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How To Enable Community Tab On YouTube?

Have you seen polls and posts on YouTube? They all are part of the YouTube community. The best way to interact with your subscribers is a YouTube community tab. For that, you must have to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube otherwise it will not be enabled on your channel. In this guide, we will let you know how to enable community tab on YouTube. Besides this, there will also be more other information related to this query.

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About YouTube Community Tab

This is a feature offered by YouTube that helps creators to get connected with their audience. Alongside you can also upload videos, creators can use this community tab to create polls, posts, images, and many other things. Many YouTubers mostly use this community tab to create polls.

How To Get A Community Tab On YouTube?

The one way to enable community tab on YouTube which seems simple but not so easy is to reach 1000 subscribers. After you surpass this number of followers the YouTube community tab will appear on your channel. But what if the YouTube community tab is not showing on your channel even after you got 1k subscribers? For that, you have to enable custom channel layouts to make the tab visible.

Steps To Enable Community Tab On YouTube

The first and foremost ways to get community tab on YouTube without 1K subscribers steps are mentioned below-

Steps to enable community tab on YouTube.

Do Regular Post On Your YouTube Channel

This is the main factor to enable the YouTube community tab on YouTube 2024. The more regularly you post videos the more your channel will be engaged with the audience. You can ask viewers to comment on your videos and most importantly provide quality content to viewers. Daily posting does not mean that you can post anything rubbish on your channel. Try to create more quality content over quantity. Provide valuable content to the audience so that they keep connected with you. To post more quality content you must have better video quality and the best video editing software for YouTube. We recommend Filmora 11 as one of the best video editing software that provides amazing features to edit your videos like a pro.

Interact With Your Audience

Regular posting lets you be more engaged and interact with the audience. Besides this, it is very helpful to enable community tab on YouTube Android. Although this YouTube community tab is used  to interact with your subscribers before that, you can connect with them by the following methods:

  • Go through with every comment and try to reply to them all. Make the user feel special and do not make a predetermined response to everyone.
  • Try out asking questions to users about what they like and dislike about your content. Also, give a unique response while getting any compliment.
  • Give your heart and like the comments which you like the most because everybody likes to hear from the creator.

Allow People To Share Their Opinion With You

To get the YouTube community tab, the main role is played by the audience. For that not only just share your video but also ask viewers to share their views related to the topic. Ask them some ideas to make your video content better, what they like and want to see more. This is the best way to gain more subscribers and their engagement with your channel. If you follow and respect their views and suggestions. Keep trying to create content that looks realistic to the audience.

Try To Get More Views On YouTube

There are various tactics used to get more views and likes on a YouTube video and to enable community tab on YouTube. Like, share your video more on multiple social media platforms, create a playlist that keeps people watching your videos. Besides this, post videos at watch time, optimize titles, and use trending keywords and hashtags. You can also increase YouTube views using VPN, which will help you to get a community tab on YouTube.

So these are some methods by which you can keep engaged with viewers and get followers in less time. By getting more followers in less time you will get a community tab on your YouTube channel.

Where You Will Get A YouTube Community Tab?

When you get the YouTube community tab enabled then it can be seen on the channel’s homepage. To go to the community tab first of all search the YouTube channel and click on the Community tab. Here you can find the latest post on which you can comment and interact to get the YouTube community tab on mobile will not show.

How To Make A Community Post On YouTube?

After completing the YouTube community tab requirements, the biggest question is how to make a post with it. It is very easy to create a community post like posting to a social media platform. Here are some steps for that-

  • First of all, sign in to YouTube
  • Now at the top of the page click on “Upload” and after that tap on “Create Post”
  • Then write a message, post an image & video, create a poll, etc with the YouTube community tab
  • After all this click on “Post”

After posting, users can watch it on their feed and also can get notifications for that.

How Can I Use the YouTube Community Tab?

Once you get the community tab on YouTube android it is very important to use it perfectly for your channel. So here we have mentioned some steps for that-

Promote Your Upcoming Video

With the help of this community post, you can let your viewers know about your upcoming and newly launched content. Also, you can promote the new collaboration that should be posted by both of you. This will help in increasing the number of views and traffic on your channel.

Post Behind The Scenes Clips

Many viewers get excited to see what their creators do behind the scene. Also, this footage keeps your audience engaged with your channel and you can post your personal updates.

Like And Give Heart To The Comments

After posting a community post, read out comments and give the heart to appreciate viewers. Because they will get a notification after you like their comment. Also, you can do a conversation with your audience but do not reply too fast and all comments. Show users that you are paying attention to their comments and responding to them.

Create A Poll on What They Want To See Next

You have seen many polls on different YouTube channels which is the best way to ask people what they want to see next in your videos. In which they will vote for their favorite option then you can create a video on it.

Give a Shoutout To A Fan Or Fellow Creator

You can mention a fan or any other creator to get more attention to your videos. This is the best way by which you can build connections with others.

Final Words: How To Enable Community Tab On YouTube?

In the end, we will say that you must need 1000 subscribers to get a YouTube community tab. But here are also some methods by which you can increase your subscribers easily. Also, use this YouTube community tab to build a connection with the audience and let them know their views.

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