You are currently viewing Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 Detailed Comparison 2023

Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 Detailed Comparison 2023

Filmora is the best video editing software that comes in different versions. Recently Filmora 12 is launched on 12 December 2023 by Wondershare so many users are in confusion to update or access Filmora 12.  After all the research we are doing a comparison between Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 that might be helpful for you to know the worth of Filmora 12.

Connect with us at the end of the post and get an honest comparison of Filmora X and Filmora 12.

Comparison Between Wondershare Filmora X Vs Filmora 12

Filmora 12 is the best version of Filmora because it is the upgraded version of Filmora 11. In this version of Filmora, you don’t get any glitches or lag while making video editing. Filmora 12 is easy-to-use video editing software with advanced features. 

So don’t waste much time thinking about Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 if you want the best result in video editing then choose Filmora 12.

Key Features of Filmora X or Filmora 12 in 2023

Here I mentioned the key features of Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 that help you to know the benefits of video editing software of Wondershare Filmora 12 and Filmora X.

Easy to Use

Both versions of Wondershare Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 is easy to use but in Filmora 12 now you get better loading time with new advanced features. The new version of Filmora 12 has advanced features as compared to Filmora X.

Video Editing & Effects

Wondershare Filmora X also gives you video editing & effects but now as compared to Filmora 12 you get limited features or effects on Filmora X. Filmora 12  is the new updated version of Filmora 11 which has advanced features, motion elements, filters, etc. So by using Filmora 12 you can make more professional or enhanced videos.

Music and Sound

In Filmora 12 you can easily create your videos with multiple music selections even you can add multiple effects to your videos. It will automatically generate your videos. According to Filmora X in Filmora 12 you get more options in music and sound.

As you can see in Filmora X Vs Filmora 12 the winner is Filmora 12.

Text to Speech/Speech to Text

This feature is only available in Filmora 12 which can help you to transform text to speech and voiceover to the subtitle. Even this feature is not available in Filmora X. So the winner is Filmora 12 in between the Filmora X Vs Filmora 12.

Pricing of Filmora X Vs Filmora 12

Pricing of Filmora X Vs Filmora 12

You must pay $79.99 for lifetime access to Filmora X, as opposed to $51.99 for an annual subscription. Both Windows and Mac users pay the same costs. With the help of the Filmora X promo code, users of Wondershare may take advantage of excellent discounts on Filmora.

In Filmora 12 individual plan you get the monthly plan at $19.99/mo* and the Cross-platform plan only at $69.99/year that is the most popular plan in it. Even you also get the perpetual plan in Filmora 12 at $79.99 per month or you can apply Filmora 12 coupon code to get a massive discount on its purchase. 

If you are still confused about both versions of Wondershare Filmora X and Filmora 12 then you can read our above-mentioned comparison that helps you to make the right purchase for both of them.

System Requirement Filmora X Vs Filmora 12

Filmora X or Filmora 12 has various system requirements so before taking the wrong decision check out our below compatibility in Filmora 12 and Filmora X.

Filmora X supports windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.12 also later. Even you get 10GB free hard disk space, 4GB ram, and 8GB Ram for HD and 4k videos.

Filmora 12 is supported with Windows PC, Mac, Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, etc.  Besides this, you get 10GB of Cloud storage and 8GB for HD videos.

In system requirement Filmora 12 is the winner so you need to go with the use of it between the Filmora X and Filmora 12 because it is the most honest comparison ever.

Why should I update to Filmora 12?

Filmora 12 brings a powerful and intuitive user experience with advanced features, filters, motion effects, and many more things which is why you should update your recent Filmora Version to Filmora 12.

How To Update Filmora X to Filmora 12?

Yes, you can simply update Filmora X to Filmora 12 you just need to open the Filmora app and there will be an update notification comes on your screen. Press on it and download it to your device. But for that, you need to match the system requirement of Filmora 12. 

Which Is Better Filmora X and Filmora 12?

Filmora 12 is better than Wondershare Filmora X because it gives you advanced features which can help you to enhance your video editing. The latest version of Filmora is best for both users beginners and professionals. 

The best part is there is no big difference in pricing you can simply enjoy Filmora 12 with great features that can help you to make video editing more effective.

Is Filmora X Same As Filmora 12?

No, Filmora 12 is an upgraded version of Filmora 11 with more advanced features or enhanced video editing.

Is Wondershare Filmora 12 Worth Buying? 

Yes, Wondershare Filmora 12 is an amazing video editing software for beginners. It provides easy-to-use features and has a simple user interface with new techniques or features.


In the above-mentioned part, we are doing an honest comparison between Filmora X and Filmora 12 that helps you to choose the best one in between Wondershare Filmora X Vs Filmora 12.

I hope after reading this comparison you are satisfied if you want to learn more then you can read our recent post on which brings lots of information for you.

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