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Craft a Great Video Presentation in 6 Simple Steps

If you are a student, there might be many different reasons why you need to create a video presentation. First of all, it is a much more meaningful way to prepare a presentation for a class. Unlike PowerPoint presentations, great video presentations deliver the message better, ensure better retention of information, and are much more engaging.

Apart from college-related purposes, you might need to prepare a video presentation for your job, if you are applying for something, etc. The reasons are many. And the only question is how to craft a killer video presentation from scratch, especially if you have no skills and experience.

If this is the question you have in your head, keep reading! Below you will find a detailed guide on how to craft a great presentation in simple steps with less effort.

Ensure You Have Enough Time

Crafting a great video presentation will definitely take more time than making it in PowerPoint. As a busy student, you might not have much free time to master a video production tool and figure out how to make your first presentation. So you must have a time-saving plan.

The easiest way to carve out more time for this endeavor is to find a professional paper writing service that can write an essay or do other homework for you. Doing this will take some load off your shoulders and save the needed time. And you won’t need to worry your grades will go down.

Choose the Best Video Maker

After you study a trusted essay review service and pick yourself a reliable academic helper, you need to move on to one of the hardest parts of creating a video presentation – choosing the right video production tool. As a beginner, you should look for video makers that are intuitive and easy to master. Some options to consider include:

  • iMovie
  • Quik
  • Animoto
  • WeVideo

All these tools have different functionality and are meant for various purposes. So be sure to study them to pick an option that suits your needs best.

Come Up With the Main Concept

Once you have the needed tool, the next step is defining the core concept for your great video presentation. You will need to come up with the central idea, topic, and format of your video.

If it’s an assignment for college, check with the given requirements to define the correct format and concept for your presentation. Often, assigning you to make a presentation, teachers will provide a clear set of requirements and recommendations you need to follow to get a high grade.

Write a Script

Crafting a good script is a big part of the work. For an academic presentation, you can approach it as an essay. To write one, you must conduct thorough research on the given topic and write a script that reflects your key ideas and has supporting arguments. However, keep in mind that a script should look different from a typical academic paper.

To get it right, experts recommend using a suitable video presentation template. Using ready-made templates helps beginners get on the right track and learn how to create a great video presentation correctly. Also, a few other good tips for writing a script are to keep it conversational and to tell a story with it.

Collect the Needed Materials

There are many different types of video presentations. Some are made of actual video footage. However, some images, PowerPoint slides, or animations can be made of still images.

Whatever kind of presentation you want to make, you need to create or collect the necessary visuals, and there are several options here. First, you can create your own visuals (e.g., photos or video footage). It will take more time, but it can help you make your presentation truly outstanding. If you want to collect materials with ease, you can use stock websites. These are the websites where you can find tons of media files of all shapes and kinds that anyone on the web can download and use, either for free or for money.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to collect enough visuals for your presentation. The key tip here is to ensure that your materials match the main topic of the video. And also ensure that all files look harmonically together.

Put Your Presentation Together

Finally, when you have a script and all the materials you need for your presentation, you can start putting everything together. At this stage, the process will differ depending on the presentation type and the tool you’ve chosen. Feel free to watch some guides on using the video maker of your choice, and don’t hesitate to use templates to simplify the process.

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The Bottom Line

The creation of a great video presentation (for any purpose) is an incredibly creative and engaging process. But if you’ve never done it before, it might feel hard to start.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get started and handle this task with ease!

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