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How to Make Gifs in CorelDraw?

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CorelDraw is one of the well-named and easiest editing software for many users. This one is fine editing software with multiple features. With the help of its features, any user easily creates a masterpiece according to the imagination. But is you are a beginner then maybe you are facing trouble in using its features. After research, We saw that many of the users what to know about How to make gifs in CorelDraw.

So here you will get to know about it how you can easily create a gif in CorelDraw. Easily go with the mentioned steps and make if of your captured image.

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Steps to Create Gifs in CorelDraw?

Follow the instruction and create a gif as you want. The steps are easy to understand. With the help of Screenshots, we will guide you properly. So let’s get started with the CorelDraw Gif Tutorial.

  • Click on the window search bar and open CorelDraw X7.CorelDraw Gif
  • On the Welcome, Screen Click on the New Document.CorelDraw X7 Gif Tutorial
  • Set a dimension of the image that you want to create for a gif and click on the button.CorelDraw X7 Gif Tutorial
  • Create a design that you want to create according to your idea.
  • Then go to the window search bar and find Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7.CorelDraw PAINT POINT
  • Click on the new documents and set frame value. The maximum frame value is 3 you can set as per your requirement and click “Ok”.CorelDraw PAINT POINT Tutorial
  • Create three pages and create a design in different sizes in each. Because you want to create a gif.CorelDraw Image Creation
  • Create different size of images in three pages.CorelDraw Image Creation
  • Right-click on the 1st image and choose the Group object Again right-click and select the copy option.CorelDraw Gif Creation
  • Go to the PHOTO-PAINT page you have created paste on it. Paste it as the New Section option.Corel Paint Gif
  • Then go to the CorelDraw X7 2nd page you have created and right-click on the image and select “group object” and copy the section of the image you have created.Corel Paint Gif Creation
  • Then again change and go to the PHOTO-PAINT page and change the page by the below-mentioned arrow. And paste the selected image on it as a new section.Corel Paint Gif
  • Repeat the above-mentioned step with the 3rd Group the image object copy it.Corel Paint Gif
  • Again go to the PHOTO-PAINT page and change the page and paste the image that you have copies from CORELDRAW X7.Corel Paint Gif Tutorial
  • After completing this task recheck the images and click on the right-side above mentioned “File” option and select “Save As”CorelDraw Paint Gif Guide
  • Select the folder and name of the file and save as type option “GIF- GIF Animation” and click on “Save Button”CorelDraw Paint Gif Steps
  • If a POPup option appears with “Masks will not be saved in this format” then click on the “Ok” Button.CorelDraw Paint Gif
  • Next, select the reset option and click Ok.CorelDraw Paint Gif Creation
  • Check the preview and click Ok.CorelDraw Paint Gif Creation

Now the Gif is ready in your desired folder. Yippy the tutorial is complete now you can create your gif as you want easily with CorelDraw. I hope this one is an easy & helpful tutorial for you. So go with the above-mentioned steps and try to create a gif and become an expert in this.