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When it comes to Video Marketing, don’t forget about the Right Script for Video.

The right script for video marketing is the necessary part of any video like you watch any movie on the basis of its script. So to make your video content amazing and engage audience you must work on the video script.

It is not surprising that brands are investing this heavily in video, especially given how video consumption has skyrocketed. According to Wyzowl, 66% of marketers plan to expand or at the very least maintain their video marketing budget this year. Research indicates that as many as 78% of people watch online videos every week, while 55% of those watch them every day. These numbers make it hard to ignore videos for any business.

But how can a business that is just venturing into video marketing catch up with competitors that already have their video content machine up and running? You start with substance. A well-articulated idea can get your video eyeballs even if it does not have high production value. It’s why the script is of primary importance. 

This blog is going to introduce you to effective ways of writing the perfect script for your videos. With the right script on your hand, you can maximally leverage video to reach your target audience.

Why do you need a good script?

Reasons To Make Right Script For Video Marketing

Marketing videos are meant to hook audiences and inspire reactions. Whether it’s a commercial or an explainer video, you’ll need a well-written script to get your point across. Voiceovers, music, and visuals can only enhance your vision once you have a strong foundation. The video script is that very foundation. You can’t expect the result to be great without a dependable script for the video.

Unfortunately, many brands fail to realize how integral scriptwriting is to the overall video production process. They rely primarily on their instincts when scripting without taking proper guidance or assistance from professionals.

If you’re writing a video script for the first time or you are not sure about the material you have, it is better to consult an Explainer video agency. It will help you use the talent and creativity of professional storytellers to enhance your vision and hook audiences. Now that you know why a good script is crucial for your video, let’s find out how you can create one. 

How to create the right script for video marketing?

Here are some steps by which you can create a good video script and improve your video editing skills.

Map out the content by creating an outline

The point of developing an outline is to bring everyone involved in making the video on the same page. Having a script outline helps everyone better understand the tone, brand messaging, and marketing goals of the video.

Why do you create an outline or brief?

  • To clarify the actual storyline of the video
  • To give an overall briefing of the project
  • For discussion

Next, create an outline of what the video should include. You can ask yourself the following questions-

  • What are your marketing goals? “To promote a particular product.”
  • What is the purpose of the video? “To generate buzz around a particular product.”
  • What emotional response would you like from viewers? “Excitement, not boredom.”
  • What informative points are to be highlighted in the video? This aspect will be more fleshed out in a training video.
  • What is your call to action? “Visit our official website.”
  • Who will be involved in making the video? The video will include actors, directors, writers, etc.

Mold the content around your audience 

Don’t start writing a script until you have an audience in mind. Your video’s target audience should dictate your script’s tone, word choice, and style. For example, your video script would look very different depending upon whether you are trying to reach millennial urbanites or an over-40 rural audience.

The audience you want and the platform you choose to distribute your video on will play an incremental role in how you write your script. To put it simply, the language of your video script will depend on the target audience who will be watching the video.

Hence, research who you are targeting and how they consume content. You should know the following aspects about your target audience:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Level of education;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Spending habits;
  • Values; and
  • Socioeconomic status

Hook your audience right from the start

According to findings published in 2019, our collective attention span is declining, and the constant onslaught of information is responsible for it. Given that people are getting bombarded with information and messages 24/7, they cannot pay equal attention to everything. Hence, you need to make a video essay as compelling and intriguing as possible from the very beginning of the video. 

There are two ways you can hook your audience:

  • The first kind is the traditional hook, also known as the straight hook. A straight hook is just a statement of what the viewer will find when they click on your link. It makes them stop searching any further. It’s a straightforward explanation of what viewers should expect from the video and the process of getting to that point.
  • The second type is called an “in media res” hook, which is Latin for “in the middle of the action.” This type of hook usually starts by showing an exciting outcome to the audience and then proceeds to explain how that outcome was achieved. To put it simply, this kind of hook shows the exciting result first, enticing the audience to watch the process in its entirety.  

Tell a story, have a conversation

It’s crucial to use a conversational tone when you communicate with your audience. Especially during informational or educational videos, the language should never come across as though you are patronizing the audience. Effective video marketing is all about telling a compelling narrative. It’s not enough for a story to convey what your product does; these stories should establish how your product impacts people’s lives.

Ensure visual and audio elements have been included

A big mistake that’s easy to make is forgetting to include visual and audio elements in the script, especially if you’re going to include voiceover with visuals. Even if your video is just a person talking or sitting still, it’s a good idea to write down what they will be saying and doing on screen. So that the video team knows, without a doubt, what needs to happen visually and audibly. We recommend Filmora 11 video editing software to add amazing visual and audio elements to your video as it provides amazing features for that.

Include a clear call to action video

Every line in your script matters, as you have a limited number of lines. So, better make them count Educational videos. You must make sure to specify what you want viewers to do. A call-to-action is essential for telling your audience what to do next. Do you want the viewers to sign up for your newsletter or try out your product? Whatever it may be, make sure to mention that in your script.

Conclusion: Right Script For Video Marketing

How do you know when the scripting process is complete? You will have arrived at a good point when:

  • you’re happy with the story’s structure
  • you’ve addressed all pointers you wanted to cover
  • you feel like you have nothing more to say about it

If you are still confused about how you can approach scriptwriting, don’t worry. There are various free templates available on the internet that you can use. 

These templates can make your video script format a lot easier to grasp and ensure all the elements are well-organized. However, templates are not necessary if you can follow the pointers mentioned above. So stop waiting and start writing!

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