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How to Choose the Right Video Downloader In 2024? Explore These Easy Tips!

We all love to have our favorite videos downloaded on our phones and laptops. It gives us the ability to watch them while being on the go, without the need for an internet connection. Also, sharing YouTube video links is an old trend now.

Thus, a video downloader comes in to save the day! It is a wonderful tool to download any video, in any size, on your favorite device. Whether you want to download the video on your phone or your tablet, or on your laptop; a good video downloader is certainly the best solution.

Not only this, with the right software or website, you can also convert your favorite video into an MP3. For instance, if a song isn’t available in audio form yet; you can easily convert the video.

But when it comes to choosing the right downloader, you have to be a little cautious. Some simple tips can help you choose the best tool for downloading your favorite videos while being on the go. Through this guide, you will know how to choose the right video downloader?

Tips to Choose the Right Video Downloader:

Here we have summed up some simple tips that can help you choose the best tool to download youtube videos on Mac, tablets, or your smartphones too.

1.   Choose a Free Tool:

Opt for a free video downloader tool. There are many online that come with the facility of various features and conversion options. Some might demand money before you can make a conversion or download in another format.

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But at the same time, some amazing tools are free. Thus, when you can get all the features without any payment; it is best to opt for a free tool.

2.   Look for a Downloader that has no Pop-ups:

Many video downloading tools come with a lot of ads and pop-ups and this can be annoying. And at the same time, they can spread a harmful virus on your laptop or tablet too.

Thus, it is best to steer clear of them. You can be very careful while using such tools but one can accidentally click on the ads as well. And this can become a source of the virus. You must opt for a tool that has no pop-ups and ads.

3.   It must have Conversion Options:

Nobody likes being limited these days. We all love variety. There are many times when we don’t want to download a video in the given mp4 format. Maybe you want to convert it into audio. Thus, choosing a downloader that comes with various conversion options is the best decision to make.

These types of downloaders also have the option of compressing the file size and come with a bunch of different formats. They are beyond just a simple Youtube video downloader.

4.   It must Download HD Videos:

When you are downloading a video, you want it to be as high definition as it is on Youtube. And this is why, the last feature that you need to consider, is the quality of the downloaded video. The tool you choose must be giving amazing video outcomes. Download a video and check the quality. If it is HD; you are good to go.

5.   The download speeds:

No matter how feature-rich a video downloader software is if it cannot download videos at faster speeds, using it will not be beneficial for you.

Gone are the days when the internet used to be slow and lousy. In this age, advanced internet tech has made it possible to download files at blazing fast speeds, but to enjoy the speed, you also need a proper tool as well.

Make sure that the software you choose for downloading videos can get the maximum benefit of your internet connection’s speed.

6.   Download without creating an account:

Creating user accounts for every single software you use can get quite hectic to manage. If you have to create your account for the video downloader before using it, then it’s certainly not a “Feature” at all.

Pick a video downloader software that can be used without creating a user account. This way, you will be able to use the software without having to remember the login info.

7.   User-friendly interface:

There is no shortage of video downloader tools in the market. You can find tons of user scripts and tools on GitHub and other platforms that help you download videos. However, if you are not a “Geek,” it will not be easy for you to download your favorite videos on the go.

It’s therefore important that the software you pick for downloading videos is easy to use. The user-friendly interface will not only help you download videos on the go, but it will help you save your time as you will not have to worry about entering the right computer commands to download videos.

8.   Support for various languages:

If you are a heavy computer user and have set up additional languages than English on your computer, then you have to use a video downloader software that has multi-language support. Such software will allow you to harmonize the language on your computer.


And that is it! With these simple 4 tips or considerations, you can download all types of videos and save them on your device, to watch them later. Within seconds, you can convert your videos into any format and download them.