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How To Unhack Phone in 2024? Prevent Your Phone from Hacker

Hacking is the worst thing that can lead to a high loss of data or information from your device. People’s information gets hacked due to a lack of online security. People are facing many issues regarding Cyber Threats. For this, they look for different ways for how to Unhack Phone?

But, before you need to know that, Is your Phone is hacked or not? You can identify that your phone is hacked by someone else by these phone hacked signs.

How to know if someone is hacking your Phone?

You can analyze whether your Phone is hacked or not. Below we have mentioned some Signs Phone is Tapped or Hacked. So, let’s a look.

  • Speed of the Device gets slow down, you may face hanging issues while running the device.
  • If the Phone is hacked or accessed by anyone then, your Phone or device becomes hot too rapidly.
  • If an Unnecessary Pop-up Sound appears, it means someone using your phone without permission. These activities can lead to risks in the future.
  • Hacking can be identified if you are not receiving any Call or Msg from your device.
  • The Battery of the Device gets reduce if you are not using it too much in a day.

Once you notice that your phone is hacked then take steps to unhack your phone. So, read further to get an answer for How to unhack a phone, If the phone is hacked.

What to do if the Phone is Hacked?

what to do if phone is hacked

If your phone is hacked by Hackers. Then, you can use these tricks to unhack phone to avoid your online or offline leaked information from Hacking.

  1. Code to check if Phone is Hacked 2024 is the best way to know or remove the Hacker from the Phone Number. *#62#, *#002#, *#67# are some of the Codes to make phone setting safe. These codes are used when your Calls or Msg get forwarded to someone else.
  2. Using of VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to protect your online activities from Cyber Threats. It is useful to secure your information from future Cyber Crimes.
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  3. Delete Malicious sites which bring Malware while installing into the device. Malware is harmful to you because Cyber criminals can easily access your device. Otherwise, you can set up the Antivirus Software to Scan and Kill the Malware automatically.
  4. Reset your Phone helps to Unhack your Phone from Hackers. After resetting the Android Phone, change all the Passwords of Social Media, Google Accounts, etc.

Hope with all these tips you may be able to unhack your phone.

How can Hackers hack your Phone?

Hackers may attack your phone to steal some private information via open wifi connection, Bluetooth, or by malicious E-mail. These are common ways that help Cyber Criminal get access to your device.

How to get the details of the Hacker?

As hackers use high-tech advanced technology, so they always remain untraceable by common users. It is suggested to take immediate action against the hacker, before the hacker misuses your personal information.

How to stop someone from hacking your Phone?

  1. If you are facing lots of issues related to Hacking. Then use VPN to secure yourself from future threats.
  2. Install the Antivirus Software to get rid of the Sites or Links which contains Malware. Malware, Spyware, are some of the Viruses that helps Cyber Criminals to get access and change the information of Device.
  3. Do not use the Public Wi-fi. It can be risky for you because the hacker can easily monitor your activities or steal the login Password detail also.

How to trace Smartphone, Is Phone is Stolen?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Number) is useful when someone phone is stolen. You may get live location of your device.

When you dial, *#06# in your Phone then it appears IMEI number. It is unique and provided to each device user.