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How Can Use VPN To Increase YouTube Video Views?

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Every Youtuber wants higher views on the videos. Sometimes it is hard to get views and traffic on work-related videos. But when you are creating a video for business purposes then an increasing number of views become a necessity of your work. Finding organic traffic to your website is such a hectic task.

Here comes the best way from which you can trick youtube to gain traffic on your videos. You can use the VPN to increase Youtube Video Views. The use of VPN software is only a way to increase the number of fake views on your videos. Before using a VPN to raise traffic try a few more extra tips that make your video enchanting for viewers.

Ways to Create Youtube Videos

Ways to Create YouTube Videos

Here are a few ways that make your youtube videos more beautiful and catchy for the audience. If you work according to the gives tricks then there are might be chances to gain the traffic easily.

Keep In Mind that your latest Video is in the list of your current video on your page

When you post a video then always put that video as your featured and current video. Because the audience wants trendy and up-to-date rather than the old one. Try to post content every week that will help you to raise the number of viewers. With more subscribers and views on your videos, the YouTube community tab will be enabled on your channel. With this you can more interact with your subscribers and create community posts and polls.

Choose A Catchy and Exciting Thumbnail

If you allow youtube to set your thumbnail then it not be mesmerizing for the viewer. But when you create your thumbnails with the help of computer screenshots or with the help of Best Editing software for YouTubers then it looks good. Capture the compelling image from your video edit it and upload it as your thumbnail from video settings.

Make your Title Short and interesting for the Audience

Make your title mysterious for the users. Create a title that makes the viewer click on it. Try to create a title shorter.

Write a good video description

In the video, the description writes the short story about your video. So not explain the whole thing going to happen in your videos.

Pick the best tags that will be good for SEO

Now Google gives preference to youtube videos. So good SEO tags help you to raise your organic traffic. Make sure what your users are searching for and add those keywords as your video tags. It will raise the chances of views on your video.

Use transcript in your videos

In the United States, most people talk in Spanish. So if you use the transcript in your videos then it is easy for the audience to change the language according to their want.

Make changes in your videos weekly

The best part is you can edit your video anytime you want. So according to the searches, you can change the tags & title of your video. At least for a month try to make changes in your post and refresh your previous post.

Add Pop-up and lightbox of video on your website

If you own an online business and created a website then try to create a lightbox of your video. If you don’t have the lightbox then give a place to your video on the home page.

The above-mentioned are the best tactics that you can use to increase viewers on your video. But here comes the other ways to increase traffic on your YouTube Videos.

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Use of VPN To Increase YouTube Viewers

Use VPN to increase YouTube Viewers

With the help of the VPN, you can change your IP address easily and make your surfing anonymous. If you only want to increase the view count then use VPN. Get connected with any of the country servers and watch your video with a different IP address. You can use the services of the best VPN at a budget cost to perform this task. The VPN service provider is:-

Hola VPN

Hola is one of the best and cheap VPN service providers. It gives a great opportunity to save maximum on it by Hola VPN Promo Code. You can get its lifetime subscription with a saving of up to 90% on it. If you want to try it then get Hola VPN free for 3 days.


A VPN software that makes your online surfing anonymous. The 1-year plan costs $2.49/mo* with a huge RusVPN Coupon Code of 85% Off. The software will work on all devices and doesn’t keep your logs.


Zenmate offers you a 3-year subscription with a saving of up to 85%. The software costs $164/mo* if you apply the Zenmate Coupon Code. This one is a great opportunity for you to use the best VPN at a budget Cost to increase Youtube Video Views.

You can also increase YouTube and business by other methods that we have explained in our Bing VS Yahoo VS Google search engines.