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PowerDirector vs Kinemaster – Which One Is Best Video Editor?

Video editors always want to get improve the quality of their editing skills and multi-feature video editing software is everything they need. It’s up to a versatile video editor that gives you the most satisfying results. Easy and effective editing tools are hard to find but there are two most common editing apps which are getting positive feedback from their users globally. 

Every Beginner video editor is aware of these two video editors that are widely used. So here we will give you a comparison of PowerDirector vs Kinemaster in every aspect like features, pricing, pros, and cons. All of that will help you to choose the best one.

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Kinemaster VS PowerDirector Short Overview 

PowerDirector is a video editing app developed by CyberLink that supports Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. It comes with more than 2000 text, transitions, and effects. It has more than 300 million users worldwide, offers one month of a free trial and money-back option in 30 days.
Kinemaster is a powerful video editing tool created by NexStreaming and designed for android and IOS. A multi-featured app now also can support your web-based devices with some free and paid subscription plans.

Features Comparison Between PowerDirector vs Kinemaster

Features comparison of PowerDirector and Kinemaster

Our team has tried both Kinemaster and PowerDirector, to give all features information in deep under one place.

HD, 4K, and 3D Video supportAudio Filters
Magic Movie Wizard360-degree video editing toolsMulti-track video editing
True Theatre colorcheck video preview
Exporting Files Chrome Key
Screen recordingInstantly share on social media
Record VoiceoverSpeed control
Split & rotate optionAnimation effects
Animation, Transition, Templates, Filters, Background sound options.Overlays
Image, Text, and video effect
Speed control of video and audio

Features Of PowerDirector

In this PowerDirector vs Kinemaster first, let’s check out the functions, which you can get in this video editing software:

  • Full Feature Editor: It offers multiple options to edit your videos by text, videos, and images. You can write, or draw directly on the video that will create more ways of creativity. Its Transition effect is quite enough that offers a variety of more than 2000 including text, animation, and more filters.
  • 4K, HD, and 360-degree video: It works fluently on your device and supports your 4K, HD, and 360-degree video, and you can edit them without changing their quality.
  • True Theatre Color: It is the smart function that will help you to get the right color. It also improves the contrast and saturation of your clip.
  • AI Motion Tracking: It automatically locates any moving object and you can edit any certain part of that object with text, GIF, or with other animation effects.
  • Screen Recording & Live Streaming: It allows you to capture your screen to make it easy for you to create tutorials or youtube videos. You can directly start with a live stream on Twitch or youtube, record with the chroma-key option.
  • AI DEreverb: This function overall enhances the audio quality of your clip by making your audio clear and reducing the echo effect in sound.
  • Video Stabilizer: This will make your video clip look more professional by fixing the problem of shaky video footage.
  • Encoding & Exporting: This allows you to choose the format of the video you’ll produce like AVI, MPEG-2, so on, and share them.

Features Of Kinemaster

Now check the features that you will get with this video editing software that will surely help you to edit your video.

  • Real-Time Recording: As a phone video editing software it is an advanced feature that let you record video and audio. You can add multiple audio tracks and effects at once.
  • Social Media Sharing: For Youtubers and influencers it is the most convenient feature by which they can share instantly their edited video on any social media platform.
  • Adjustments: This will help you to adjust the color matching and contrast, saturation of the video, and other similar settings.
  • Multi-Layer Feature: You can edit with handwritten text, images, audio, and video. By this, you can explore more editing effects to improve your work.
  • Extra Effects: You can add music or any soundtrack, Burns and overlays are some amazing tools to edit your video
  • Chroma Key: This function will help you to change or remove any background of the video clip. 
  • Edit Frame by Frame: You can cut and trim the extra part of the video from the timeline frame by frame.

PowerDirector And Kinemaster Pricing

  • PowerDirector 365: It is $4.33 per month and $51.99 annually
  • Director Suite: It costs $8.08 per month and 96.99 annually.
  • PowerDirector 365 Business: $12.59 per month and $149.99 annually
  • PowerDirector 20 Ultra & Ultimate Perpetual plan: This comes in $99.99 for a lifetime and 139.99 a one-time payment plan.

You can get this software at a cheaper price from CyberLink PowerDirector 365 coupon code.

Kinemaster: It is $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year.

Comparison Of Advantages: PowerDirector vs Kinemaster

Advantages Of PowerDirectorAdvantages Of Kinemaster
Easy to use and learnEasy user interface especially for beginners
Varieties of effectsMultilayer support
Support English, Chinese, and JapaneseConsider using on a smartphone
Support Integration with NewBlueFX, BorisFX, and prodSupport English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese
Support Windows, Mac, IOS, and AndroidNo Integration option
Suitable for Windows and MacSupport Android, IOS, and Web-based devices

Comparison Of Disadvantages: PowerDirector vs Kinemaster

Every technology has its unique advantages along with some disadvantages. So, to provide trustworthy information to our audience we have shared some Kinemaster vs PowerDirector disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of PowerDirectorDisadvantages Of Kinemaster
Expensive subscription planNot satisfying results for professional
Varieties of options make its interface complexWatermark on exported video
Not suitable for smartphonesSometimes slow down your phone
No advanced professional features for PC

After you’ve checked the disadvantages of these two video editing software. You can consider some of the alternatives of Kinemaster vs PowerDirector which are Quik, Filmora 11, Adobe Premiere, and Inshot.

Conclusion: PowerDirector vs Kinemaster

So, here we have stated the comparison of every aspect of these two best video editing software for gamers, YouTubers, bloggers & any other commercial purpose. PowerDirector is a far more professional video editor than Kinemaster which is mostly used for commercial purposes. This has more advanced features which work well with PC. Whereas, Kinemaster is the best editor for beginners that has a user-friendly interface and comes with limited features.

The pricing of PowerDirector is quite higher than Kinemaster that making it less compatible for those who want an affordable video editor. You can choose Kinemaster if you want to work on basic video editing at a pocket-friendly price. PowerDirector for those who want a professionally well-edited video clip with investing a little high amount.

Which Is Better Kinemaster vs PowerDirector?

Kinemaster is used for basic video editing by beginners for their limited uses while Powerdirector is generally used in making commercials for high-quality video editing. 

Is PowerDirector or Kinemaster Offer Free Video Editing Without Watermark?

No, a free version of PowerDirector comes up with some limitations like watermarks. To avoid this problem you must buy get a subscription plan for it for at least one month. Kinemaster also has the same problem in its free version.

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