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What is Coreldraw 2024? Detailed Answer!

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Did you hear the word Coreldraw and you want to know What is Coreldraw 2024 So, to keep things simple, Coreldraw is a vector graphic software created by Corel Cooperation. Now, what is a vector graphics software? Vector graphics software is software that helps you to design digital images with mathematical commands.

Background of Coreldraw

Coreldraw was founded in 1987 by Corel cooperation. they developed his technology and worked on the new methods to serve his customers best. Now, it is carrying a good record for a long time.

What are the uses of Coreldraw

Coreldraw is a vector-based software so you can create any vector-based design with the help of Coreldraw. For example, you can create logos, invitation cards, banners and many things that are based on vector designed.

Key features of Coreldraw

Features of Coreldraw

There are large numbers of the features are available there. But I am going to present some key features of the Coreldraw so that you will understand it in a better way.

  • Live sketch tool
  • Prominent interactive sliders
  • Gaussian blur feature
  • Custom mode shape
  • Corel font manager
  • Copy curve segments
  • Import legacy workspace

After knowing the features now let’s move on to the next paragraph to know more.

Pros and Cons of Coreldraw

Pros of Coreldraw

As we all know that everything has some pros and cons. Similarly, Coreldraw has some pros and some Cones. So here I am going to present the advantages and disadvantages of Coreldraw 2024.


  • Great customization- Coreldraw offers a great level of customization. It offers one of the best systems to create banners, posters or logos.
  • Easy to learn- If you are a beginner and you want to learn graphic design. So it can be a good option to learn Coreldraw because you will get simple and easy to learn interface. You will find it much easier then it’s competitors.
  • Bezier tool- Most of the technical illustrators face lots of difficulties while managing the curve section of the image. But in the case of Coreldraw, you will get a Bezier tool that will help you to manage the curve section of the images in an easy way.
  • Tracing software- Coreldraw is a great tracing software.


  • Difficulty in transferring- Most graphic designers use Adobe software. It is easy to share the files with Adobe software to another Adobe software but you can’t share the files with Coreldraw to Adobe software. So, this is one of the biggest drawbacks.

Is Coreldraw free?

No, Coreldraw is not free but they offer only 15 days free trial. All you need to do is just go to the official website of the Coreldraw download the and install the Coreldraw. There is no need to worry, it will simply download and install into your PC or Mac. After that, you can use the free trial for 15 days and if you are ok with it you can purchase the Coreldraw plan.


Coreldraw is one of the most reputed and well-known vector-based graphics designing software. The company started in 1987 by the corporation of Corel. It is used to create logos, banners, etc that are based on vector design. I hope this article helped you to know about Coreldraw. Lets now about briefly through CorelDraw Review.