graphic designing field. CorelDraw has some specific features that help to create an extraordinary design. On the other hand, InDesign has also some specific features to create some excellent designs. But you will see much difference between the feature, pros & cons, and general uses. Here I am going to represent the comparison of CorelDraw vs InDesign.

Overview of CorelDraw and InDesign


CorelDraw is one of the most trusted vector-based graphics designing software in the graphics designing market. The company started by the Corel Corporation in 1985.


InDesign is a typesetting and desktop publishing software that is created by the Adobe Company. Now it is a well know software all over the world.

Popular uses of CorelDraw and InDesign


You can create any kind of vector-based design based on the lining. CorelDraw is generally used to create logos, banners, brochures, invitation cards, and flexes.


There are multiple uses of InDesign but it is popular to create magazines, flyers, newspapers, business cards, Postcard, stickers, and comics.

Comparison between the features of CorelDraw vs InDesign

Feature of CorelDraw and Indesign

CorelDraw InDesign
Live sketch tool Liquid content
Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes Digital publishing
Multi-monitor Text frame filtering
Touch-friendly GU interface Alternate layout
Import legacy workspace Content conveyer
Font filtering and search Linked content
Prominent interactive slider Content conveyer
Custom node shape Interactive
Copy curve segment Extension manager
Healing clone tools EPUB and HTML5

Price Comparison CorelDraw vs InDesign


CorelDraw offers 15 days free trial. After that, you have to pay for the use of CorelDraw. You can purchase the full version of CorelDraw at just $499. This plan comes with the 30 days money-back guarantee. Here you can also take the annual subscription of the CorelDraw at $198.


InDesign offers a free trial for 7 days after that you have to pay $20.99 per month to use the software. It allows monthly payment, annual subscription, and quote-based.

Availability of device in CorelDraw and InDesign

Devices CorelDraw InDesign
Windows Yes Yes
Linux No Yes
Android No Yes
iPhone/iPad No Yes
Mac Yes Yes
Web-based No No

Pros and Cons of CorelDraw

Pros and Cons of CorelDraw


  • Customization- Here users can customize the software according to their own requirements. You are free to create your ideal workspace.
  • Easy to learn- It’s absolutely no matter whether you are a professional or a beginner in the graphic designing field you can easily learn the CorelDraw.
  • Live Sketch tool- Live sketch tool has a great search and filter feature. That helps to find out the best font for the particular project.
  • Excellent color accuracy- CorelDraw offers a great level of accuracy and flexibility in color. You can easily create awesome designs, logos, cards, and many things.


  • Difficulty in transfer- Generally, the graphic designer uses Adobe software for graphic designing. It is not possible to share the CorelDraw files with adobe software and CorelDraw doesn’t support the Adobe files.

Pros and Cons of InDesign

Pros and Cons of InDesign

  • Reduce marketing cost- Most of the time people have to pay to the external agency to make the minor changes in their artboard. So, InDesign reduces the cost of marketing.
  • Convert images into pdf- You can convert the images into pdf in a very easy manner.
  • Very useful tool- Indesign offers the tools that blur the background that help to show an artistic effect.
  • Support pmd file- Many editing software doesn’t support the pmd files. But in the case of InDesign, it supports the pmd files. You can open a pmd file in Indesign.


  • Difficult to justify text format- Mostly the distance between the text doesn’t look good or natural. You have to balance them.

Support comparison

Whenever you buy any kind of software, you must take a look at the support of that company. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you may face lots of difficulties in the future.

CorelDraw and InDesign both offer support to their users. CorelDraw offers phone support, live support, and ticket. At the same time, InDesign offers multiple types of support. You will get the email, phone, live support, training and tickets also.

Verdict:- CorelDraw vs InDesign

We saw many comparisons between the CorelDraw vs InDesign in the article. CorelDraw and InDesign both software are efficient and excellent for their work. It depends on your requirement that what you want. I hope now you are able to choose the best for you between them. Not only this if you want to compare CorelDRAW from the other famous firm then you can check out CorelDraw vs GIMP


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