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Best Video Editor For 4GB RAM PC In 2024

Do you love video editing? You may even run a YouTube channel where you’d like to share high-quality footage after editing to the way you prefer. I also love editing images and videos.

In this post, I will provide you with an overview of the best software I’ve used to edit videos on my laptop that isn’t the most expensive.

To get advanced editing tools it is possible to use WonderShare Filmora, Pinnacle VideoSpin, Vegas Movie Studio, Shotcut, and more even with a low specs laptop or computer. This software is the best video editor for 4GB RAM PC.

Buy Wondershare Filmora 11 For 4GB RAM PC
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills.Show More
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills. Show Less

List of Best Video Editing Software for Low-Specs PC [2024]

list of best video editing software for low specs pc

After a lot of studies and trying hands-on various programs, here is the list of the best video editors for 4GB ram PC. you can utilize it even on a PC with a lower end. I have described everything in a straightway.

  • VSDC
  • ShotCut
  • Wondershare Filmora 11
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Vegas Movie Studio I7 Platinum 
  • Videopad Video Editor
  • Lightworks
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Virtual Dub
  • Hitfilm Express
  • Blender 3D
  • Davinci Resolve 16


This powerful video editing program lets us do non-linear editing of videos perfectly. It supports a wide range of video formats, including HD as well as 4K. The reason it’s there initially so is the user interface that is simple to use as well as other beginner-friendly features.

Additionally, its easy user interface and its basic tools for editing make the software smaller in terms of size. Therefore, it is possible to use it on a low-end computer with minimal configurations. I’ve personally tested this program on the case of my Intel Core i3 laptop with only a video editor for 4GB RAM PC.

Key Features of VSDC Video Editing Software

  1. Video Stabilisation
  2. Subpixel accuracy
  3. Masking
  4. 3D Diagrams and Charts
  5. Video Capturing
  6. Audio Effects


It’s another completely great and best free video editing software for 4GB ram PC that is suitable for computers with lower specifications, Also it is. It’s tiny in size and requires less power on the PC to function effectively. However, even after you’ll be able to enjoy many amazing features, including support for 4K video.

The UI is professionally designed to provide a variety of customization capabilities to users. Additionally, the ease of the tool lets you complete the editing you want to do without the trouble. The process is well-organized so that you won’t encounter any difficulties while using Shotcut.

Key Features of Shotcut Editing Software

  1. Easy to use
  2. An excess of editing tools and filters
  3. Multi-platform [Windows/Linux/macOS/FreeBSD]
  4. Supports HDMI, SDI, Jack, Pulse Audio, and IP Stream

Wondershare Filmora 11

I’ve been using this Filmora software for video editing for a long time and have always loved its user-friendly interface for users. I would recommend this program to beginners also. Users use Filmora for 4GB ram If it’s the learning curve or editing features or audio/video editing as well as effects such as transitions. You will be able to get amazing solutions from this program.

Buy Wondershare Filmora 11 For 4GB RAM PC
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills.Show More
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills. Show Less

Additionally, it’s an extremely efficient tool designed to run on computers with low specs.

Filmora 11 comes with various editing options for video, including basic and advanced features. When you edit you’ll be able to use a variety of tools to choose from. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in this area, this editing software can assist you in all aspects. You can get a massive discount on Filmora 11 subscription plan just by using Filmora 11 discount code while making the purchase.

Key Features of Filmora11

  1. Presets for Split-Screen
  2. Advanced text editing
  3. Auto-ripple
  4. Controls for changing audio and video
  5. Blurring, contrast, and brightness adjustments
Buy Wondershare Filmora 11 For 4GB RAM PC
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills.Show More
Get now, the best video editing tool Filmora 11 for your 4GB Ram PC and enhance your video editing skills. Show Less

Adobe Premiere Pro

Alongside its impressive capabilities as a cutting-edge video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro is in our top 10 list since it is able to work even on low-spec computers.

However, making use of it for 360 or 4K video editing at a low end is never an ideal choice. However, the touch screen capabilities and smooth previews, and editing video in interactive mode make it very popular with many millions of customers. Also one of the major benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro is it will help you to improve video editing skills to make it more professional.

Key Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  1. VR Editing
  2. Motion graphics templates pre-built for motion
  3. Shared projects
  4. Video tilting
  5. Audio Improvements

Vegas Movie Studio

Vegas Movies Studio 17 Platinum is another video editing tool that is easy to use for beginners. It is also the best video editor for a 4GB ram PC, it is used less Ram power to complete its tasks. Although you won’t be able to do advanced editing, it will ensure a smooth workflow.

The company has released several versions. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is the best package for a budget-friendly computer.

There are many transitions, effects, and interactive user interfaces. You can also edit 4K videos using the 4K video editing features. It will also offer many advantages over other software when you run it on a small computer.4GB Ram for video editing is enough to edit your videos and you edit your video very easily. This software is one of the most powerful editing tools available in this industry. It has many amazing features that will amaze you.

The Key Features of Vegas Movie Studio

  1. Effective Motion Tracking
  2. Slow Motion FX plugin
  3. Impressive Video Stabilization
  4. 4K video editing supported

Videopad video editor

Videopad by NCH, another small video editing program, is the best video editor for 4GB ram PC and it is suitable for laptops and low-end computers. Videopad is a great option for those who have fewer editing needs but still want an advanced editing tool.

It is a useful video editing tool for those with weak systems due to its speed editing and user interface.

Pre-made templates are available that can be used in any type of video. This tool also includes 360-degree and 3D video editing capabilities. You also have many video editing and insertion tools that will give your videos amazing audio effects.

Videopad Video Editor Key Features

  1. More than 50 templates are available for free
  2. Rapid and efficient
  3. This book is suitable for beginners
  4. Digital Audio tools
  5. Multiple OS Support


Lightworks is another excellent best video editor software for low end pc programs that can be used on any computer. This software has many unique features that are not available in other programs. The software offers non-linear editing capabilities that make it easier and faster to create documents.

This tool makes it easy to edit timelines and trim videos. Lightworks also allows you to access audio and video without copyrights. The interface is simple and easy to use, which offers many benefits even for professionals.

After large testing, I found this tool is capable of creating professional videos. Lightworks is a great editing tool for YouTube and other videos.

Lightworks: Key Features

  1. Real-time effects
  2. Supported 4K editing
  3. Ready to use Audio & Video FX
  4. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  5. Boris FX plugins
  6. Color LUTs

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio, another video editing program that is fully featured, will work on any computer. You can easily capture your computer’s screen and perform the most basic editing tasks. It is easy to use and efficient, making basic video editing very simple.

Camtasia Studio, according to its official website is an excellent tool for creating various types of videos like tutorial videos and How-To videos as well as YouTube videos, Demo videos, Ad videos, and more.

This tool makes it easy to add effects and music to your videos. You also get a variety of templates that can be used to create engaging introductions for professional videos. There are many transitions that you can add to your videos. If Camtasia is a bit expensive for you then use this Camtasia discount code and save a huge amount of money on its subscription.

Camtasia Studio Key Features

  1. Screen recording and video editing
  2. Make videos of any length
  3. It’s easy to share videos on YouTube
  4. Many animation effects


VirtualDub, another excellent video editing program, offers many options for video editors. This software’s greatest strength is its ability to work on slow computers. This software does not offer advanced features like Adobe Premiere Pro, but it can do normal video editing and processing.

You can also use it to edit linearly, which makes it easier for beginners. It can edit simple Avi files and other video formats. You will find basic editing tools that are comparable to any other editing program in the edit menu.

This tool can produce good results when you are doing simple editing tasks like cutting and cropping or adding audio to a video. If you require impressive editing results, however, you’ll need to use another software.

VirtualDub’s Key Features

  1. Rapid Frame Rates
  2. Open DML files can be created
  3. Noise reduction features
  4. For beginners

Hitfilm Express

HitFilm Express 14 video editor is a powerful tool that can be used to convert and edit videos for professionals as well as beginners. This tool is used extensively for YouTube video editing. It can be used to edit almost all video formats quickly and efficiently. Users search query is 4GB ram video editing software PC, so this is the best editing software.

HitFilm Express can be used on Windows and macOS. HitFilm Express also supports 2D compositing. This software also delivers great results when it comes to audio insertions, transitions, and effects.

If you’re a student, this software can help you learn a lot about video editing. This software can also be used for professional editing. This tool can be used even on a low-end computer without any hassles.

HitFilm Express: Key Features

  1. Video editing tutorials are available for free
  2. There are many transitions and tracks that you can use
  3. A community that is advanced in support
  4. Editing features for professionals
  5. Good VFX software
  6. Layering and masking
  7. Sci-Fi effects

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Blender 3D

Blender is the best video editing software that you can free to create 3D animations. You can also convert it into a video editing tool.

There are many other things you can do with a blender than simple video editing.

Blender software can do much more than simple video editing. However, we are here to discuss video editing so I will show you all the video editing options available in blender software.

The video editing software of a blender gives you almost all the tools you need for editing your video.

Features Of Blender 3D

  1. The audio mix, the Live preview, histogram display, and luma waveform.
  2. 32 slots are available to add audio, video and images, scenes, effects, and masks.
  3. You have 32 slots for audio, video, and images.


Lightworks is the best video editor software. There are two versions of Lightworks: Paid and Free.

We are going to be talking about the free version. Let me tell you all about the Lightworks free version.

Before I go any further, let me tell you a few things that Lightworks developers have said.

According to Lightworks developers, it can also be used for film editing. This software has been used to edit the following films: The Wolf of Wall Street (LA confidential), Road to Perdition, and The Kings Speech.

Assuming we know that this software is used to edit the film, if this software is learned, we will be able to assist brands with video editing or have the software name on our resume. This could be a bonus point.

Lightworks Software Features

  1. All tools are accessible via a simple and intuitive interface.
  2. Apart from the output format, all video editing tools can be used. It is limited to 720p. This means that you cannot export your video in 1080p and above.
  3. More than 100+ FX effects, royalty-free music, and videos
  4. Double screen Sequences.
  5. Text effects with Boris Graffiti


Shotcut is completely open-source software and free to all users. The interface of shotcut can be used in many ways. The interface of shotcut allows you to move the timeline between monitors or other windows.

This software is the best free video editing software available.

You can learn basic editing with this program. This software’s best feature is that you can reach Mr. Dan Dennedy, the creator. If you have any problems with the software, Dan Dennedy is always there to assist you. Contact them by emailing his YouTube Channel email address.

I previously shared with you about another software that limited the export of video to 720p. But Shotcut allows you to export 4k ultra-resolution videos.

Shotcut Features

  1. Support for Wide Video Formats: 4k Video Supported by FFmpeg
  2. A wide range of image formats is supported: BMP, GIF JPEG, and PNG. SVG, TGA. TIFF, WebP, and image sequences.
  3. Audio and webcam capture available.
  4. A wide range of video effects.
  5. It is easy to edit, copy, and paste
  6. Edit your timeline to increase or decrease volume.
  7. Mute, hide or lock the screen, trim, fade In/out, zoom in/out, trim, lock, trim, and much more.


In the above article, we provide you best video editor for 4GB RAM PC. We also use all the software before we suggest you all these software. All the software is easy to use and with great features for the best editing.  Also the best thing is some of them are known as best video editor for 2GB RAM PC. So you can choose wisely which one is best for you to take your video to new heights.

FAQ For Best Video Editing Software For 4GB Ram PC

Is 4GB Ram Enough For Video Editing?

Yes, 4GB ram is enough for video editing also you edit very frequently and easily. There is no lag or delay in video editing time. You edit your video with the best graphic and high-quality resolution video. 

Best Video Editor For 4GB Ram Laptop?

Wondershare Filmora 11 is the best video editor for a 4GB ram laptop. You can access so many useful features and easy to edit the interface of the software. 

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