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Subreddit To Promote YouTube Videos

Do you get confused about where to promote YouTube videos after posting on your channel? You’ve surely heard about promoting videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. and many other social media platforms. But if you ever heard of a subreddit to promote YouTube videos, maybe yes or may not. It is very simple to post a link on Reddit to promote YouTube channels and get heavy views. But to post links on a subreddit you have to choose it appropriately and must be connected with your content.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a social website or forum where you can get multiple posts shared on various topics. Here you can get plenty of information regarding your favorite topics. As of now, there are more than 2 billion people who visit Reddit on regular basis. People who use Reddit are named Redditors. When a Redditor post something or comments on somebody’s post, he/she scores that time. 

What Is Subreddit?

Subreddit is an online community created on Reddit that works for a particular niche like technology, memes, science, and much more. By using these subreddits you can post and share content, watch, upvote, and comment on other people’s posts. 

How To Post Your YouTube Videos On Reddit?

You have to use Reddit to promote YouTube channels very appropriately. Once you have created a Reddit account just do not promote anything directly. First, start by exploring it more and then post something that you want. Make sure not to share hateful posts and comments that hurt anybody’s sentiments. After sharing or posting do not ask others to upvote your post. If you do this Reddit will detect it and can ban you immediately forever.

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How To Use Subreddit To Promote YouTube Videos?

First of all, you must choose the best subreddit category to promote YouTube videos that relate to your niche. Let’s understand this with the help of an example, you have a video related to science and technology then you have to post it under the science or technology subreddit category. 

After this, you have to check out the working of that subreddit how many posts are shared in a day and how many members are active in that particular category. If this category you feel good to join to promote your YouTube video then join it.

Redditors also have to carefully read the rules and regulations of any subreddit they choose. 

What Are The Best Subreddits To Post YouTube Videos?

List Of Subreddit To Promote YouTube Videos

Here we have provided a list of some best subreddit to promote YouTube videos. The rules and regulations of every subreddit are different so you have to read them carefully.

  • Subreddit r/cooking
  • Subreddit r/cookingforbeginners
  • Subreddit r/getmoreviewsyt
  • Subreddit r/newtubers
  • Subreddit r/YTPromo
  • Subreddit r/SmallYTChannel
  • Subreddit r/vlog/
  • Subreddit r/luxury
  • Subreddit r/YouTubeviews
  • Subreddit r/youtubepromotion
  • Subreddit r/promotion

Besides these, there are many more subreddit categories are available to promote YouTube videos. You can also promote the YouTube gaming channel Reddit with the category. But before posting anything just keep the particular subreddit’s conditions and keep posting and do comment on other’s posts.

Final Words: Subreddit To Promote YouTube Videos

Overall, Reddit is a great platform to share and promote youtube videos. You will definitely get growth and helps you to reach 1000 YouTube subscribers. After using the correct subreddit categories for your content that led you to get community tab on YouTube. So you must use this platform to advertise YouTube Reddit.


Here are some top queries to promote youtube videos on subreddit for which most of the users look for:

  1. Can I Promote YouTube Videos On Reddit?

    Yes, of course. Reddit is one of the best platforms to boost up your YouTube channels and videos.

  2. Do Reddit Views Count On YouTube?

    Yes, the Reddit views count on YouTube as the video is embedded.

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