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How To Watch YouTube Videos That Are Private?

YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms, but sometimes it happens that you cannot access a video. The reason behind it is the video is private or may be unlisted. YouTube has given the option to users they can make their videos private and limit the number of people who can watch them. So here is the solution of how to watch private YouTube videos

What Is A Private YouTube Video?

A private YouTube video is when the creator and the owner of the video do now want everyone to watch it. In this case, the uploader wants himself or some particular section of people to watch the video. That’s why you can not watch these videos after even searching for them on YouTube. Or if you are a subscriber of that channel you are just notified of that video but are not allowed to watch it. 

What Is An Unlisted Video?

An unlisted YouTube video is that which is only visible to users if you have its link. They are not listed in the searches and recommended videos. Their links can be shared with your family and friends but for that, you must have extra permission. 

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Why YouTube Private Videos Are Not Visible To Users?

Some of the main reasons behind not being able to watch YouTube private videos are:

  • The video owners have set to keep their video settings to private and only limited users can watch it.
  • Private videos do not appear in the recommended videos and you can not search for them.
  • You will not be informed when the private video is uploaded even when you are a subscriber.

Is There Any Way To See Private Videos On YouTube?

Tricks Watch Private YouTube Videos

However, every creator wants to gain more YouTube subscribers and views. Also, they promote their YouTube videos with Reddit and various other methods while some just make them private. To watch these private YouTube videos you can do two things:-

  • Take permission from the video owner
  • Watch the video without permission

How To Watch YouTube Videos That Are Private With Permission?

To watch YouTube private videos, you must be on the list who can watch them. For that, you should contact the video creator through YouTube and using other social media platforms. You can also give your Gmail to them for direct contact and required them to add you to the list. 

After that, it is upto the owner whether they add you or not. If they did then use the same Gmail as your YouTube account while watching the video.

How To Watch YouTube Private Videos Without Permission/Signing Up?

Asking for permission is the best way to get access to the private videos on YouTube. But it is upto the owner that he gives you access to the video or not. So here is another way to watch private videos on YouTube without permission.

Most websites suggest a common method to watch a private video on YouTube. For that, you just have to remove “Watch” from the video URL. 

For example, if the private YouTube video URL is-, just remove this watch from the URL and make it But this hack does not always work to unlock a private video on YouTube.

How To View Private Videos On YouTube App With Video Cache?

This is another method to watch private videos on YouTube. It can only be helpful when the video was prior public and now the owner has made it private. In this case, if you have watched that video already then it can be saved by view video cache. So if you want to watch a video again then this trick will be helpful.


Many Youtubers are promoting their videos and even increasing YouTube views using a VPN. But yes YouTube is a vast platform so users can private their videos for privacy. But these are the best tricks by which you can easily watch YouTube videos that are private. So use these methods and enjoy all private videos easily.

FAQs- How To Watch Private YouTube Videos That Are Private?

Here are some top queries related to how to watch someone’s private YouTube videos.

  1. Can You Play A Private YouTube Video?

    It depends on the uploader to decide who can watch the video.

  2. Can Subscribers See Private Videos On YouTube?

    Private videos do not appear in search results nor in video recommendations. So subscribers can not watch private videos on YouTube.

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