How To Separate Audio From Video?

How To Separate Audio From Video?

Creating video promoting yourself or your content is now a prominent way to get fame. But here are some basics that you want to know about editing video before confronting it to the public. We have shared many articles to help you in your video editing segment. Here we are going to help you out in case if you want to know how to remove the audio from your video.

How To Separate Audio From A Video In VSDC?

Separate Audio From Video By VSDC

Most of the time it’s happened that you want to remove the audio from the video or, to add another audio and effect to make your video better and effective. In this tutorial, you will get to know how you can separate the audio from video in VSDC.

  • Step 1 Import the video in the VSDC editor from your computer.
  • Step 2 Select the audio part that you want to separate from the video.
  • Step 3 Check on your right-hand side, then go to the properties window.
  • Step 4 Scroll down to the bottom and click on a split to audio-video, it will separate audio from video.

Editing Tool for Video

After following these steps you will get a separate audio and video format. You can delete unwanted elements and can add whatever you want to add by importing the file into VSDC.

Separate Audio From Video In Premiere Pro

Separate Audio From Video Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is an advanced tool for video and audio editing. It gives you high-quality results. Let’s see how we can split up the audio from the video.

  • Step 1 Open the premiere pro and start a new project.

Note* use the default setting and pre locate your new project then press on the ok button.

  • Step 2 Click on the media browser and import the videos you want to make changes on.
  • Step 3 Go on to the clip toolbar and select the audio option then select extract audio.
  • Step 4 Premiere pro will give you the duplicate file with just audio, it does not impact the original clips and you can also find the audio clips in the file explorer.

Use Filmora to Separate Audio From Video

Separate Audio From Video Filmora

Filmora is a very popular video editing software. It is used by many Youtuber, video bloggers, etc. Follow these steps to remove audio from video easily in filmora.

  • Step 1 Open the filmora software.
  • Step 2 Import the file into filmora.
  • Step 3 Drag the selected file on the timeline.
  • Step 4 Click on the export toolbar then press on the MP3 button
  • Step 4 Click on the export toolbar then presses the MP3 button.
  • Step 5 Name your file and set your files’ location and change their bit rate according to your requirement
  • Step 6 Now, click on the Export icon. The extracted audio will save automatically on your pre-set location.

Edit & Separate Audio From Video

These steps will give you the audio file of any video. You can also follow the easy step to separate the audio from video while editing any video. Drag your video on the timeline then put your cursor on the video click the on the right side choose the detach option. It will detach your audio and video.

How to Get MP3 of a Video?

Follow steps to remove Audio from Video

There are multiple websites available on the internet that extracts the audio file from video and gives you instant mp3. Some of the good websites are,,

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