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YouTube Vs Netflix 2024: Which One Is Better For Streaming?

With the changing times today, it is common that a new company comes up as a video streaming platform. But, only the efficient ones drive-through. One of the most popular and known platforms for video streaming is Youtube. Half of the world is using this platform for entertainment purposes. But, the new one Netflix is also creating a vast space in users’ life. Most people prefer this platform for watching online videos, web series, movies, etc. Here we are comparing YouTube Vs Netflix for finding the right and best one.

In these evolving times, the services offered by “Netflix” and “YouTube” are very common and highly used by millennials.

Google’s parent company Alphabet continues to drive another astonishing revenue report from its earnings from YouTube thus making clear it has another monster in its pocket! Netflix is also not behind in the race.

YouTube is supposedly giving mind-bending growth against one of its key rivals Netflix, another monstrous video streaming service.

About Netflix and Youtube

While comparing the best platforms we have to keep many points in our mind. because Both are highly popular and users are using them. We are not saying that the services of anyone are not good but here you will find the major differences between Youtube Vs Netflix.


Netflix is more of a subscription-based service that streams licensed content. Nowadays also into the content creation part producing and streaming original series.

Herein, the customers have to pay monthly fees according to their screen requirements which will help them avail themselves of a variety of programs and Netflix original shows.


Youtube is an advertising-supportive based website by Google. It allows its registered users to upload content on the platform which can be viewed by anyone, whether registered or not. It is necessary for creators to get more views on their videos for monetizing their channel. Nowadays many content creators use VPN to increase YouTube video views and follow many other tricks for that.

Difference Between Youtube And Netflix

After many comparisons like YouTube vs TikTok and Twitch vs YouTube, here we have come up with another Youtube Vs Netflix comparison. In this content first, we are going to compare the basic differences among them

YouTube gets free content from its users and sells ads on the other hand for revenue. On the contrary, Netflix distributes and creates licensed content whilst generating revenue by selling subscriptions.

YouTube is a TV streaming service focused on live TV shows sourcing 85+ broadcasts, cable, and regional sports networks. YouTube TV is much like your Cable TV service. It makes recently aired movies available when in demand. The library of YouTube TV is not as vast as compared to that of Netflix of course. But unlike Netflix, YouTube also facilitates you to create your content using the cloud DVR to record movies and even watch them later as required.

Netflix has a collection of a variety of exclusive TV shows and other programs. If you want a service that gives you access to a huge library of shows and movies, Netflix is a go-getter for you.

Which Platform is best to watch movies on Netflix vs YouTube?

If you are not looking to spend a lot of money on a video streaming service, Netflix is a winner in this category. Netflix has a lot of subscription options available as compared to that of YouTube. Netflix’s subscriptions depend on what quality of video you want and altogether how many screens you are going to view the content on. The basic plan starts from $8.99 anyway.

YouTube TV is a comparatively expensive idea. Although YouTube TV is cheaper than cable and satellite options, it offers you only one package. It costs around $64.99. If you are looking for a TV show every once in a while for your entertainment, YouTube TV might not be as ideal for you as Netflix is. Although, if live TV is a must for you, then you compare YouTube TV with its other direct competitors like DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, etc.

Does YouTube use more data than Netflix?

The data consumption of a platform depends on the quality of the video you are streaming. Let’s better understand this with the help of the below Youtube Vs Netflix Data Comparison table.

YouTube VS Netflix Data Usage

YouTube usually uses less data than Netflix. Netflix offers content in three video quality settings, namely – low, medium, and high. YouTube has video quality adjustments of 480p, 720p, 1080p, & 4K.

Thus, the answer to YouTube vs Netflix, YouTube is the winner.

Added Benefits Of YouTube vs Netflix

Netflix is a platform focusing more on its core bundle of services that is providing a video streaming service that has a huge library of movies & exclusive TV Shows.

On the contrary, YouTube TV has a very important perk associated with itself which is unlimited DVR. The users have an amazing option to record as many movies or TV shows as they want. Now, this can all be stored on the unlimited DVR space provided by YouTube TV. This feature has no additional fees or hidden charges.

Although one minor point needs to be noted YouTube clears your DVR recordings after nine months and you might want to record them again.

How to watch YouTube on Netflix?

This option is not available. Although, we can stream some popular shows or documentaries on Netflix which are available on YouTube as well and vice-versa.

Which is better, YouTube or Netflix?

But at last, all we can say is that YouTube vs Netflix comes down to the overall viewing preference of the audience. If you are overall in love with some exclusive shows, series, and documentaries, Netflix has the best offerings for you. On the other hand, if you are more of a casual TV Viewer who loves watching live shows, live sports, and hates spoilers, YouTube is the perfect medium of entertainment for you no matter the cost associated with it.

We have to appreciate that live TV shows are not cheap. Hence, the price of YouTube is justified for its target audience. But when it comes to the sheer value of a dollar against exclusive movies and shows, Netflix is the game-changer.

Still, confused if YouTube is better or Netflix?

Well, both the services offer trial runs. You can have a trial run for both of them to best understand what suits your entertainment needs the best.

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