Magix has been in the market for more than 20 years. It is one of the top leading companies in music, video, and photo software. Get this interesting and very useful video editing software at a very affordable price on Magix Promo Code. Magix provides market-leading high-quality multimedia software with upto 60% Off Magix Coupon Code.

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Its Movie edit pro gives a great competition to Adobe and Cyberlinks and supports 360 degrees and 4k contents. Magix provides many interesting products for video editing that gives professionals results. For vloggers, YouTube video makers, filmmakers this software is very useful. By using our Magix Coupon code & Vouchers you can save extra money and can make your work more worthwhile.

About Magix

Magix or Magix software is based in Berlin, Germany, and founded in 1993 comes under the music, video, photo industry. It also has several branches in Madison, Wisconsin (USA), Dresden, and Lubeck as well as in Huizen in the Netherlands. It is acquired by the firm named Caption and ranked among the world’s best video editing software. Read here quality of Magix Review 2021.

Its first edition was Magix Music Software and was released in 1994 and it is used by more than 2 million peoples. Magix provides all the useful video editing tools that you will be needing to make an outstanding attractive video. On Magix Coupon Code you will get all the latest updates and information regarding its new features and products.

Video Editing Software Provided by Magix | Why Choose Magix Promo Code?

Magix provides multiple high-ending video editing software. It software gives you the experience of simple and ultra-fast video editing. Let’s take a glance at all of its software and its usage and work. And for discounts and offers take look at Magix Coupon Code. Here is a list of all Magix Softwares:

  1. Magix Video Pro X
  2. Wizard FX Suite
  3. VEGAS Post Suite
  4. VEGAS Pro 18
  5. VEGAS Pro Edit
  6. VEGAS Pro 18 Suite
  7. Magix Movie 18 Pro 2021 premium
  8. Magix Photostory deluxe 2021
  9. Samplitude Music Studio 2021
  10. Music Maker 2021 premium edition
  11. Samplitude Pro X5 Suite
  12. Samplitude Pro X5
  13. Acid Pro 10 suite+ SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  14. Xara Designer Pro X
  15. SOUND FORGE Pro 14 suite+ ACID Pro 10
  16. Xara Web Designer Premium
  17. SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  18. Xara Photo & Graphics designer
  19. SOUND FORGE Pro Mac3
  20. proDAD Defishr V1

All these tools provide smart work and increase your work efficiency.

An all overview of Magix Products and offers

Magix Video Pro X | Is Video Pro X Good?

It is the only video-editing software that makes professional videos and can be used by everyone. Video Pro X comes with an in-built video editing tool and workflows. It easy to use and allows seamless and undisturbing editing for high-resolution 4k ultra HD materials. Supports on any PC system. This software also provides the following features:

  • Magix Video Pro X supports 8k Ultra HD and HDR color space handling.
  • It upgraded version comes with INFUSION engine 2 that give smooth playback of Ultra HD projects.
  • Comes with real-time stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V5 suite.
  • It professional video editing tools editing including 3 & 4 point edit.
  • 1500+ creative templates and creative effects.
  • Multi-tracks and multi timeline plus nested sequences.
  • Professional color correction and lookup table handling.
  • It has Multicam for up to 9 cameras with an additional source monitor.

This is a featured rich software gives you a 30days  free trial as well. To get this offer on this high-tech video editing software check on Magix Coupon Code and Promo Code.

Wizard FX Suite |Wizard FX Suite Complete Analysis Overview

This software is good for experimentation, fast mixing, or adds final touches. It ensures you all-round dynamic coloration and modulation effects based on a revolutionary operational concept. Wizard FX Suite quickly chooses a preset and adjust its intensity level with a single controller.

Wizard FX suite

This software stands for simple operation, magnificent tone- the boost for your mix-for more creativity. The following features of the Wizard FX Suite are as follows:

  • It supports all operating systems such as OS X 10.8 Mountain lion, macOS 10.15 Catalina, Windows 8-10.
  • Supported plug-in formats are VST 2, VST 3, AU.
  • Supported hosts are Cubase, FL studio, live, Logix, and Pro X.
  • It has WizardFX Volume Former and the following editing options:
  • Wizard FX compressor
  • Wizard FX limiter
  • Wizard FX gate
  • Wizard FX Tape machine
  • Wizard FX Bitcrusher
  • Wizard FX Tube Distortion
  • It provides a 30 days free trial

VEGAS POST SUITE: Complete toolkit for Video editing and post-production

Vegas Post Suite

This is a smart and another best option for video editing and post-production. It gives the industry-leading video editing tool and hundreds of effects. Creates impressive visual images. With all these interesting and effective features it also provides you the following:

  • Gives Industry-leading hardware acceleration.
  • It’s Upgraded New! driven-Ai driven tools.
  • Gives Sophisticated color grading options.
  • Provides Industry-leading HDR support.
  • Provides Power plug-in management.
  • Additionally, it has powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE Pro 14.
  • Video noise reduction tool.
  • Flicker Filter
  • Over 800 effects and Filters.
  • Practical generators for magical effects.
  • 3D model rendering.
  • Completely remove the Green Screen
  • Auto Stabilizer
  • Motion track effect
  • Built-in keying tools like chroma key.
  • Professionals Compositing tool.
  • Dozens of powerful image filters and effects.
  • Flexible layer access and adjustment.
  • New! Brush mask and effects.
  • New! Raw Denoise
  • Professional video and cleaning and mastering
  • It removes background noise.
  • Best blocks intermittently clicks and pops.
  • It fixes digital and analog clipping artifacts.
  • Helps in capturing high-quality voiceovers and more.
  • Gives visual audio editing with WaveColor.

VEGAS Pro 18

It provides exceptionally fast & efficient video production. Vegas Pro uses the power of Artificial intelligence to make your video production the next level. It provides an easy-to-use interface, comprehensive media management, next-level audio editing, and the following features:

Vegas Pro 18

  • Uses the industry-leading hardware for editing.
  • Works with artificial intelligence tools.
  • It has a sophisticated color grading option.
  • Provides plug-in for management.
  • Provides noise reduction tools.
  • It has a flicker filter.

By using Magix Coupon Code you can get extra offers and discounts on these amazing products.

Vegas Pro 18 Edit

This Vegas Pro 18 edit is a part of Vegas Pro and provides the following interesting video editing features:

Vegas Pro 18 Edit

  • This software also has industry-leading hardware.
  • Supports Artificial intelligence tools.
  • Advanced color grading option.
  • Plug-in for management.

Vegas Pro 18 Suite | What is Vegas Pro Suite?

Vegas Pro 18 Suite is also a subsidiary of Vegas Pro 18 works the same as Vegas Pro 18 does. It has some following additional features as well.

Vegas Pro 18 Suite

  • Works on Industry-leading hardware.
  • Uses Artificial intelligence tools.
  • High-tech color grading option.
  • Supports on HDR
  • Powerful plug-in management.
  • Has a noise removing tool.
  • Flicker Filter.
  • Comes with the ActionVFX Action pack.
  • It has a Boris FX Continuum Film style unit, Practise unit, Image restoration Unit.
  • Also, has Newblue transitions 5 ultimate and Zynaptiq Unveil Vegas Edition.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021  Premium: Is Magix movie edit pro good?

Magix movie edit pro premium 2021

Magix Movie Edit Pro provides you efficient cutting tools, a wide range of optimization options. It has up to 1500 effects and titles in a single powerful video editing program plus the following impressive features:

  • It provides you up to 1500 effects, titles, templates, and transitions.
  • Provides detailed color correction.
  • Gives professional image stabilization
  • It burns DVDs and Blu-ray-discs.
  • It has an INFUSION engine 2 for unparalleled performance.
  • Easily edits and exports 8k Ultra HD Videos.
  • Provides a professional movie look.
  • Comes with Multicam and 360 edits.
  • Gives travel route animations.

It comes in three variants Pro, Plus, and Premium, and provides a 30days free trial. For saving money on this to-notch movie edit pro check Magix Discount Code & Vouchers.

Magix Photostory Deluxe 2021: Magix photo manager deluxe

Photostory Deluxe 2021

Magix Photostory Deluxe creates animated slide shows from photos and videos. It set accents- with animation, effects, and more. Plus it gives you the following other functions as well such as:

  • It provides clear preview images on the panorama storyboard.
  • Gives 1-click slideshow using the photostory wizard.
  • Provide high-resolution preview images for even more detail.
  • It gives easy video editing
  • Superb effects such as collages, transitions, and zooms.
  • It provides a travel route animation with Magix travel Maps

 Samplitude Music Studio 2021: Short Review

Samplitude music studio 2021

Samplitude Music Studio provides everything that a musician needs. It gives a wide range of necessary sound tools to make your songs for the stage. It gives you the following features as well:

  • An amazing range of features for high-quality music production.
  • Provides professional multi-track recording in 24bit/96kHz quality.
  • Gives object-oriented workflow for detailed and focused editing.
  • It provides a wide range of virtual instruments and professionals sounds.
  • Provides tempo tracks for controlling the time signature and BPM centrally.
  • Automation shapes for custom automation curves.
  • Provides wavecolor for coloring waveforms according to sound color.
  • Gives volume former for exciting dynamics effects.

Music Maker 2021 Premium edition | Is Magix music maker any good?

Music maker premium edition 2021

With this amazing software, you can make your songs without any experience. This software combine sound & loops, connect, play, record, and customize your sound with effects. It also provides you some other features such as:

  • Comes with 3 Soundpool of your choice.
  • Gives 1 soundpool collection of your choice.
  • Give 3Magix instrument as you want.
  • Provides 2 tiny instruments.
  • Has the multicore audio engine
  • Come with 64-bit-version
  • Helps in redesigning core workflow.
  • Has a song maker and VST2 and VST3
  • Project Notes
  • Song Parts
  • CoreFX volume Former
  • Orange Vocoder Me.

Samplitude Pro X5 Suite: Short Review

Samplitude Pro X5 suite

Samplitude Pro X5 suite gives recording and mixing tools with practical functions that transform the level of digital audio workstation workflow. Gives the editing result in real-time while recording any song. The other functions of Samplitude Pro X5 are:

  • It has ARA2 that optimizes workflow for the use of external effects.
  • Best Convology XT complete has numerous vintage reverb units.
  • Its Monitoring section offers optimal control for the studio environment.
  • Has MIDI Polyphonic expression that enables independent parameters control for each MIDI note.
  • It has a copy function for automation.
  • It has dedicated tempo tracks that offer advanced control for tempo settings.

Samplitude Pro X5

Samplitude Pro X5

Samplitude Pro X5 is a part of the Samplitude Pro X5 Suite. It works the same as that does plus gives you the following features:

  • has ARA2 that optimizes workflow for the use of external effects.
  • It’s Convology XT complete has numerous vintage reverb units.

It has all the same features that come with the Samplitude Pro X5 suite-only a few features are absent the user can buy it as per his preference.

ACID Pro 10 Suite+  SOUND FORGE Pro 14 | Acid Pro 10 suite Upgrade

ACID Pro 10 Suite+ SOUND FORGE Pro 14

It is basically for the professional producers who knows has the depth knowledge of technicality. With Acid Pro you will be able to remix multiple songs as per your like. For doing so it has the following features:

  • It provides a creative digital audio workstation for sample and loop-based music production.
  • Has ACID Morphs Pads.
  • It gives an incredible brand new-zynaptiq STEM MAKER 2.
  • It has a chopper remix tool.
  • Comes with virtual instruments, effects, and ACIDized tools.

Xara Designer Pro X | Is Xara Designer Pro X safe to use?

Xara Designer Pro X

This Xara Designer Pro X is built to make your workflow more supple. It is a complete package for your ultimate designs  to make a good website and also has several other ingredients such as:

  • It works on desktops and provides all the measures to edit your content.
  • Has improved export and import.
  • It precisely edits the images
  • It has vector-based graphic designs.
  • Web Designing tools

SOUND FORGE Pro 14 Suite+ ACID Pro 10

It is used for recording, audio editing, and mastering and is mostly used by producers, audio engineers, and sound designers. Come with 14 powerful tools for professional, recording, editing, and restoration.

  • Provides 32 channels for audio recording, editing, and processing.
  • It’s instant action Window work faster to increase the workflow.
  • It has a windows context menu for easy task assignments.
  • Comes with an iZotope plug-in with mastering and restoration.
  • Supports VST engine and ARA2
  • Thousands of audio effects and plug-ins.

Xara Web Designer Premium Coupon Code

Xara Web Designer Premium

It helps you in creating your website that gives a professional interface. This software provides you numerous templates so can make your web page online in just a few minutes.

  • Give you over 240 website templates.
  • Provides the number of designs elements
  • Provides freedom for any designs
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Provides More than 130 photo filter
  • Provides 2GB web storage and domain.
  • Gives animation and effects
  • Provides advanced image editing features.

Sound Forge Pro 14

Sound Forge Pro 14 (1)

This Sound Forge Pro 14 is best known for sound editing, recording, and mastering, and cleaning. With this amazing tool, you can record up to 32 channels in 64-bit/768kHz. Its audio engine gives you ultimate stability and low latency and makes crystal clear recording from your vocal, instruments, or podcast. It also has further some other features such as:

  • It has 32 audio recording channels that tools for fine editing and processing.
  • Provides high-speed processing windows for faster workflow.
  • It provides wave color and spectroscope visualization.
  • Gives many sound effects and a useful plug-in.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer | Magix Coupon Code

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer

For fine photo editing, creative drawing, and professionals designs this software is up to the mark. It gives tools for image editing and graphic designing. Plus it comes with the following astonishing features such as:

  • Provides vector-based graphics.
  • Gives comprehensive photo editing
  • It has over one million stock photos, designs elements & templates.



Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 is good for audio editing and used by professional artists, producers, and sound mastering engineers. It records, restores, and edits audio materials in outstanding quality. If you want professional results for your music you can use this software.

proDAD Defishr V1

proDAD Defishr V1

This software rectifies all your optical error automatically with just a few clicks. It provides you the following other features such as:

  • It automatically removes fisheye and deformation.
  • Provides ideal for all videos and photos.
  • Gives fast perspective correction with a click.
  • It supports all camera-lens combination.
  • Provides retroactively adjustable display section, rotation, and zoom.

So, now you have seen all the product overview you can choose as per your preference, and to get this at an affordable price check on Magix Promo Code & Magix Coupon Code.

Pros And Cons Of Magix


  1. It has a wide range of product options.
  2. Provides numerous plugs-in and effects for audio and videos.
  3. Easy-to-use interface
  4. Give a variety of transitions.
  5. Provides unique and useful filters


  1. Do not provide many options for customer support.
  2. Slightly slower

Why you should opt for Magix Coupon Code? Grab Up to 60% Off Discount Offer

Magix Offers and deals

We are the official affiliate partner with Magix and we provide you all the important information and discount offers in detail. To get any of this software at an easy price you can use our Magix Coupon Code & Discount Vouchers. For applying these offers code simply go to our store and navigate for the get offer button and grab the deal. Get up to 60% off using our coupon code.

Customer Support Of Magix

As you have seen Magix provides a comprehensive range of media software for private and professional use. They have given detailed technical support on their website for any inconvenience and divided it into two categories such as purchase consultation and technical support. Although there is no contact no. available for direct contact hopefully Magix will provide this in the future.


Q- Is Magix music maker free?

Ans. Ever, since the price started getting down Only the Magix music maker’s standard version, is free.

Q-How to Cancel Magix Subscription?

Ans. For canceling the Magix subscription you need to write your request and send it to their online service GmbH c/o MAGIX AG. They take cancellation request only in written form.

Q-How to download Magix music maker?

Ans. For downloading the Magix music maker go to their main website Navigate for the magic music maker and click on the purchase or free trial button and get the subscription as per your like.

Q-What is Magix?

Ans. Magix is a company that provides software for video editing, Music production, Photo editing, Audio editing, etc.

Q-Is Magix Movie edit pro good?

Ans. Yes, Magix music maker is good as it provides all the smart features that you will be needed for and give you a professional result.

Q- Who owns Magix?

Ans. Magix is acquired by the Caption firm. The main people of this company are Klaus Schmidt (CEO), Michael Burdick (CFO).