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Video vs PowerPoint Presentations: Which Is Better?

The modern academic curriculum is very intensive and diversified. In order to help young people graduate with a full spectrum of knowledge and skills, educators leverage different learning techniques and types of assignments.

Of course, the most common type of college assignment is academic writing. All sorts of papers are used across all levels of education to help students hone their writing skills and retain the learned material better. But then, there are also presentations, which modern students have to deal with quite often. We have mentioned some pros and cons of video vs PowerPoint presentation: Which is better?

This kind of task has many perks. Not only does it help students strengthen their knowledge of the subject matter, but it also helps them build confidence and develop public speaking skills. So working on this task is rather beneficial for you. The only question is how to handle it right.

The Cons of Video Presentations

Before we get to the benefits, let’s quickly go over the main reasons why video presentations might be worse than PowerPoint. In fact, there are only two drawbacks.

More Time Commitment

Not so long ago, all academic presentations were mostly created using Video vs PowerPoint because it’s super intuitive and doesn’t take much time to make a presentation. Video presentations, of course, take more time to complete. Moreover, they require having certain production skills, so there is an extra learning curve too.

Solution: If you are a student assigned to make a presentation, you can save enough time for making a video by delegating your tasks. Use writing services like DoMyEssay to do my statistics homework and other assignments and let professionals handle your papers while working on your presentation.

Additional Cost

Another drawback is the extra cost you might have to deal with when creating a video presentation. We are talking about the cost of good production software.

Solution: As a student, you don’t really need advanced tools for making video presentations. You can choose among a variety of free or cheap programs that will be enough for your needs.

The Pros of Video Presentations

Now that you know about the cons, let’s consider the benefits.

Videos Aren’t as Overwhelming as PowerPoint Presentations

One of the worst things about PowerPoint is the huge amount of information stuffed into every slide. According to surveys and studies, a wealth of data presented on a single slide can feel overwhelming and hard to perceive. As a result, students who listen to the presentation often find it challenging to stay focused and follow along.

Video presentations are much easier for perception. Often, they make a larger emphasis on the imagery and storytelling than on huge amounts of raw facts. So, respectively, they don’t feel as overwhelming as PowerPoint presentations.

Videos Give More Freedom for Creativity

When working on a PowerPoint presentation, students typically don’t have much space for creativity. Their task is to deliver accurate data on several related slides. That’s pretty much it.

From this point of view, a video presentation is fun to work on. Video production gives you plenty of freedom to personalize your content and unleash creativity. Yes, it will take more time. But you can always save it by finding a trusted academic help service. For example, check out this DoMyEssay review. And we guarantee that the production process will be exciting!

Videos Explain Complex Concepts in Shorter Time

A typical PowerPoint presentation made for school will consist of 5-10+ slides depending on the complexity of the topic. Needless to say, a student speaker giving the presentation will need a certain amount of time to break down every slide. As a result, the whole thing can take quite a lot of class time.

A video presentation is much more illustrative and informative. This format allows you to tell a long story or explain a complex concept in just a few minutes.

Videos Are More Engaging and Interactive

The static slides inherent in PowerPoint presentations can’t do much to engage your audience. Videos, on the contrary, speak better and more than static images. Moreover, a good video presentation can grab and keep your audience’s attention till the end. So by choosing video over PowerPoint, you actually ensure that your audience will want to hear your message.

Videos Make a More Long-Lasting Impact

Usually, presentations in schools and colleges are assigned to help both the student giving it and the rest of the class (listeners) to learn a specific subject better. From this point of view, video presentations have a huge advantage because videos are proven to leave a more long-lasting impact than a regular PowerPoint presentation.

There is a so-called Hypodermic Needle Theory that explains this phenomenon. According to this linear communication theory, messages delivered through media (e.g., video) are injected directly into modern people’s brains and, thus, retained better.

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To Sum Up

So are video presentations actually better for school than PowerPoint? The answer is yes! There might be a few insignificant drawbacks. But the benefits offered by video presentations are significant.

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