You are currently viewing ProtonVPN vs Windscribe 2024:- Which one is better option?

ProtonVPN vs Windscribe 2024:- Which one is better option?

In the VPN world, you will get numerous choices in the market. Choosing the best one from the collection of the VPN services provider becomes very tough for the users. Because at the time of selection many questions arise in the mind that how much does it cost, do they offer no logs, secure services, and many more features.

And it becomes tough when you have to choose between the best two. So here with this blog article, you will get to know about the difference between the best firm and all the features that you are going to have in the services of ProtonVPN and Windscribe. Let’s compare each of them with ProtonVPN vs Windscribe. They both are good but still differ from each other.

So if you want to know the difference between the ProtonVPN and Windscribe then read the details and choose the best one.

About ProtonVPN vs Windscribe



ProtonVPN is a powerful VPN solution for all users who want to browse the internet safely. With this software, you will enjoy great speed, excellent performance, and maximum security and privacy. In its services, you will get the best no logs policy and P2P support, and built-in tor features.

Windscribe is a powerful VPN service provider with strong encryption, excellent security features, and many more. In this, you will enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and do not keep logs in the activity. Get the best features of the VPN in the Windscribe VPN.

Ease to use

ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Easy to use



ProtonVPN supports multiple devices. You can easily download this software in the macOS, Windows, Linux, androids, routers, and iOS. With the easy-to-use install steps, you can easily download this best VPN.

There is no app for the game consoles or media streaming devices, you can easily install this in a router and get benefits from it.

You can easily use this software in Windows, macOS, and Linux, plus Android and iOS are covered. This VPN provider also supports Windows mobile devices, smart TVs, and routers.

You can also use a browser extension if you want to use it. Web browsers include google chrome, firefox, and opera browsers.

Windscribe is the winner in this feature battle.  Because it supports more devices so use the best and easily install this software.

Which one is the fastest?

ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Speed Test



If you are using its free version then it may not be good. But in its paid plan you will get the best speed.  If you are going to use its paid version then you will get the fastest speed. The speed of the ProtonVPn is very fast for all users.

Windscribe Free VPN speed is not so responsive for the users but in the paid plan you will receive average speed.  The speed of this software is not blazing fast.

In this ease to use section ProtonVPN vs Windscribe, ProtonVPN is a winner because it offers slightly better speed.

Which one you should Prefer?

ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Most Preferable



If you are using the services of ProtonVPN then you will get free access on the Netflix and streaming platforms. With its services, you can easily get access to the best streaming platform.

With this software, you can easily stream different platforms with just one click. In this, you will get several servers that are reliable for all the buyers.

Windscribe offers access to Netflix with its paid plan. Besides, you will get access to several servers. If you use this Netflix server then it’s named “windflix” his one is the best source to get access on Netflix but it is paid.

I recommend you to choose ProtonVPN if you want to get access to Netflix. You should prefer ProtonVPN.

Features of ProtonVPN and Windscribe

ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Features

ProtonVPN features

Windscribe Features

  • Swiss-based firm
  • No log Policy
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • Torrenting available in the paid version
  • Great FirewalWorks in china
  • AES-256 bit encryption
  • protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks
  • Stealth Mode

When you are going to compare its features then you will get excellent features in the ProtonVPN. In the features comparison, ProtonVPN is best for all.


ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Servers



In a paid plan, pure VPN offers more than 1000 servers in 51+ countries.

It includes maximum countries with all the popular counties like the US, UK, Asia, and Europe.

Windscribe offers around 500 servers in 60 countries. It offers servers in Canada, the US, Europe, and most surprisingly in Russia too.

They both offered several servers. So when you compare both the firm on this then you may get confused because it is a draw.

Client Support Services

ProtonVPN Support Services

Windscribe Support Services

They offer 24/7 support services through email. It does not support live chat services. In this, a user will get ticket support services on the website. This one is the fastest service as compared to the live chat.

They also do not offer live chat services but you can connect with them through its contact us page by sending them direct email messages.

Simply it is also a draw in between the ProtonVPN vs Windscribe support services. Because of the firm offers the best services with the maximum same support features.

Pricing of ProtonVPN & Windscribe

ProtonVPN Vs Windscribe Prices



ProtonVPN offers both paid and free services to its users. However, if you want to shift towards its paid plan then you will get three different plans:-

  • Basic:- $4/mo*
  • Plus:- $8/mo*
  • Visionary:- 24/mo*

The basic plan of ProtonVPN costs $4/mo* so for a year, you have to pay $48. In this plan, you will get access to all servers and use this on two devices.

The plus plan of the ProtonVPN costs $8/mo* billed at $96 for a year. With this plan, you can easily access all the servers, you can use the plan on more than 5 devices, torrent, enjoy, secure streaming, and more.

This one is the best equivalent plan of the ProtonVPN cost $24/mo*. It billed $299 per year. With all the features of a VPN.

Windscribe offers paid and free services to all buyers. Here we only mentioned the paid versions.

  • Monthly Plan:- $9/mo*
  • Yearly Plan:- $4.08/mo*

You can easily buy a plan of Windscribe with all the mentioned features.

If you want to use ist services for a month then you can buy this at $9.

The cost of the year plan cost $4.08/mo* billed for a year cost $49 for a year.

There is not much difference to choose the affordable one ten both are the same. It’s a draw between the ProtonVPN and Windscribe.

Conclusion:- ProtonVPN VS Windscribe

ProtonVPN is one of the best and affordable software for all buyers with a maximum number of features.  I recommend you to use ProtonVPN with its best features. Get the best software with the maximum features.

In the battle only one is a winner, So in ProtonVPN and Windscribe ProtonVPN is the winner is best for you with the maximum features and affordable prices.