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Is Wondershare Mobiletrans Safe In 2024? A Complete Review!

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It seems appealing to purchase a new smartphone however, it feels joyless to transfer data from one phone to another. It seems such a small issue but it can be extremely annoying. 


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Although there can be multiple reasons for transferring data between phones such as replacement of handset or old broken phone etc. 

Whatever the purposes, it can be awful to transfer the data. Wondershare Moblietrans is one of the great mobile services for getting rid of such problems. This program can transfer data from one phone to another in just one click. 

We keep sensitive information on our smartphones so it is important to understand its key features and their advantages and disadvantages to see is Wondershare MobileTrans Safe?

What is Wondershare Moblietrans?

Wondershare Moblietrans is desktop software. It is useful for transferring data from one phone to another in just a single click.  This software allows you to transfer 18 kinds of data including Photos, Videos, Contacts, and much more. Wondershare Moblietrans is a product of Wondershare, which is well-known for video editing as well as mobile utility. 

Key Features of Wondershare Moblietrans

No software is good with fewer features to let’s find out if Wondershare MobileTrans can give you advanced features?

1 Data Transfer

This is one of the primary features of Wondershare Moblietrans,  through this software you can transfer multiple types of data like music, phone contacts, photos, messages, videos, apps, and more. 

With Wondershare Moblietrans you can connect up to more than 8000 devices including Windows, Android, IOS, etc. 

You can easily transfer the data without the need for a reboot or deleting the actual data. It is a lightweight software with easy to use interface and speed performance. 

2 WhatsApp Transfer

WhatsApp is the most common and popular software and is widely used by people. When you replace your phone, it can be dreadful to lose all the data from Whatsapp. 

Furthermore, through this software, you can easily transfer Whatsapp photos, chats, videos, attachments, and much more to your phone as well as your computer.  Moreover, you can also transfer WhatsApp messages in different formats like PDF and HTML format from your PC. 

3 Backup

Another feature of Wondershare Moblietrans is Backup data. It is a useful feature of this software as it prevents any kind of data loss. 

This software is compatible with various devices such as Mac, PC, and Android. You can effortlessly back up all your data including messages, videos, contacts, photos, or any other important data.

4 Restore

Sometimes your backup data also gets missed while replacing the device. This feature is created by Wondershare to prevent any data loss. It lets you restore your backup data from any device without resetting the device. 

Furthermore, it is a well-developed method for restoring data from old phones to new phones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wondershare Moblietrans:

Always check the pros and cons of any products before purchasing any product. Check out the pros and cons of Wondershare MobileTrans in detail.

Pros Of Wondershare MobileTrans:

  • You can easily transfer data between IOS devices and Android devices.
  • Accepts Backup and Restore Whatsapp
  • Allows entire backup of your device
  • Easy to access and utilize. 

Cons Of Wondershare MobileTrans:

  • Its free version contains limited options to use.
  • You have to transfer the entire gallery while transferring music or songs. it does not let you transfer specific songs.

Customer support of Wondershare Moblietrans

Wondershare Mobiletrans provide the best customer support to their users. It offers 24/7 live chat support through which you can solve your queries anytime. Moreover, you can also solve your queries through emails and phone calls. 

Pricing of Wondershare Moblietrans

The pricing of this software has been divided into three parts, which include phone transfer, WhatsApp transfer, and a full-featured version. 

Cost for Mac Device

  • Phone and Whatsapp transfers will cost you around $39.99.
  • A full-featured version of this software will cost you around $49.99.
  • Includes Backup and Restore features.

Cost for Windows Device 

  • Phone and Whatsapp transfers will cost you around $29.99.
  • A full-featured version of this software will cost you around $39.99 which includes backup and restore features.

Is wondershare Moblietrans Safe to use?

This is the common question that comes to a user’s mind when using this software for the first time for transferring the data. Wondershare Moblietrans is a leading and reliable desktop application. 

It helps millions of users to transfer data from one phone to another with just one click. Also helps to restore WhatsApp and other social apps including WhatsApp business, Viber, Line, Wechat, and KIK. 

It also allows you to transfer data from iTunes, iCloud, and Bluetooth. After extensive research, it is found that it has more than 50 million software downloads and it is safe to use the software. It will transfer your data safely and securely. 

It provides fast speed without affecting the quality of the data. Apart from this, this software is useful for WhatsApp data transfer from iPhone to Android. There is no other software that transfers data from iPhone to Android but this software does this task without any trouble. To get this Wondershare MobileTrans at a discounted price using our Wondershare MobileTrans discount coupon.

Final Verdict For Is Wondershare MobileTrans Safe?

So, now we are at the final section of is Wondershare Mobiletrans safe??? After examining every aspect of Moblietrans we have concluded that this tool offers decent features along with safety measures to its users. sure it has also some disadvantages but that does not deliver any major loss.  Furthermore, it provides 30 days of money-back guarantee along with 7 days of a free trial.

In terms of features, it is the best software compared to any other software. When it comes to cost, it is quite pricey than others, however, it offers great features with safety and security to the data hence it is worth the price. So if you are facing trouble while data transferring you can just give it a try.