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Best Headphones For Video Editing In 2024

The best headphones for video editing are essential to ensure you get the highest quality outcomes. They will give you the clearest sound, with a neutral tone, and playback throughout the recording and post, allowing you to detect every nuance in your sound.

Although many headphones for consumers are designed to provide higher bass or even treble so that music sounds more vivid Studio headphones (aka call monitors, reference headphones also known as headphones for professionals) provide bass, midrange and treble frequencies equal weighting to ensure you have the perfect blend inside your ear.

Below, we’ve listed the top headphones for video editing that are available currently. If you’re not sure how to decide about these headphones, we’ve got you covered.

Top 7 Headphones For Video Editing In 2024

Top 7 Video editing headphones

Let’s move to our main topic below we mention the 7 best headphones for video editing. That will help you to choose the best one for yourself and improve video editing skills.

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (32 ohms)

Let’s start with the most powerful headphones for video editing available today. The DT77O PROs come with three models that each have a different impedance of 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms.

Simply put The less imperceptibility (ohms rating) lower, the simpler headphones will be to operate. The 32-ohm DT Pros 770 are ideal for use on a phone, camera, or laptop. They will sound fantastic, while the higher impedance headphones are made for use with a headphone amplifier or professional studio equipment. They may be too quiet when connected to any smartphone, even if the volume is at its highest.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 1.6m straight cable

Driver size: 45mm

Frequency response: 5 – 35,000Hz

Impedance: 32 ohms     Weight: 270g


+Wide device compatibility

+Designed for neutral audio

+Earcups help seal out background noise


-Possible heat buildup after extended wear

2. Focal Listen Professional

Are you suffering from ear pain? Comfort is an important factor in the versatility of the Listen Pros. The earcups are made of memory foam. It is designed to give you comfortable editing for prolonged periods and also creates an ear-shaped design that is circumaural, which means the headphones fit around your ears to provide maximum isolation of sound. The focal is also tuned to the headband’s grip to ensure a balance between comfort and an excellent seal around the ear. These factors are made these headphones for video editing.

The Listen Professionals are, as their name implies, been developed to be suitable for listeners for pleasure and also for professional monitoring. In this regard, they’ve been tuned to provide an open, clear soundstage, without artificially increasing any midrange, bass, or treble. They’re also making music tracks sound vibrant. Its impedance of 32 ohms ensures that it’ll sound great and connected to anything including an iPhone to a premium headphone amplifier. The included carry case and 5m of cables, 1.4m cable, and a 3.5mm-to-1/4-inch adapter complete the set.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 1.4m straight cable + 5m coiled cable

Driver size: 40mm

Frequency response: 5 – 22,000Hz

Impedance: 32 ohmsWeight: 280g


+Tuned for neutral sound

+Memory foam earpads

+Low impedance


-A little pricier than some rivals

-Headband may not be the coolest

3. Nura Nuraphone

We typically recommend the basic and unfiltered sound quality of the reference/monitor headphones for video editing and gaming, however, the Nuraphone is a step above by allowing these headphones to provide you with a customized audio experience that is customizable. This headphone is one of the best headphones that will help you to add music on Snapchat.

The headphones transmit an audio signal to the driver. A tiny microphone inside determines the form that your ear canal takes measuring the amount of time it takes before the signal bounces back. The Nuraphones will then be able to determine the strengths and weak points of your hearing and adjust the sound to accommodate.

Sound isolation is accomplished not only through ANC (active noise canceling) as well through Tesla venting, which is where the drivers of the speakers effectively push air into the earcups whenever they vibrate to ensure that your ears stay cool. The only issue that could arise with the Nuraphone is the inside of the earcups. It aids in reducing the leakage of sound, but it will result in more bulky earcups than standard reference headphones.


Style: Over ear + in-ear, closed back

Connection: Bluetooth

Driver size: 40mm (outer ear), 15mm (inner ear)

Frequency response: 20 – 20,000Hz*

Impedance: not stated

Weight: 329g


+Truly unique sound profiling

+Tesla venting

+Active noise cancellation


-Frequency response is not great

-In-ear design is not for all


4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

With their closed-back design, the ATG M50x headphones provide the perfect design for long wear. In addition, they are helping to shield your ears from the noise outside. The only issue with this level of comfort is less portability since these are more bulky headphones intended for home use rather as opposed to use on the move. They do, however, come with swiveling earcups (the brackets that connect the earcups with the headbands) and can therefore be folded flat to form an even slimmer appearance when not being used

The 45mm drivers have magnets made of metal and boast of a respectable 15-28,800Hz frequency response. The audio is also tuned to flat response, which means there is no specific section in the frequency spectrum intentionally or accidentally boosted. This can result in an unbalanced sound profile. Headphones for video editing should offer an even soundscape.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 1.2-3m coiled, 3m straight, 1.2m straight

Driver size: 45mm

Frequency response: 15 – 28,000Hz

Impedance: 38 ohms

Weight: 285g


+Balanced sound profile specs

+Closed earcups for better sound isolation


-A little bulky

5. Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO

Are you looking for a pair of headphones that can be the best budget headphone for video editing as effective in recording sessions as they would be in the editing suite? These are the best options.

The leatherette earcups, along with the closed design can be likely to cause the build-up of heat. However, they are excellent all-purpose, all-location headphones made by a reputable brand. Add in their 5-35,000Hz frequency response, and the DT Pro 240s appear to be quite a value for the cost.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 1.25-3m coiled

Driver size: Not stated

Frequency response: 5 – 35,000Hz

Impedance: 34 ohms

Weight: 196g


+Accessible price

+Studio-level sound specs

+Compact on the go


-Somewhat small earcups

6. Sony MDR-7506

Sony’s MDR-7500-series of headphones were designed to be used in professional studios also we can say that this is the best headphone for video editing for under $100. The entry-level MDR-706 has gained a reputable reputation. 40mm Neodymium drivers have an impressive frequency response of 1020,000Hz with a 63-ohm impedance. ensures that these headphones will be great when connected to laptops or other top-of-the-line studio equipment.

The headphones come with a carry bag that is soft and the earcups fold to form a headband for compact transport. We also like the huge closed earcups that are over-ear, that are extended to ensure they cover most sizes of ear and stop out the noise of the outside.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 3m coiled

Driver size: 40mm

Frequency response: 5-20,000Hz

Impedance: 63 ohms

Weight: 261g


+Low impedance

+Fold-flat design

+Big, accommodating earcups


-Slightly high impedance

-Frequency response could be wider 

7. Sennheiser HD 300 PRO

These HD 300 PROs aren’t cheap however they’re well-specced. Their 123dB maximum sound pressure means that they’re extremely very loud, even at maximum volume. ideal for detecting minor background noises on your recording. However, in order to get to their maximum volume, you’ll require an amplifier specifically built for the job, since the impedance of 64 ohms on HD 300 PROs makes them slightly more difficult to control than the other headphones in this list.

They can be used with cameras or laptops and will deliver a reasonable volume. People also use it for video editing headphones. also, this win the best headphone for video editing in 2024.  Similar to many headphones for monitors that are available, the HD 300 PROs use a closed-back, over-ear earcup that covers your ears in order to improve the comfort of your ears and the ability to block out noise.


Style: Over ear, closed back

Connection: Wired, 1.5m

Driver size: not stated

Frequency response: 6-25,000Hz

Impedance: 64 ohms

Weight: 297g


+Folding headband

+Excellent driver specs


-Not cheap

-Slightly high driver resistance


In this article, we mention the top 7 best headphones for video editing, and also include all features and specs of the headphones. If you want to buy any headphones from this list, you can choose any one of them. All the headphones are the best in their functionality. The sound and the bass are top of the line. If you want to enhance your video quality then you can go for the top 8 video editing tips and best laptops for video editing under $700. This will help you to take your videos to new heights.

FAQ About Best Headphones For Video Editing

Now we mention some queries of the people about the best budget headphones for editing film.

Is It Better To Edit Videos With Headphones?

Yes, it is better to use headphones during a time of video editing because these headphones help to block the background sound better than the external speakers. 

What Are Ohms In Headphones?

In practical terms, the impedance rating helps you judge how much power is required for your headphone to give you the best sound, at a reasonable volume. So that this means if your impedance is higher, your headphone requires high voltage. 

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