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What is the Easiest Mac Video Editing Software to Learn In 2024?

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Do you want to give your boring videos a new look by editing? Do not worry, if you are a Mac user and want to recreate a video of your Mac. This article is for you that helps you to edit Mac video by best video editing software for Mac. There is numerous video editing software that you will get online. Some software gives you free chance to editing and some of them will ask you to buy. But here, is the top & best easiest Mac video editing software to learn. These are the software’s will help you to pick up the best and easiest Mac video editing software.

The best Mac Video Editing Softwares are:-

Wondershare Filmora9 for mac

Apple iMovie



Let us know about all of these best mac video editing software

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Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare is a company that provides many software products across 150 countries worldwide. The Wondershare believes in building such kind of software which is very easy to use by customers. This company has generated every month 2 million-plus active users. More than 700 employees are working in this software industry and it supported 10 languages. Wondershare company is providing 65 products and one of them is Filmora9 mac video editing software. It has 6 offices and it is Shenzhen operated company.

Wondershare Software Company

Now, you are familiar with this company who provides Filmora9 video editing software.

About Filmora9 software, features, and how does it work

Filmora9 presents the multiple effects to edit the videos. There is no experience requires to use this software, it is very user friendly. It has included the 100 media layers, a simple green-screen effect that also you can use in your videos. Features are keyframing, background noise removal, 4K support, and more. Keyframing helps to create the perfect sound and music that will create a clear sound. It requires 4 GB RAM, 10 GB free hard disk space to have in your Mac. All of these functions make it the easiest free video editing software for Mac and Windows users.

A  preview option and all your effect that you want to do will fast processing.

Proxy files and you can add effects such as slow-motion, shake, reverse, and more.

It has included different filters, 3D LUTs, and aesthetic effects.

How to use Filmora9 mac video editing software?

When you will open this application, a page appears to you & “New Project” will show on this page. Click on the new project to get started new video editing. An open project that can use to select the file from the mac. A project library option includes the recent video with the date, and if you want to delete Click on the trash icon.

Filmora9 Video Editor

The editing interface page will appear like this as shown below:-

Filmora9 Editing Interface

Use the media library to find videos, photos, clips, music, and more. Start editing the video by using the transition, effects, music, filters, and other options.

The preview window will show a preview of the video in the timeline. Use the snapshot button to save the full resolution of video & it will be added automatically to your media library. The toolbar and toolbar panel help to access the video like zoom in and zoom out.

Apple iMovie

iMovie Video Editor

iMovie provides the free mac video editing and this software works on iPhone/iPad also. To get use the iMovie click on download iMovie for mac and it is free and easy to use. It is best if you want to make projects because it also included a green and simple effect in the back of the video. Use this green effect to make your video more creative, a simple drag, and drop options. Features are split screens, filters, and great sound effects, and so on. You can share the video directly from the iMovie to the social media platforms, or youtube in 4K resolution.

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OpenShot Video Editing Software

OpenShot was founded in 2008 and now in the present year, it has millions of customers. It was built with the things keep in mind that is simple, easy to use by people. Of course, it has made powerful video editing software for Linux, Mac, and Windows. OpenShot is free software that provides features under the general public license. It also provides email and phone call support.

Features of OpenCart

  • Use the video effect to change the background of your video, color, and more.
  • Make your video creative by fade, transition, shake, slide, bounce, etc in your video editing.
  • Change the video in slow motion, reverse, at different interval time or time effect.
  • You can edit videos easily by drag and dropping music, photos from your file manager.
  • Simply and easily trim, cut your video.
  • OpenShot is available in 70+ different languages.
  • It includes 3D animations, keyframes, and audio waveforms.
  • Unlimited tracks give you features to add watermarks, background videos, audio track, and more.


Blender Video Editing Software

Blender is also a free video editing software provider. Many features like motion, 3D animation, 2D animation, modeling, rigging, and others. It has a python API interface used to create your own tools. You can customize the layout and colors, and also Hi-res/Retina support. Blender does not only uses for editing your personal videos but also for short films, advertisement, and TV series. It has also a cycle render engine that gives real-time viewport preview, CPU, GPU rendering, VR rendering support. You can also use Greese pencil to draw the 3D space. Use this pencil and draw feature to make 3D animation, traditional 2D animation, and more.

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If you are searching for the best video editing software then a blender, filmora9, open shot, and iMovie is best. Use any one of them, we have discussed all one of them. There are many features in filmora9, blender, and other software. It would become easy for you to pick the one easiest Mac video editing software to learn. Get and download it in your device and start editing your videos more creative & attractive.