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Pros and Cons of Clip Studio Paint 2024

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Clip Studio Paint is one of the best Digital Art Painting Software. It competes with the best digital Painting software and most users mentioned that CSP is good enough. Because it is manageable for newbies and pocket-friendly too. It provides two different versions Ex And Pro.

The pro version is an excellent choice for beginners and Ex is designed for Expert users. Clip Studio Paint programs are a fascinating choice for users. But, not all the things provide you benefits few drawbacks are also there. In this Guide, you will get to know about the Pros and Cons of the Clip Studio Paint.

What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is digital art and painting software designed to create manga, anime, and comic books.  The software provides a bunch of sophisticated tools, brushes, canvas, and many other features aimed to provide your unique advantage of anime.

The program gives you animation functions and other powerful features such as an onion skin view and customizable camera.  One of the rare qualities is 3D models.

The Clip Studio Paint is a japan based company and known as Kurisuta and it is developed by Celsys. In North America, the company is known as Manga Studio.

Advantages and Disadvantages Clip Studio Paint Overview

When you examine anything then you will have to face all the challenges. Nothing is perfect in this world, just like that Clip Studio Paint has Many benefits and a few drawbacks. The below-mentioned detail helps you to get deep knowledge about the benefits and troubles of the Clip Studio Paint.

Clip Studio Paint Pros and Cons



  • Lots of Free to use Comic  Tools
  • Single Stroke simple brushes
  • 3D Animation
  • Story Mode
  • Animation Mode
  • Vector Layer Kit
  • Professional Panel Handling
  • LT Conversion
  • Frame By Frame Animation
  • Theme Option
  • AI Technology
  • Do Not Support Audio in Animation
  • Compound Keybinding
  • Limited Text and Fonts
  • Japanese Asset Library
  • Huge difference between Pro and Ex Prices

Clip Studio Paint Pros:-

Clip Studio Paint Pros

Lots Of Free use Comic Tools- It includes lots of free comic assets like Comic tones, Patterns, Panel Layout, Etc.

Single Stroke Simple Brushes- Clip Studio Paint Offers a bunch of better brushes through which you can color any animation with different pens. Different shapes of brushes that make your masterpiece.

3D Animation- 3D animation is one of the lucrative features for users. Because CSP is one only painting software that provides this feature.

Story Mode- It is one of the profitable features for comic creators. Through this, you can see all your created pages and episode.

Animation Mode- It is one of the cheaper ways to create animation in a form of Tapas.  It provides you with more than 2MB to create animation in a story form.

Vector Layer Kit- Clip Studio Paint provides a vector tool kit that helps you to customize and rectify errors and touch up. This will easily find the errors and make your work effective.

Professional Panel Handling- The user can easily customize the user panel according to the requirement. Organize the tools and other required equipment according to the use.

LT Conversion– It is rare to find a feature that separates outlines and shapes from the photos of art.

Frame By Frame Animation- In the Clip Studio Paint Pro Version provides 24 frames and in the Ex, version the user will get unlimited frames.

Theme Option- For the eye comfort of the users, It provides the dark theme and default theme. You can set it according to your convenience.

AI Technology- The software comes with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology. It performs everything from auto coloring your animation to coloring your paintings.

Drawing Flexibility- This one is the reason for Clip Studio Paint Excellence. Because this quality makes this software one of the favorable choices as compared to the others. As you read above that the software provides you with a bundle of different features that make professional artwork.

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Clip Studio Paint Cons:-

Clip Studio Paint Cons

Don’t  Support Audio in Animation- It is the biggest trouble in front of the animation creator. Once you create your comic then you have to use and other audio editing software for better audio editing.

Complicated Keybinding- As compared to the other painting and digital artist software like photoshop, Corel, the Clip Studio Paint has complicated keybinding sometimes.

Limited Text and Fonts- In the software user will get limited fonts and text options. In other software like photoshop, you will get many other different fonts and text options.

Japanese Asset Library- The asset library of the CSP is Japanese so it becomes complicated to use.

Huge difference between Pro and Ex Prices- In both Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex Version users will find a difference of $150. That is a huge amount to buy this software.

Various Options- If you are a new user of Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop to use digital painting software you will face a few troubles while set up. But when you set the setting according to the want then you can manage it smoothly.

Is Clip Studio Paint better than photoshop, procreate, and Corel?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint is one of the better options in front of the other digital painting program. It is reasonable to use and provide excellent painting software according to the need of the users. Let’s take a quick overview and compare the best Digital Painting Software.

Clip Studio PaintPhotoshopProcreateCorel
  • Industry Standard
  • Convenient plug-ins
  • Lots of Tutorials
  • Impressive Number of Functions
  • Expensive
  • Image Editing is tricky
  • Work in Multiple Devices
  • Smooth Workflow
  • Organize Your Work Flow
  • Unlimited Access
  • Range of Brushes
  • Different format Support
  • Multiple creative features
  • Image editing
  • Illustration
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Brush Control
  • Fine art

Clip Studio Paint Vs Procreate

Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter

What is the difference between Clip Studio Paint Pro And Ex?

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Ex & Pro

Clip Studio Paint provides two versions:-

  • CSP Pro
  • CSP Ex

Clip studio paint ex vs pro software provides the best features to create mesmerizing effects in the painting and drawing.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Ex

  • Single Page Illustration and Animation
  • Vector Layers
  • Animation Tools
  • Limited 24 Frames
  • Customizable Paint & brushes
  • Manage Multiple Pages in a single file
  • Easy to create 3D Animation
  • Various Animation Tools
  • Print, Import & Export Multiple Pages
  • 2D & 3D LT Rendering Function

Which version is better to choose Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex?

Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro Prices

Clip Studio Paint Pro– This version offers to find quality and fewer features as compared to the Ex version. But this one is the better choice for beginners. Because the Pro Program of  CSP is designed according to the newbies and it is a pocket-friendly choice for the users. It costs $49.99 One time cost. With this software, users can easily draw vector layers, Animation tools, Frames, Customizable Paint & brushes.

Clip Studio Paint ExThe version manage multiple pages for comics and provides you with different elements to editing paintings. You can easily import and export different formats. With this, you can create manga, comics, animation, and illustrations. The software costs $219 and $2.49/mo* with a great saving Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

The company provides huge saving deals throughout the year in every season. In the Spring season, Winter Season, and Summer Season users will get a huge saving of up to 50%.

Is Clip Studio Paint provide One Time Purchase Offer?

The Clip Studio Paint is the only Digital Painting software that provides a one-time buy offer. Not only Single time purchase software but you can buy it for One Month or Annual Purchase opportunity. Now it’s the user who chooses which plan do you want to use of Clip Studio Paint.

Does Clip Studio Paint Provide you Free Trial?        

It is a blimey point for all the Clip Studio Paint Users. You can also get Clip Studio Paint 3 months Free trial without any single penny. After that, if you like this software then you can buy its premium version.

Is Clip Paint a good Choice for Beginners?

As mentioned above that the Clip Studio Paint provides two different versions:- Pro & Ex. The Pro version of Clip Studio Paint is a Good Choice for beginners. Because of its manageable feature and valuable cost.

Otherside, If you ever use Photoshop and Corel Painter then you can manage the Clip Studio Paint Ex version.

It is a good choice for the users because of its online tutorial the user can manage this software easily.

Clip Studio Paint is one of the great opportunities in fro of the digital creator. Because with the help of this software you can create masterpiece according to the user want. Each software of Clip Studio Paint is filled with amazing features. It is one of the best choices for professional users.