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How To Shoot Cinematic Video With iPhone?

The iPhone is the best way to shoot a cinematic video and create high-quality video content. If all you have is just your iPhone then you can still start your cinematic film with it. Here we will clear your query over “how to shoot cinematic video with iPhone”. Let’s discover something about iPhone cinematic mode that will make filmmaking easy for you.

What Is Cinematic Mode?

The cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 is a combination of the Dolby Vision and HDR format with the rack focus technique. Its Lens can instantly shift focus from one object to another and blur the background. This option of shooting cinematic footage is available only in iPhone 13 and its series while some of the iPhone versions can just edit the cinematic videos. In some of its other versions, you have some of the alternative ways to shoot cinematic videos with the iPhone.

How To Shoot Cinematic Video with iPhone 13?

There are a few simple steps of professional filmmaking through iPhone13.

  • Open the camera of your phone and swipe until you get the cinematic mode.
  • Check the object must come under the viewfinder so that it gets focused by the lens.
  • Then Have another object or person in the frame, the focus of the lens will be shifted to another object, and the first object gets blurred. 
  • You can manually select the object which you want to put in focus by the lens.

Edit The Depth Of Field In iPhone Cinematic Mode

A foremost part of shooting cinematic video with an iPhone is to set the range to blur background area in your cinematic videos.

  • Go to the Photos app and select any video.
  • Go for Edit and tap the depth control button “F” and drag to cover the background area you want to blur or clear.
  • Tap Done when you get done with adjustment.

How To Change Focus Point in iPhone Cinematic Mode?

It is the most advanced function that can set the range of focus of the lens to any certain object. Here are some steps to get it done:

  • First, open the photos app and select the video which you want to edit with cinematic effect.
  • Go to Edit, where you’ll get the whole scenario of the video and some indications points where the focus point changed from one subject to another.
  • Drag the indicator, video’s current focus point will be located by a yellow square, and other objects show up with a white square
  • Tap on the object within the white square to shift the focus point to it. Touch and hold the screen to lock the focus at a distance.
  • Through the focus, the button shifts the option to camera automatic focus tracking from the selecting manually focus point.

Different Ways On How To Shoot Cinematic Video With iPhone X?

If you don’t have iPhone 13 then it’s not a big deal to shoot cinematic mode without it you can still do this with iPhone X. Here are some options which will clear your doubts about how to shoot cinematic video with iPhone X, XR, 11, or 12. Besides this, you can also use Filmora 11 video editor to give an amazing cinematic edit to your video. It is one of the best affordable video editing software for all users.

different ways to shoot cinematic video with iPhone

Through Settings

In iPhone X you can select its 4K mode while you’re going to shoot. This will capture the best quality of videos. There you’ll also have the option to set the frames per second like 24, 30, and 60 generally, in movies 24 fps used.


You must need to get a stabilized video shoot if you are working as a beginner filmmaker and wants to make your video look professional. In iPhone X you may not find an in-built image stabilization function, so you must consider any manual tool for this purpose. This will save you to get shaky cinematic videos and make your videos smooth and with ease.

Record Good Quality Of Audio

In iPhone X  to make a well cinematic video, you are required to record the audio in good quality. It can be done by just simply setting a microphone with your setup, this will enhance the quality of your cinematic video. This will help you to get your vlogging or interviews or any youtube video in the best way.

Use Lenses

To shoot cinematic video with iPhone 11you need something more than just a phone camera, they work limited for this purpose. You need to get some lens to get closer details of the object which can’t be done by just phone. Powerful lenses are required to capture any further landscape with a suitable lighting effect.

Using Tools For Lights 

Lighting is one of the most essential for the cinematic video shoot with the iPhone 12. This can simply put more effect on the videos and highlight any certain object in the videos by some light tools. Especially in night shoot, it is most important to get the proper lights to improve your cinematic videos.


This method is so underrated that most people ignore that, they can enhance any cinematic video with the right way of editing. First, you must get along with every of the editing functions. You can get better editing results with this video editing software for beginners. Then keep editing them in various methods that will show you better results.

Last Verdict: How To Shoot Cinematic Video With iPhone

So here is the explanation of the iPhone 13 cinematic mode which will let you explore more about filmmaking. For previous iPhone version users, there are also some tricks mentioned by which you can shoot your cinematic mode and can add some filmmaking accessories. Enjoy your filmmaking experience with these informative tricks for your video shoot.


Can Cinematic Mode Shoot In 4K?

Yes, iPhone 13 Pro or Max must acquire at least 256GB to support 4K videos in 60fps. But iPhone 13 can work in resolution 1080p in 128GB models it won’t allow shooting in 4K.

Can You Edit Cinematic Video With iPhone X?

Yes, you can edit any cinematic videos with iPhone X. It can also be done with iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and in its newer version which has IOS 15.

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