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Facebook Vs Instagram for Business 2024 – Detailed Comparison

Facebook and Instagram are some of the most trending social media platforms. There is a major conflict between Facebook Vs Instagram. Facebook is a platform that has the intention of networking and connecting with new friends. Whereas Instagram is a platform for sharing pictures and short videos with your friends. Both Facebook and Instagram have different goal and is giving equal competition to each other.

According to the latest surveys, it was found that Facebook has around 1.13 billion daily active users. Whereas Instagram has 500 million monthly active users. Today we will be discussing the detailed difference between Facebook and Instagram.

What’s The Difference Between Facebook And Instagram

If Facebook and Instagram have some similarities, they have differences also. So we will discuss them also. But before knowing the difference we should know What is Facebook and Instagram.

What Is Facebook

Facebook is the leader of Social Media platforms for the past couple of years. It is one of the best social media sites that can help you to connect to your friends. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and has its headquarters located in California, United States. The aim of launching Facebook was that “Be Connected”. In 2006 anyone above the age of 13 with an Email address can become a Facebook user. In today’s time, Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networking sites with more than 1 billion users.

What Is Instagram

Instagram is a well-known, free, photos and videos sharing platform used by the young generation. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger both created Instagram in 2010. The main aim of creating Instagram was “Capture and Share the Worlds Moments”. It has now become the world’s second most popular social media platform with over 300 million active users. Instagram has to boost Photography and Videography to an extreme level. It has also encouraged a revolution in branding and advertising the brands by providing them with a platform.

Given below List of differences between Instagram and Facebook

  • Gaming: You cannot play games on Instagram whereas Facebook provides a large variety of games to play. There are many games like Candy crush, Criminal case, Farm Ville, etc are mostly loved by users. On Instagram, you can watch thousands of IGTV videos and many more videos. All of the games and videos are free to use and watch.
  • Post Limit: In Instagram, you have permission to post only 10 images and videos posts at a single time. You can also post more than 10 per day but for that, you will have to continue the process. Whereas Facebook allows you to post 30 images posts at once. It is more than 300% of the amount of Instagram posts.
  • PC Functionality: With Facebook, you will get the same features on mobile and PC. You can easily post anything on Facebook Mobile and PC. But Instagram does not allow you to post anything while you are using the PC. You can only see the other people’s posts and your profile, but can’t post anything on Instagram PC.
  • Type Of Post: On Facebook, you can post any type of Post as you can upload text posts without any image. You can also update your status like where you are traveling and show it to your Facebook friends. Whereas in Instagram you can only upload Images or Video posts, No text. Also, you cannot update your status on it.
  • Age Group: Instagram is mostly used by age group people of 13-28 whereas on Facebook you will see all group people. Whether they are kids, teens, adults, or even old age everyone enjoys using Facebook.
  • Image Filters: You will get more and updated image filters on Instagram to edit your images. Whereas on Facebook you will get limited filters to edit your image as compared to Instagram.

Best Photo/Image Editing Softwares To Edit Instagram And Facebook Images

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Comparison Between Facebook And Instagram 2024

Instagram and Facebook are giving good competition to each other in every term. Given below table describes the comparison between Facebook and Instagram.

Comparison Between Facebook And Instagram
Facebook is a free-to-use social media platform with the motive of connecting people worldwide.Instagram is also a free social media platform to capture and share moments with friends across the world.
It can be operated both on Mobile And DesktopYou cannot post through the desktop but can operate it. It works on mobile also.
Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users.Instagram has 500 million monthly active users.
Facebook has less brand awarenessInstagram is a good platform to promote your brand.
On Facebook, you can connect to people whom you know.On Instagram, you can join and connect with people who share your common interest.
Facebook offers many different games for playing to its users at any cost.Instagram does not offer any such games to play but you can watch videos like IGTV and Reels.
All age group people use FacebookMostly young generations, teenagers use Instagram
Facebook ads are one of the best platforms to promote your business.You can also run ads on Instagram to boost and promote your post.
On Facebook, you will have to install a special app known as Facebook Messenger to communicate with people.With Instagram, you will get an Inbuilt messaging function to communicate with another person.
Facebook has many privacy options for users’ security.Instagram has fewer privacy options for the security of the user.

Advantages And Disadvantages: Instagram Vs Facebook 2024

You will see that both Instagram vs Facebook has advantages and disadvantages. We have discussed each of them below.

Advantages Of Facebook And Instagram

  • Facebook has grown too much that it can help you easily connect with other people around the world. Whereas Instagram is the best platform to share pictures and videos with your friends.
  • Facebook provides better privacy features for every user. On Instagram, you will get good security so that no one hacks your account.
  • Students can use Facebook to chat for group discussions. Instagram is used by artists to exhibit their skills.
  • Users can enjoy playing games on Facebook as it offers a large variety of games to play. On Instagram, you will get a large range of entertaining videos to see.
  • Facebook has become a great source of information to get updated and share the latest news. Whereas in Instagram you can also see what is the latest trend going on with the help of Instagram hashtags.
  • You can promote your business by running ads on Facebook. You can use the Facebook Business Manager to manage the campaigns of the ads. Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your brand and can also run ads in it. Manage the ads on the Instagram Ad Manager.
Disadvantages Of Facebook And Instagram
  • Many young generations are spending their precious time using Facebook and Instagram. They have been addicted to these apps so much.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of Facebook and Instagram is that anyone can save your photographs. They have the full right to save it and can use it for a bad purpose.
  • The size of Facebook and Instagram applications is more and can cause your phone from getting hang.
  • There are a lot of scams happening on Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can create a fake account and do such scams.

Which Is Best For Business: Instagram vs Facebook

Facebook And Instagram For Business

Social media has become the best platform for promoting your business. You can use Instagram vs Facebook for business purposes also. The best way to promote your business is by running ads on Facebook and Instagram. They provide a special ad manager with the help of which you can create ad campaigns and manage them. It is also found that Instagram has been founded as the best platform to promote brands. You will get a better reach on Instagram as compared to Facebook. But on Facebook, you can generate more leads from Instagram. Video-software official pages are Facebook and Instagram

Which One Is Safer Between Fb Vs Instagram?

If we talk about safety purposes between Fb vs Instagram, both of them provide almost the same security features. But Facebook has more privacy and safety features as compared to Instagram. All the user data gets saved on Facebook and Instagram and nobody has the access to save this data. They also allow the third party to access the authorized data but you can close this access also. There is another safety option named 2-factor authentication on Facebook and Instagram. You will be asked for a code to enter while login in.

Role Of Facebook And Instagram In SEO


You can use Facebook and Instagram in SEO also. They have proven as one of the best means to improve the SEO ranking of any website. The more good content you will post and take appropriate usage of hashtags, the chances of users will increase. You will get a good reach and indirectly traffic to your website will increase. So according to us both Facebook and Instagram play an important role in SEO.

Conclusion- Which One Is Better Facebook Or Instagram

Both Facebook and Instagram are famous social media platforms used by millions of people. Each of the platforms is giving equal competition to one other but has a different motive. You can connect to new people across the world with Facebook. On Instagram, you can upload and share pictures and videos with your friends. According to my opinion, Facebook is a better platform as it is leading with Instagram in every feature. I hope you get a complete overview of the Comparison of Facebook Vs Instagram.

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