Is Clip Studio Paint good for beginners?

Is Clip Studio Paint good for beginners?

Digital Painting is not so easy task for beginners. You have to learn many things if you want to become an expert in this field. But with the fine digital painting software, you can easily learn it. Among the multiple painting software providers here we are presenting the relevant one. After research, we have found that Clip Studio Paint not just the best but easy to manage and affordable software for freshers. So, if you are a newbie and wanna get to know Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Beginners or not then dive into the post.

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What is Clip Studio Paint?

What is Clip Studio Paint

If you are a beginner then the answer to this question is necessary for you. Because might be you are not familiar with the properties & Work of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

“Clip Studio Paint is one of the fine digital painting software. With the help of this software, you can easily create manga, illustration, comic, painting, 3D Models, etc”

This one is the excellent artists’ software that is used to create painting and drawing. Numerous tools, materials, templates, canvas, frames, etc to create a masterpiece.

What is Clip Studio Paint used for?

The software is used for digital painting and creation. If you use this software then you can easily create 2D & 3D animation/models, comics, illustration, manga, character art, etc. The Clip studio is an ally program to manage and share tools and assets for digital painting. The software is capable of various operating devices macOS, Windows, iOS, iPad, Android, & Chrome OS.

Is Clip Studio Paint Good?

Clip Studio Paint competes with different painting software like photoshop and Sai. It provides you the best features at a reasonable cost. It contains 192 brushes for different purposes. You can easily set what you want to design any character or sketch. It gives you realistic touch at a budget cost.

Why Should you buy Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint Features

Clip Studio Paint is a perfect program for artists at a pocket-friendly cost. At a budget cost, it offers you plenty of features, vectors, brushes, tools, etc to create professional-looking comics and painting.

Is Clip Studio Paint Better than Photoshop?

This one is the most asked question of beginners. Because Photoshop is a well-known company in front of Clip Studio Paint. But while comparing both the firms we find many differences.

Clip Studio Paint Vs PhotoShop

  • Clip Studio Paint is reasonable as compare to the PhotoShop
  • Photoshop cloud support on multiple devices & Clip Studio Support Cloud only in iPad
  • In both, you will get different color tools and canvas

How much does Clip Studio Paint Cost?

Clip Studio Paint Prices

As We mentioned above that Clip Studio Paint is reasonable for the buyers. It offers all the amazing costs at a budget cost. The Clip Studio Paint deals with the two different versions. One for learner and the other one is for professionals. Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex are the two version which you can buy from Clip Studio Paint store.

Clip Studio Paint ProPro is the best software for beginners and the company designed this software with the maximum qualities that a beginner wants. If you want to try it free of cost then you can use the Clip Studio Paint Debut version. This one is for fresher who want to learn digital art. The Pro version cost $49.99 at a one time cost.

Clip Studio Paint ExThe Clip Studio Paint is designed for professional users. If you choose this then you can easily manage multiple pages at a time. The Ex version is expensive as compare to the pro. The Ex version cost $219 once only.

Is Clip Studio Paint One time Buy only?

No, Clip Studio Paint is not only one-time buy software. The Clip Studio Paint One time Purchase is popular among the user because of its pocket-friendly prices. But the company deals with monthly and annual subscriptions. You can make monthly and annual purchases reasonable by using the Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

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The Clip Studio Paint Monthly Subscription cost:-

Pro- Monthly Ex- Monthly
Single Device- $4.49/mo*

Dual Devices- $7.49/mo*

Premium Plan- $8.99/mo*

One smartphone- $0.99/mo*

Single Device- $8.99/mo*

Dual Devices- $12.49/mo*

Premium Plan- $14.99/mo*

One smartphone- $2.49/mo*

Pro- Annual Ex- Annual
Single Device- $24.99/mo*

Dual Devices- $43.99/mo*

Premium Plan- $53.99/mo*

One smartphone- $6.49/mo*

Single Device- $71.99/mo*

Dual Devices- $99.99/mo*

Premium Plan- $117.99/mo*

One smartphone- $16.99/mo*

Do you need an account to use Clip Studio Paint?

If you want to use a package version then it doesn’t require an account. But if you want to use and download the version then it requires an account. The use of Clip Studio Paint will be activated after the link of serial number and account.

Can you use Clip Studio Paint Free?

Clip Studio Paint Free

If you are a first-time user of a monthly plan then you will get a chance to use Clip Studio Paint free for three months. You have to choose a plan from the latest version and you are capable to use this software free of cost.

What are the pros and cons of  Clip Studio Paint?

Nothing is perfect in this world after having lots of advantages the Clip Studio Paint software has few disadvantages. Let’s figure out the advantages and disadvantages of Clip Studio Paint.

Pros & Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

Pros Of Clip Studio Paint

  • Provides you a bundle of features
  • Dark & Light Theme option
  • Flexible for different task painting and drawing
  • Wide range of option with vector tools
  • Techniques for making a 3D model
  • Frame by frame animation creating option
  • Brilliant AI technology

Cons of Clip Studio Paint

  • Does not support audio with the animation
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Little twisted features to understand sometime

Is Clip Studio Paint worth buying?

Is Clip Studio Paint Worth Buying

Clip Studio Paint is worth buying because of its best Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro version. The versions are perfect for the artist. If you are a beginner in digital painting work then you can easily opt for this software for your projects. A nonexperience person can also create a professional look-alike painting and drawing with this. The Software has excellent features for their user.

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Thousand of Customizable Brushes

To match your style the software adds new assets every month. In this, you will get 1000 materials that make your editing and drawing creativity professional. Wide variety to choose a brush for your digital painting. It features different shape brushes in its collection. Because they know very well that the limited brush collection is irritating for the users.

Wide variety and easy to fill color

You can add color according to your work and project. Variety of different colors and filling tools that detect the gaps between the lines and missed spot area. You have a chance to explore

 unlimited ways to find your favorite and desired color.

Easy to Import & Export Files

The program support easy import & export of multiple files. The user can add multiple files like PNG, jpeg, mp3, mp4, etc.

Multiple Layer features

Multiple layer options to manage the layer according to the work. Easy to merge, blend, mask, lock, convert layers.

Which version of Clip Studio Paint is best for the Beginners?

Clip Studio Paint Pro version is the best solution for beginners. It gives you all the attributes that you can manage seamlessly. It is budget-friendly with all the digital painting features that a beginner needs. Hence, Clip Studio Paint is best for the beginner.

People Also Ask Question

Is Clip Studio Paint free on iPhone?

An iPhone user can use this Clip Studio Paint Software one hour per day.

Is Clipart Studio free?

The company collaborates with the non-profit Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). It equips this software to the Texas schools and students free of cost. The Clip Studio Paint Debut version is free for the user for 6 months. After that, they can easily upgrade their software to the pro version.

Read Clip Studio Paint Debut Vs Pro

Does Clip Studio Paint provide tutorials for beginners?

Yes, If you are new to use its services then you can learn how to use Clip Studio Paint through its tutorial. In this Clip Studio Paint Tutorial Section, you will get all the tips and tricks that help you to become a pro in digital painting.

Does Clip Studio Paint Expire?

If you are using the Clip Studio Paint Wacom version you have two different licenses Clip Studio Paint 12-month license and 24-month licenses. After 24 months the license expired. But if you choose the Pro or ex one-time payment option then the subscription never expires. Or you can use Clip Studio Paint Debut Free of charge.

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