Vegas is a video editing software that provides great tools and features to edit videos. You can get a discount on Vegas Pro 18, 365 software using Vegas Creative Software Coupon Code. It provides many of the great software like Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio 17, Vegas Post Suite, and some add-on plugins. The software of Magix VEGAS are used by many professionals and even in Hollywood productions.

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Vegas Creative Software Coupon Code

With Vegas Creative Software discount code, you can get a great discount of up to 60% off on its products and services. The discount is applicable only for the new users.

About Vegas Creative Software

Sony Vegas was acquired by Magix in May 2016, and today it becomes an acquisition of Magix and named Vegas Creative Software. Vegas Creative Software is one of those software companies that provide editing software for videos and images. With many great effects and filters today, it has millions of users from around the world. Today, more than 900 companies are using Sony Vegas Pro.

The first software by Sony Vegas was Vegas Pro, launched in 1999 as an innovative Digital Audio Workstation. The video editing software is for both new beginners and advanced users who want to edit their videos. In 2020 with the release of Vegas Pro 18, it blazes new trails with AI-assisted editing tools and some industry-leading technologies. You can get a great deal on this software using the Vegas Creative Software promo code.

Products of VEGAS Creative Software | Discount Code

Vegas Creative Software Promo Code - Products Of Vegas Creative Software

Magix Vegas provides software mainly for video editors, however, it also deals in other products that are listed below:

VEGAS Post Suite Product Line

  • Pro
  • Effects
  • Image

VEGAS Pro Product Line

  • Pro 18 Edit
  • Pro 365
  • Vegas Pro 18 Suite

Vegas Movie Studio Product Line

  •  Studio 17
  •  Platinum
  •  Suite

We will discuss each of these products, their key features, and their specifications with you so that you can choose accordingly. To get a great discount on these products you can use the Vegas Creative Software promo code.

How To Get Creative Software Discount with Vegas Coupon Code?

Apply Vegas Creative Software Discount Code

To apply for the discount code, you need to follow the below-mentioned points carefully,

  1. Click on Vegas Creative Software Deals.
  2. Your browser will be automatically be redirected to the official website of Vegas Creative Software.
  3. Now select the software and the plan that you want.
  4. During payment just apply the Vegas Creative Software discount code to get the discount.
  5. Congratulations you have saved maximum on your purchase.

VEGAS Post Suite | Vegas Creative Software Coupon Code

Products of Vegas Post Suite

Vegas post suit is a combination of different powerful tools that helps in editing the videos, images, and sound effects. Let’s have a look at the software of Vegas Post Suite,

Vegas Pro

Features of Vegas Pro

The software helps to edit a video even faster than the other professional video production software. With the power of Artificial Intelligence, it brings the output of the video two steps ahead. It offers some great and advanced features to its users.

These are features
  • Video Stabilization: Stable your shaky videos easily in high quality, with this feature.
  • Planar Motion Tracking: Fits every object square to your camera, track and pin text, and apply the color grading using Planer Motion.
  • Nested Timelines: Share a portion of a video as the project by having full control over your entire project.
  • Complete HDR Color Support: Use the industry-leading HDR tools, powered by GPU-based open-color I/O processing and with new ACES 1.1 color standards.
  • Unified Color Grading Workflow: Easily adjust colors with color grading wheels and curves and with some of the other advanced options.
  • Improved Color Curves: With more powerful curves and an indispensable tool for professionals.
  • Style Transfer: You can use the visual styles to give your video a \n iconic look.
  • Colorization: Use the “wow” factor in the video footage to give an impact of color in the historical black & white footage with the power of artificial intelligence.

Main Highlights

  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • New! AI-driven tools
  • Sophisticated color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • New! Powerful plug-in management
  • New! Powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE PRO 14
  • New! Video noise reduction tool
  • New! Flicker filter

Vegas Effect

Features of Vegas Effects

The most powerful tool to edit videos and give dashing effects, Vegas Effect is used for visual effects and composting. There are more than 800 great effects that you can take advantage of. Let’s have a look at the features of this software.

Features software
  • Particle Generators: Wrap the particle cloud around 2D & 3D shapes. Magical effects, sci-fi. You can even manipulate the animation with audio clips for unlimited creative possibilities.
  • Text & Titling: You can add pro-level text to your composition with many 3D geometric effects.
  • Behavior Effects: Set creative gears on motion with Behavior Effects and engineer complex effects sequence.
  • Unified 3D Space & 3D Model Rendering: By taking the advantage of super-fast 3D model rendering you can create realistic animations.
  • Motion Tracking: This allows you to apply certain effects and easily attach a layer to any moving objects in your videos so as to move the layer with those objects.
  • Color Adjustments: With a professional color grading kit you can adjust the colors, create moods in your films. You can also add lightning effects in your videos to give the Wow-effects.
  • Threaded Rendering: Helps you to render the video in the background while editing to save your time.
  • GPU Acceleration: With GPU acceleration you can leverage your computer’s 64-bit architecture and GPU for faster playback.
  • Export Queue: Easily render the multiple videos by setting up the list of shots to render.
  • Professional Formats: Support 8K footage and RAM preview, which lets you work with the cutting-edge formats.
  • WAV Audio Export: Very useful to export high quality .wav audio files easily which is used independently for mixing and editing purposes in SOUND FORGE Pro.
  • Enhance Image Sequence Import: You can import those images from the folder that you want instead of selecting the whole folder.
Main Highlights
  • Over 800 effects and filters
  • Particle generators for magical effects
  • 3D model rendering
  • Green screen removal
  • New! Auto Stabilizer
  • New! Motion track effect

Vegas Images

Features of Vegas Images

It is a powerful toolkit to create pro-level composites with unlimited layers by keeping your image data raw. It has many different effects and filters to give your images a professional look. The features of Vegas Images are listed below,

  • Automatic Chroma key: With an automatic Chroma screen you can easily remove the green background quickly.
  • Luminance Key: Remove background based on luminance which is perfect for removing the black background.
  • Light Wrap: This will helps you to create a very natural keying effect and even more seamless integration in the composite effects.
  • Skill Suppression: Remove unwanted green screen spill to get more cleaner and natural keys for better compositing.
  • Edge Softening: Combined with spill suppression and Light Wrap remove the hard edges off from keyed elements.
  • Filter & Effects: Use the 38 most powerful filters that help you to create a perfect mood for your videos and images. You can use Multi-Point Gradient Effects, HDR Merge, Focus Stacking, Dynamic Contrast Effect, and some more features.
  • Flexible Layers: With Flexible Layers, you can adjust complex images and sequences. You can adjust them independently as many times as you can.
  • Layer Presets: Easily create custom layer types with auto-applied effects and masks, quickly import & export with a tab in the setting section listing.
  • Insert Objects: Use it to search for choose elements and effects that you want to apply directly to your selected layers.

Main Highlights

  • Built-in keying tools like Chroma Key
  • Professional Composting tools
  • Dozens of powerful image filters and effects
  • Flexible layer access and adjustments
  • New! Brush masks and effects
  • New! Raw Denoise


Features of Sound Forge Pro 14

It is for professional audio cleaning, mastering, recording, and editing sounds. It helps in minimizing the background unwanted noise from the video footage, everything integrated into VEGAS Pro.

SOUND FORGE PRO 14 has basically 4 main features.

  • Cleaning: Clean your video with noise-free sound, it includes a comprehensive range of effects like,
  • DeHisser
  • DeClicker / DeCracker
  • DeClipper
  • Mastering: Make your audio even clearer with some advanced mastering tools. It has 2 different functions,
  • Wave Hammer 2.0
  • CALM-targeted metering
  • Recoding: It allows you to capture up to 64-bit/768 kHz audio for great high possible quality. You can apply effects during recording and monitoring.
  • Audio Editing: You can take advantage of the great editing tool to form the sounds that you want in the way. One of the most important functions of Audio Editing is WaveColor. It helps you to identify the most important parts from the audio to take advantage of a vivid and convenient way.

Main Highlights

  • Professional video sound editing and mastering
  • Removal of background noise
  • Remove intermittent clicks and pops
  • Repair digital and analog clipping artifacts
  • Capture high-quality voiceover and more
  • Visual audio editing with WaveColor

These are products and services of VEGAS Post Suite that we have discussed with you above. The software comes in 2 versions:

  • VEGAS POST Suite
  • VEGAS POST Suite 365

You can use a free trial for 30-days to know all about its features. However, you can get a great discount on it using Vegas creative software discount code.

First – VEGAS Pro

With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Industry-leading GPU hardware acceleration, it brings your video production to the next level. VEGAS Pro stands out from the competition when it comes to non-linear editing software. It offers comprehensive media management, advanced audio editing tools with SOUND FORGE Pro, industry-leading hardware acceleration, and a flexible user-friendly interface.

The Software has many great features that help in creating a wow factor in the videos and edit like a pro.

  • Editing: The editing feature enables you to edit your video footage using different tools. Some of these tools like Video Stabilization, Planer Motion Tracking, Nested Timelines, Denoise filter, Flicker Control filter, and some others also.
  • Color Grading: The color grading feature will help to adjust the colors in your videos with some tools like Complete HDR Color Support, Unified Color Grading Workflow, and Improved Color Curves.
  • Special Effects: With the special effects you can add some of the great industry-leading effects. Powered by Three times Boris FX plug-in, the Lens Flare 3D visual effects, lets you to create many different styles and looks.
  • Audio Editing: With SOUND FORGE Pro 14 you can edit the audio files more powerfully and quickly. You will get to use industry-standard metering and visualization tools.
  • Final Delivery: With Advanced Hardware Acceleration you can take advantage of modern NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards and Intel’s powerful QSV technologies for smooth and fast rendering. It supports 8k files and different edit formats.

Main Highlights Of The Magix Products Of VEGAS 18

Products of Vegas Pro 18

Second- VEGAS Pro 18 Edit

  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • AI-driven tools
  • Color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • Powerful plug-in management

Third- VEGAS Pro 18 | Vegas Pro 18 Coupon Code

  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • AI-driven tools
  • Color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • Powerful plug-in management
  • Powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  • Video noise reduction tools
  • Flicker filter

VEGAS Pro 18 Suite

  • Industry-leading hardware acceleration
  • AI-driven tools
  • Color grading options
  • Industry-leading HDR support
  • Powerful plug-in management
  • Powerful audio editing & mastering with SOUND FORGE Pro 14
  • Video noise reduction tools
  • Flicker filter
  • ActionVFX action pack
  • Boris FX continuum
  1. Film style unit
  2. Particles unit
  3. Image restoration unit
  • NewBlue transitions 5 ultimate
  • Zynaptiq UNVEIL Vegas edition

The prices of these are different from each other, however, there is a free trial that you can use. You can also get a discount on it using Vegas Creative Software Coupon Code.

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 | Vegas Creative Software Promo Code

Features of Vegas Movie Studio 17

Vegas Movie Studio is an advanced movie editing software that provides you all those features that you need to make a video to the next level. Featured by Sony’s Catalyst Browse it is advanced movie editing software.

There are some amazing features of this software that are listed below:
  • Editing: The feature will let you edit the video footage at the best with some great tools. Some of these tools are,
  • Motion Tracking
  • One-Click Video Stabilization
  • Screen Capture
  • Mask Around Objects
  • Black Bar Filter
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14: Included with VEGAS Movie Studio 17 helps to edit and mastering the sound. Whether you need to add your sounds or remove background noise you can do it according to you.
  • Color Grading: With this feature, you can adjust colors, saturation, and gain complete control over your videos. It helps in matching the color to other videos with a powerful Color Match Filter & improved white balance.
  • Color Match
  • Improved White Balance
  • Special Effects: With this feature, you can give your video footage a great and exclusive special effect.
  • Optical-Flow Slow Motion
  • Wrap Flow Transition
  • Final Delivery: Give your video a final touch with some of the great features.
  • Fast Rendering
  • Direct Upload to Social Media
  • Format Support & Render Templates
Vegas Movie Studio has three products that are listed below:


  • Studio
  • Platinum
  • Suite
Let’s see the main key highlights of each of these products
VEGAS Movie Studio









Specialized video editing modes for any level of experienceEverything included with VEGAS Movie StudioEverything included with VEGAS Movie Platinum
Customizable user interfacePrecise motion trackingEdit: Beautify – Digital makeup
Full GPU acceleration for faster rendering and smoother video previewDraw flexible Bezier masks and apply effects on themVFX: Damage – Create a long-lost video look
Unique, interactive storyboard editingBuilt-in Slow-Motion FX plug-inVFX: Retro – Sci-Fi look for movies
Included for free – MAGIX Music MakerVideo StabilizationColor: Starter – Finds perfect mood for lightening
Catalyst browse powered SonySOUND FORGE Audio Studio 143D: Gunfire pack – Add ultimate action to your movies
 Lens correction plug-in 
 Screen capture from monitor, webcams, & audio devices 
 Supports common video and 4K format. 

You can get a huge discount on it using vegas creative software discount code.

VEGAS Add-Ons | Vegas Creative Software Promo Code

VEGAS offers different types of add-on with additional tools with those to help you work that you want to do.

NewBlue Video Plugin

Products of Vegas NewBlue Video Plugin

This plugin offers 3 types of tools with different features and the usage.

NewBlue Video Plugin
Titler Pro 5
Complete Content Pack

NewBluse Titler Pro 5 :

Very easy to use, it’s the standard for fast titling. You can apply with over 100 animated templates & customize text, colors, and more for stunning and great titles in seconds.

NewBluse Complete Content Pack :

It is the ultimate content pack for Titler Pro which includes around 80 styles and more than 230 templates. It helps in delivering professional lower thirds and man titles for any video production. With the help of versatile designs and fully animated templates it to build a professional design.

NewBlue Amplify :

With a comprehensive collection of over 700 presets and 55 best selling titles, transitions, and effects, it includes those effects that every video editor wants to have. Whether you want Color Correction, Stabilization, Titler Pro 4 to create fully 2D & 3D text and graphics in seconds, it includes all those main features that you want.

You can get a discount on these using the vegas creative software coupon code.

Boris FX Video Plugin

Products of Vegas Boris FX Video Player

This plugin has additional three types of tools that are,

Boris FX Video Plugin
Mocha Pro

Boris FX Sapphire –

Used to optimize the workflow and productivity in the videos with some breathtaking & stunning visual effects. It offers more than 250 photorealistic, stylish effects and transitions. You can experience the premium quality glow and light effects and in addition to these, it comes with over 3000 diverse presets.

Boris FX Continuum –

It offers a great collection of diverse effects, often known as the “Swiss Army knife” of Plugins. The tool helps to bring your videos to the next level. With the combination of advanced VEGAS technology, it brings your videos to the next level.

Boris FX Mocha Pro –

The ideal plugin for innovative motion tracking with award-winning technology it has been used for major Hollywood productions. It includes many great features like advanced roto and masking, insert/remove modules, image stabilization, screen replacing, or object removal, and many more.

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro

Versions of Vegas SmartSound Sonicfire Pro

The plugin that helps to customize music in videos more quickly than ever with the award-winning Sonifire Pro 6. It increases the workflow by simply choosing the track its desired length from this software, and it automatically creates your own custom version of the music track. It’s a professional and comprehensive toolset with plenty of great and advanced features like,

  • Timing Control
  • Mood Mapping
  • Custom Length
  • Alternate Arrangements
  • Hit Files
  • Search Engines

The software comes with 10 great tracks in total included inspirational tracks, live-vocal indie-rock songs, and some more.

The software offers two different versions that are
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 6SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 6 incl. VEGAS plug-in

To enjoy the extra saving on these products you can use the vegas creative software promo code.

VEGAS Creative Software Support

The customer support system of VEGAS company is very helpful. Although all the products are very easy and user friendly, despite it if you have any issues you can contact them. You can find the solution from,

  • Service Center – Login to your account to get an assistant with your purchase product.
  • FAQs – Get detailed answers & instructions over your queries regarding installation, registration, or technical questions.
  • Community – A social platform for exchanging tips and advice from VEGAS users.

To contact them via phone call you can dial +44 (0) 203 3189218 (10:00 am – 4:00 pm CET, Mon-Fri)

VEGAS Creative Software | FAQs

Is Sony Vegas Studio Free?

Sony Vegas Movie Studio offers three different products that offer a free trial to the users. One can take the trial version to know all the features and get a real-time experience with it.

How Can I Get Vegas Pro For Free?

With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Industry-leading GPU hardware acceleration, it brings your video to the next level. The software has 4 products which are not free. However, you can get an impressive discount using the Vegas Movie Studio 17 Platinum coupon code.

Is Magix Vegas Good?

Magix acquired Sony Vegas in 2016, & today Magix Vegas has millions of users from around the world. It offers some award-winning tools and technologies to edit videos and images. It’s used by professionals & also the software are used in Hollywood production. It is very easy to use and the interface is user friendly, overall Magix Vegas is good for both beginners and professionals.