Corel AfterShot Pro 3 was launched in back 2018, is a photo editing tool designed to organize & optimize RAW photos. We have brought to you Corel AfterShot Pro 3 Coupon Code by which you can get an amazing discount on it. The software is up to 4 times faster than Adobe Lightroom. It’s best for speed which helps in the faster workflow in your editing work and that’s why it’s now available in 64-bit only.

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Features of AfterShot Pro 3

There are some of the great features of AfterShot Pro 3, that are divided into different categories. We have discussed all of those features with you.

Top Features of AfterShot Pro 3



Efficient & Powerful

Comprehensive Watermarking With the watermark feature, you can easily protect & promote your photos.
Highlight Recovery It lets you expose more details in RAW files for superior image quality.
Blemish Remover With detailed editing tools, you can remove dust, smudges, spots & more.
Image Preset Library Helps you in producing a new look of images with this feature even faster.
Lens Correction Development Kit This feature allows you to make and share customizable lens correction.
Lens Corrections Builds on the hundreds of lenses to correct different types of distortion.
Modular Camera Profiles Get the latest camera profiles by browsing or downloading from AfterShot Pro 3.

Powerful Non-Destructive Photo Editing

Powerful Adjustment Using the wide variety of adjustment tools, you can crop, straighten, Highlight Recovery, Color, Temperature, and many more in your images.
Multi-Version Editing You can make multiple versions of your original photo to perform corrections & edits.
Precise Control With Selective Editing Elect the area where you want to edit with unique layers and regions.
Local Contrast With this feature, you can recreate the look of the high-end camera lens.
High Dynamic Range Using HDR tools you can create an intense & impressive photo with visual contrast.
Noise Reduction Using award-winning technology you can optimize images that automatically adjust lighting for every pixel.
Red Eye Removal Clean red eyes from images with precise control.

Complete Control With Personalized Workflow

Customizable Workplace You can change the AfterShot Pro workspace any time to suit your task.
Easy Integration With Photo Editor Quickly export RAW photos in TIF to PaintShop Pro, Photoshop, or another editor.
Accurate Color Correction Using several tools like vibrance, saturation, color balance & control, you can adjust overall image quality.
Curves & Levels Apply curves exactly the place where you want to.
Complete Photo Manager With an extensive photo management support system, you can organize your photos, quickly find photos from a large collection.
Quick Review Quick compare, filter and select the one you want.
Robust Search Tools Add custom keywords, stars, labels to define your photos. You can search for a photo by camera-written data like aperture, setting, camera type, and more.
Create Web Galleries Choose from the wide range of gallery-style & share them online.
Backup & Archive Easily backup and archive your photos.

World’s Fastest RAW Processing

Fast Batch Processing Faster than Adobe Lightroom, export RAW to JPEG by 4x speed.
64-bit Processing Power With more processing power it removes memory limitations and works seamlessly with larger mages of up to 250 megapixels.
OpenCL Support OpenCL lets you the power of the graphics cards to boost AfterShot Pro’s processing speed.

These are the great features of Aftershot Pro 3 which seem to be very impressive. To use these features & make your photo editing faster you need to use the software. You can get this software at a discounted price using the AfterShot Pro 3 promo code.

AfterShot Pro 3 vs Adobe Lightroom | Quick Comparison

Let’s have a look at some of the key points where AfterShot Pro 3 stands out from the competitors. We have compared it with Adobe Lightroom.

Basis AfterShot Pro 3 Lightroom CC Lightroom 6
General Information
Pricing Model Perpetual license Subscription Perpetual license
Software Format Download Download, commercial licensing, web Download, commercial licensing, boxed/retail on a disc
Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac Windows, Mac
Installed Footprint 420 MB 1.9 GB 1.37 GB
Key Capabilities
Non-Destructive Editing Yes Yes Yes
Support For RAW file format Yes Yes Yes
Cull & rate tools Yes Yes Yes
Catalog Support Yes Yes Yes
File tree indexing Yes
Basic adjustments panel Yes Yes Yes
Control adjustments with easy sliders Yes Yes Yes
Choose camera off of a camera or memory card without importing all Yes
Adjust many images at once with batch processing Yes Yes Yes
“Edit in” integration with other photo editors Yes
Support for layers Yes
Straighten images Yes Yes Yes
Watermark images Yes Yes Yes
Highlight recovery Yes Yes Yes
Crop preset Yes Yes Yes
Create vignettes Yes Yes Yes
Noise reduction Yes Yes Yes
All tools available within one workspace Yes
Levels & curves Yes Yes Yes
Lens correction Yes Yes Yes
Blemish removal tool Yes Yes Yes
Create panoramas Yes
Facial recognition Yes
Dynamic camera profile updates Yes
Create HDR images Yes Yes Yes
Selective color control Yes Yes Yes
Built-in lens profile creation tools Yes Yes Yes
Plugin manager Yes
Soft-proofing tools Yes Yes Yes
Non-destructive plugin access Yes
Open RAW processing SDK Yes
Open Camera SDK Yes
Speed Performance Test
Initial Scan (100 RAW images) 4.6 seconds 21.4 seconds
Import to catalog 4.4 seconds 12.6 seconds
Batch processing: RAW to jpeg 1.7 minutes 6.5 minutes

Hope you have understood all about the key difference between Corel AfterShot Pro 3 and Adobe Lightroom. You can get this software at a lower price using the AfterShot Pro 3 promo code.

How To Use The AfterShot Pro 3 Discount Code 2021?

AfterShot Pro 3 Promo Code

In this section, we’ll tell how you can avail the discount on AfterShot Pro 3 by following these steps:

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  4.     Congratulations you have saved maximum on your purchase.

Where To Get AfterShot Pro 3 with Corel Coupon Code?

To get this amazing software you have to pay for it, however, you can get a great discount using the Corel AfterShot Pro 3 coupon code. The software also offers a free trial to their users & 30-days money-back guarantee. If you want to alternatives then see Top 10 Photo Editing Software 2021.