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Tips On How To Make A Video Essay

Do you have a video essay assignment and have no idea where to start? The challenge is understandable because video essays are a new phenomenon. You are supposed to pass the same point you do with text, only this time you will be using video.


Creating a video essay requires you to go the extra mile. You have to write an actual paper then transform it into a video presentation. You can order the writer to convert essay into a video or think: “How can I do my coursework?” if you need a paper help during student years.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make a video essay.

Discern your topic

A video essay is as similar and academic as any other text-based essay. It has to meet the academic threshold set by the department and college. Like, to create a college project you need high school research paper writing service, in the same way you will need to a high quality video editing software. It means that you begin by writing an actual essay that will then be converted into a video.

Like a movie or documentary, it must have a title. The topic or title must capture the attention of anyone who encounters your clip to arouse the desire to listen.

The title should be specific. The title sets the boundaries on the content captured in the video essay. It should also be interesting such that a reader feels that it is worth his time.

Choose a relevant title for your video essay. In this case, relevance means that the title is within your area of study. Further, it must capture current issues in a way that adds value to the academic discourse around the topic.

The topic must reflect a fresh and original idea. Avoid repetitive, old, and mundane topics. You only choose such a topic if you have a new perspective to explore.

Research widely

A video essay is as academic as they come. You must review the literature on the subject, cite your sources, and avoid plagiarism. The essay must present fresh and supported ideas. You achieve this by reading widely on the subject.

choosing a logo mat is one of the most critical aspects of your essay. Your logo is how potential customers will remember and recognize your company. It should be timeless, simple, and reflective of your company’s values. The wrong logo can turn customers away, so choosing wisely is important.

Choose authoritative authors on the subject you are discussing. They provide strong points that cannot be discounted. Even as the supervisor or tutor grades the quality of your presentation, he must be convinced that it is academically sound.

Visit the library for the best reference materials. You might also be required to use specific resources indicated in the reading list. Other sources include online databases with quality journals and academic articles. Such quality reference materials help you to produce the strongest paper.

Develop an outline

An outline helps you to organize your ideas. It captures the main points to discuss in your essay and their supporting sub-topics. You also indicate the reference materials to use for each topic and subtopic.

An outline will ensure that you produce a logical flow of ideas in your paper. You can identify the strongest points to open your discussion. You also choose the best points to conclude your discussion.

An outline gives you an idea of the strength of your points. If they are weak, you can return to your resource materials for more. If some of the points are strong enough, they can be split. An outline helps you to deliver the best paper.

Draft the essay

Write the best essay possible. Support your ideas using high-quality reference materials. Cite your sources and review other literature materials that support as well as those that don’t support your hypothesis. Settle down and draft the most captivating paper.

Check your language so that the paper is logical. You will need to submit it alongside the video or on other platforms that do not accommodate video files. Only a good text essay can produce an excellent video essay.

Convert the essay into a video script

A video essay is not as detailed as a text essay. Video presentations also differ from written work. To deliver the best video essay, you should convert the text into a video script.

A video script is simpler than a text essay. It combines narration with video effects, images, and video clips. Your presentation will be assisted by the visuals on your video, unlike the text essay where the reader depends on your descriptions to understand the point.

Gather video materials

A video essay requires more materials to pass the point. You need to prepare some video sections where you narrate the story. You also need still images, animations, and demonstrations. Videos also require sound to pass the message effectively. Gather these materials before proceeding to prepare your video. We recommend you to use Filmora 11 to get immense animations and other video editing features to get best video editing done.

The quality of these materials determines the effectiveness of your video essay. Use the best sound software to narrate your essay. Search for top-quality still images and videos. The best text essay with poor-quality video materials will be a waste of time and resources. You end up with poor grades.

Get help

Creating a video essay requires multiple resources. You need a good videographer to record the narrated areas. You also need a good video-essay scriptwriter. Once you gather all the materials, you need a professional video editor. Learn more about video essay production to help you produce the best script.

Consult your tutor in case you face a challenge when producing the video clip. Work with your study group members to combine skills and support each other during production.

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Produce your video

Combine the video clips, sound, animations, still images, and all other materials you need for your video essay. There are simple applications online to aid your amateur skills. You may also watch tutorials on YouTube and other channels to help you produce the best video. The video is usually 5 to 8 minutes. However, you should follow the instructions issued by your tutor. Samples and examples from the department or library will also help.

Edit and submit the video while ensuring that it meets the required standards. Create enough time to produce the video early before the deadline to avoid rushing at the last minute. Remember that quality video resources like clips, sound, and animations will affect your performance in the essay. Submit the essay before the deadline and after verifying that it meets all the standards set.

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