You are currently viewing Filmora vs Corel VideoStudio 2024: Which is Better?

Filmora vs Corel VideoStudio 2024: Which is Better?

Either you want to make a new video or edit an existing one. All your need is to use the best video editing software for it. In the market, every company is claiming that they are providing the best services for video editing. But the confusion is which company’s product you should pick for your work.

After research, we see that many people are eager to get information about Filmora and Corel VideoStudio. They are also confused between both of the products because of the features and pricing. So if you want to know the difference between the best software’s then read Filmora vs Corel VideoStudio. After reading it you will be able to differentiate between both of the software easily.

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About Filmora & Corel VideoStudio

Filmora Vs Corel Videostudio

Filmora: Filmora is video editing software from Wondershare Company. This software empowers its users to create professional-looking videos with amazing motion graphics, composting, and special effects. The features are easy to learn and use with a powerful effect. The software has more than 77 million users around the world in 150+ countries. Filmora can be used by any user, whether a professional, amateur, or beginner. Filmora allows you to add as many as 100 layers to your video editing work. According to the company, this software has the fastest video rendering engines as compared to its competitors.

Corel VideoStudio: Corel VideoStudio is the product of one of the best multimedia software providing companies. Corel is so popular for its CorelDraw graphic editing software due to its features and pricing. Now Corel is providing you with its VideoStudio that can be used by everyone because of its easy-to-use functions. According to the company, this software has versatile functions for the users. It provides a comprehensive suite of amazing features like a green screen, stop motion, masking and so more.

Which offers the best products: Filmora vs Corel VideoStudio

Products Of Filmora and Corel VideoStudio

Both of the companies offer two types of products for their software. You can choose the software according to your needs and budget. So without wasting any time, let’s get to the point and see which video editing software has the best products.

Products of Filmora

Filmora Pro: This software can be used on both windows and mac platforms. You will get some amazing features with it like automatic stabilization and a built-in screen recorder. With the help of automatic stabilization, you can easily replace the original audio file with any separate high-quality music or sound. You will be able to apply the crossfades or overlap audio to smooth the sound between clips.

FilmoraGo: This is the application version of this software for mobile users. You can download it from the Google play store or Apple app store for your android and apple devices. This app has some basic features for mobile users to edit their videos. With this application, you can trim and slice your clips to make them shorter and interesting. Users can choose the ratio for their videos and also play them backward by its reverse video feature. This is the single solution stop for mobile users, who need easy-to-use and powerful applications for their videos.

Products of Corel VideoStudio

VideoStudio Pro 2024: This software has easy-to-understand and powerful features to offer its users. You can make templates and edit on the timeline or merge photos, videos, and music in multiple tracks. With this product, you will be able to access a wide range of tools, filters, and powerful correction features.

You can create movies or slideshows in minutes, you just have to choose a template and add media to make it quick. You can record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create videos with them. It will also provide you with the best basic tools like crop, rotate, and trim. Add unique effects and do lens correction with a single click on your computer.

VideoStudio Ultimate 2024: This product is the best version of this software you can get. With this version of it, you will get enhanced masking and color grading for your videos. You will be able to unlock the premium effects to edit the 360, HD, and 4K videos with it. It will provide you with 2,000 plus customizable filters premium effects and color grading. With this premium software, you can make slideshow clips, record screens, add templates and so more. Every year the company add some new feature to it so their users can get the best functions to use.

Features Comparison: Corel VideoStudio 2024 Vs Filmora

Difference Between features of Filmora & Corel Videostudio

Both of the video editing software companies offer the same features. But there is a little difference between Filmora & Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2024 that you can see here.

Corel VideoStudio 2024

Corel VideoStudio includes such amazing features with it that you can use for your editing. You will get some great templates and overlays to add to your clips. You can add stop motion animation to your videos and do color correction without any complex way. With its new feature now you get 20+ (LUT) profiles that give your work an advanced cinematic effect.  You can do simple editings like crop, trim, and rotation with your videos and advanced like color-correction and chroma-key.

Mask CreatorStop Motion AnimationChroma Key
Multi-Camera Video EditorMotion TrackingFilters and Effects
Green Screen EditingVideo Color EnhancingTime remapping
360 EditingTransparency Tracking 


Filmora gives you the video and audio editing features that can be so useful for everyone’s video editing. So you can easily replace the original sound of any video with quality music. You can also control the high and lows of your sound to normalize the audio of your video clip. This software can also reduce the background sounds like crowd, wind, and birds in your videos. It allows you to apply preset motions and customize your animation. You can stabilize your clips and export them to YouTube and Vimeo.

Audio SeparationKeyFrame EditingScene Detection
Video Stabilization4K Video Editing SupportSpeed Controls
Color Grading PresetsGIF SupportMedia Library
Audio EqualizerNoice RemoverYouTube and Vimeo Export Function

Price Comparison

Filmora Vs Corel VideoStudio

Filmora: You can get Filmora free of cost but the free version only allows you some basic features. If you take its free version then it lets you export footage 10 times and put a Filmora logo on your files. If you buy its 1-year plan then it will cost you $89.99. it will let you use all features, free updates, free tech support, and without watermark projects. You can also buy its lifetime offer at $149.99 that will allow you to use its service for a lifetime. The price of Filmora is so reasonable but if you still find it costly then you can use the Filmora X Coupon code for it. It will provide some additional discount on it by which you can save you so many dollars.

Corel VideoStudio: Corel VideoStudio offers you two types of products, VideoStudio Pro and VideoStudio ultimate. The pro version of it will cost you $63.99 and for the upgrade, you will have to pay $47.99 it. The VideoStudio ultimate cost you $79.99 for its services and $63.99 for the upgrade.  Both of the versions include the free trial of 30-days which allows you to use its basic functions. The prices are so reasonable if you look at the features of both versions. But if you think that the prices are still high as compared to its services. Then you can grab some additional discounts by using the Corel VideoStudio Promo code. It will allow you to grab the extra benefits on your purchases.

Which one is better: Filmora Or Corel Videostudio


After comparing both of the video editing software, we have to say that Corel VideoStudio is better than Filmora. Corel Video Studio has very useful features like 360-degree video editing and color enhancing. It can be so useful for every video editor to edit a video from every angle.

If you look at the price of Filmora then you can see that it is so higher than the Corel VideoStudio pricing. And for every person getting good video editing software at reasonable pricing is so beneficial and due to it, In this Corel VideoStudio Vs Filmora Comparison the clearcut winner is Corel VideoStudio 2024.