Is Clip Studio Paint a One Time Buy?

Is Clip Studio Paint a One Time Buy?

Clip Studio Paint is a well-known and one of the best digital painting software which can be used by everyone. Either you are a professional or beginner, this painting software can be your one-time solution. Yes, you hear it right, you can buy CSP software for lifetime usage with its Clip studio paint a one time buy offer. You can also buy this painting software on a subscription basis but buying the CSP one-time subscription can be so beneficial.

Clip Studio Paint includes its one-time plan on both versions CSP Ex and Pro. Each program has different specifications so that users can choose the product according to their needs. The company provides Clip Studio a one purchase on both plans but at different pricing. So without wasting more time let’s go to the CSP one-time plan cost of both versions.

How much does Clip Studio Paint one time subscription Cost?

Clip Studio Paint Cost And Features

Clip Studio Paint Pro a One Time Purchase

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If you are a beginner in digital painting and drawing then CSP pro will be the best choice for you. The CSP
pro, one-time purchase costs you $49.99 that is so cheap in front of the other digital drawing software. But there is one exception that this offer is only available for Windows and macOS operators. So if you are an android or Chromebook user then you have to buy the Clip Studio monthly subscription plan.

Vector Layers Customizable Brushes Customize Colors
Animation Tools Single Page Illustrations Non-Destructive Adjustment Layers
High No. Of Frames Easy Comic Making

Clip Studio Paint Ex one time purchase

55% Off
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As a professional, the Clip Studio Paint EX version can be an ideal option for you. It has some complicated but highly effective tools which are enough to turn any drawing into a masterpiece. The one-time buy plan of Clip Studio Paint Ex costs you $219. You might think that it is so costly than the Clip Studio Pro one-time buy offer. But after looking at the features, you will change your mind for sure. To make its purchases more affordable on its yearly plan you can use Clip Studio Paint Sale 2021.

Multiple Page Management Animation Edit & creation Unlimited Painting Styles
Image conversion Into Lines Print or Export Files Easy Color Collection
Multiple Animation Tools 3D LT Rendering Feature Composition With 3D Models
AI Posing From Pictures Easy Layer Effects Smart Smoothing


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Is CSP a One Time buy better than a Monthly subscription plan?

The Clip studio paint monthly subscription plan costs you $0.99 per month for its pro version. And the Clip Studio Paint Ex version monthly plan costs you $2.49. So if you continue with the monthly plans then it will cost you $11.88 for the pro version and $29.88 for the Ex version per year.

It will be so costly for you to buy any monthly plan but wait. Buying one monthly plan can be beneficial too. If you have the monthly payment plan then you can use Clip Studio Paint software on various devices like Android/windows/macOS/iPhone/Chromebook/Galaxy. This is the only benefit that you will get with the CSP one-month plan in exchange for paying extra money for it.

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Conclusion: It will be always better to choose the CSP one time buy instead of CSP monthly plan. It allows you to work without any problems like payment reminders or expiration alerts. Is Clip Studio Paint One Time Buy better than the monthly plan!

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Can you use CSP on multiple devices?

Clip Studio Paint Supporting Device

Yes, you can use the Clip Studio Paint program on 2 systems or computers but they should not get used at the same time. You just have to use the licenses or serial number on your other computer and then you can use CSP on it.

Can You Get Clip Studio Paint For Free?

If you are not able to buy any paid plan for this amazing digital painting software then don’t worry. Clip Studio Paint provides free service of both ex or pro versions. You can download the free version of both versions from the official site or Clip Studio Paint Company.

You will get some basic features in its free versions which are enough to edit any type of video. However free functions do not have the impact same as the paid version features. But CSP free versions easily can get used in different operating devices same as a monthly plan.  You can use it on your android, IOS, Android, Chromebook devices without having any type of interference.

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