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Top 8 Easiest Free Video Editing Software 2024

The best free video editing software is the need for every video editor. This kind of app helps them to get done editing their video creatively and quickly. It is quite intricate to edit any video with multiple editing tools easily and without any charges. We are here to suggest to you the easiest free video editing software for beginners and professionals too. 

There are quite a variety of options in the market and we will show you some handy and simple free video editing software.

The List Of Easiest Free Video Editing Software In 2024

Here are some of the must-check out simple free video editing software for beginners and professionals. Each of them has a specialty in performing any certain task on any device:

top 8 easiest free video editing software
  • iMovie
  • Shotcut
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • KineMaster
  • Lightworks
  • CyberLink PowerDirector
  • OpenShot
  • Filmora

iMovie (Simplest Free Video Editing Software For iOS & Mac)

It is not for Windows or Android users but we simply can’t ignore this amazing free video editing software for Mac and IOS users. It is designed especially for non-professional video editors with an easy user interface. This comes under the list of the easiest mac video editing software to learn. This iMovie software is also the best video editor for drone videos and provides immense features for it. Apart from it, iMovie is an easy free video editing software no watermark which has the following features:

  • iMovie supports 4K resolution videos that help you make a cinematic video.
  • In-built music, sound, and voice-over effects allow you to get done with advanced video editing.
  • A library option of pre-made transitions, filters, and themes is included.
  • It is a cross-platform editing app for IOS and Mac devices.

Cons Of iMovie

  • Not many features for professional editors.
  • It does not work on Windows, Android, and Linux devices.

Shotcut (Easiest Free Video Editing Software For PC)

Shotcut is an easily available open-source free video editing software online. It offers a quick easy-to-use interface with video tutorials that make it one of the top-most choices for beginners. Here, have a quick look over its core function:

  • Shotcut supports multiple video formats including 4K resolution and codecs with this FFmpeg. Framework.
  • Equipped with audio filters balance, equalizers, invert limiter, Pan, Pitch, Reverb, and many more to create a good sound quality.
  • Detach and attach audio with many trimming options that work on any device Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Video effects are countless like color-correction, overlay, chroma-key, blending mode, shadow & much more for the experiment.

Cons Of Shotcut

  • With multiple editing options, it becomes tricky to understand its interface.
  • Limited transition options and you can’t export presets for devices.

DaVinci Resolve (Easy Free Video Editing Software For For Android)

DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear color grading & easiest free video editing software for Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, iPad, and Playstation. It has a variety of numbers of editing video editing tools that allow you to discover new in the editing circle. Check out its features:

  • Crop, split, and rotate videos with an adjusting speed option let you play with your video creatively.
  • You can custom effects, titles, transitions, and edit any certain part by applying elements, text, and more.
  • Suitable for creating YouTube videos, vlogs, games, and informative tutorials.
  • Color matching helps you to get a suitable color by comparing the previous versions. It offers you 3D workflows and reframing.

Cons Of Davinci Resolve 

  • Free Version is limited in features.
  • All Video tutorials are not free which makes it hard to learn its interface.


DaVinci Resolve is free of cost but a paid version unlocks every feature of it which cost $295. 

KineMaster (Best Free Video Editing Software For Phone)

KineMaster is an open-source easiest free video editing software for Android and IOS phones. A mobile-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-use editing app for users. Here are some of its functions of it:

  •  It comes with basic editing options like applying text, rotations, elements, and trimming with a simple user interface for beginners.
  • Allow you to upload your edited videos straight to any social media site like YouTube.
  • It has effects, and transitions with a library of music, fonts, stickers, etc. editing options.
  • This supports most of the common video formats like 4K video editing.

Cons Of KineMaster

  • You‘ll get your exported videos with a watermark.
  • The Chroma-key function does not support many Android devices. 


KineMaster’s monthly subscription plan is $4.99 per month and $39.99 for an annual plan.

Lightworks (Easiest Free Video Editing Software For Windows)

Lightworks another choice for video editing which is a non-linear program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A renowned app for professional video editors which offers a free version and is also known as one of the best video editor software for low-end PC. Check out its function list:

  • Lightworks supports the most common video files format including HD, 4K, and 8K resolution videos.
  • Included with multiple editing tools like a drag, drop, trim-slip, roll, multipoint, multiple videos, audio, FX effects, and autosave option.
  • VFX effects that you can apply are creative transitions, Filters, LUTs, and color correction.
  • It has creative audio effects like equalizers, filters, voice-over, EQ presets, and automation support.

Cons Of Lightworks

  • You can’t split and merge videos. 
  • The free version came up with limitations of features.


Lightworks Pro costs $24.99 per month. 

CyberLink PowerDirector (Simple Free Video Editing Software For Beginners)

CyberLink PowerDirector is the easiest free video editing software for PC. It is the fastest video editor and offers the most advanced editing tool. It’s a quite powerful editing platform with premium stock footage. Here are some of its functions:

  • Motion graphic titles and LUTs color presets Chroma Key, and AI motion tracking allow you to work creatively.
  • Theme templates and cinematic visual effects offer you amazing transitions. The Audio library helps you to get fill your music track with multiple sound effects.
  • The option of stock videos and photo footage let you create a crafted video with these functions.
  • PowerDirector offers every monthly design asset and music tracks and sound clips, new plug-ins, templates, and cinematic effects.

Cons Of CyberLink PowerDirector

The free version has limited features.

The free version comes up with Watermarks.


PowerDirector 365 costs $4.08 per month and $48.99 per year.

OpenShot ( Free Video Editing Software For Chromebook)

OpenShot is an open-source easiest free video editing software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. It offers various numbers of features that help to get done by editing high-definition video on your compatible device. Here are some of its features:

  • It is a cross-platform video editor app for all types of PC. It has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Drag, drop video, audio or you can add images from your storage to OpenShot and start editing it.
  • With the trim, slice, animation, and keyframes by this you can move, and slide any object on your videos. The audio Waveforms option let you add the music to your video.
  • 3D animation, remove the background of the video, and adjust the brightness. You can also control the time of your video reverse and use a preset.

Cons Of OpenShot

  • It does not support android, or IOS phones. In PC some users reported the problem of lagging.
  • It has limited features and lacks some advanced that are required for professional editing.

Filmora 11 (Easy Free Video Editing Software No Watermark)

The Wondershare Filmora 11 is the easiest free video editing software for beginners and professionals. This offers intuitive, quick editing, stock footage, multiple visuals, and transition effects. You must know the difference between its two versions Filmora X vs Filmora Pro. Some of its advanced features are:

  • Speed ramping is a unique function that helps you to create a video with amazing cinematic effects.
  • The auto beat syncing can arrange the music with the suitable part of your video. The auto-synchronization the whole audio of your video can be synchronized at once. 
  • The green-screen option allows you to change the background of your video easily. The split-screen option makes it easy to represent a story effectively.
  • Auto-Reframe helps you to resize your videos quickly and easily.

Cons Of FIlmora 11

  • The masking tool is not in the free version and has a limited option for the color grading tool.
  • Speed ramping, and keyframing options are only available in the paid version.


Filmora 11 costs $9.99 per month and $49.99 annually.

Conclusion Of Simple Free Video Editing Software

Here, we have described the best 8 easiest free video editing software Reddit. Some of them offer a paid plan too and some are free. They all are varied by the devices they support Kinemaster is for Android and IOS phones. The iMovie for IOS and Mac devices and Lightworks are for Windows, Linux, and Mac. OpenShot and PowerDirector are also open-source editing apps with an easy interface. These all are the editing app that will help you to know how to improve video editing skills.

So, you can try any of these simple free video editing software Reddit. This will help you to create an advanced edited video on any compatible device.

FAQs Of Simple Free Video Editing Software

These common queries will be helpful for you to choose a free video editing software for PC and Phones.

Which Is The Easiest Free Video Editing Software?

iMovie, ShotCut, KineMaster, and Adobe Premiere Pro are the best free video editing software for beginners.

Which Is The Best Video Editing Software For Beginners?

VideoStudio, Blender, iMovie, Filmora, and LightWorks are at the top of the editing software for beginners.

What Is The Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows?

OpenShot, ShotCut, Lightworks, and Filmora are the easiest free video editing software for Windows and Mac.

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