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How To Edit Tiktok Video On PC?

In this source, you’ll get to know about how to edit Tiktok videos on PC. Tiktok is a continuously growing platform where people gather and share short videos. There are more than 800 million active users who used to watch and post videos on it. The increasing numbers of people who are getting indulge in it need to get done their videos more uniquely which is only possible by editing.

Your phone can perform only some basic functions which means it acquires limited features. That’s why you should move to an external video editing device. Any computer or Laptop will be your prior choice for this purpose. Let’s check the different ways by which you can easily edit your Tiktok video with some extra editing effects.

Steps To Edit Tiktok Video On PC

If it is your first time editing your Tiktok on Pc then, you must be thinking about how to edit the Tiktok video on PC. Here are some TikTok video editing tips:

Edit Tiktok video in steps
  • Upload Files: The first step is just to select your desired video clip from the storage of Tiktok videos on your Pc.
  • Select The Video Ratio: A Tiktok video is considered to be filmed in a 9:16 ratio. If you have shot the video in any other different ratio then, you can still change it to a suitable ratio. This ratio is also related to stories and Instagram Tv. You can simply crop off the extra party of the video.
  • Scale adjustment: You can change the scale through the transform option to make appear the frames of your video.
  • Add Sound Clip & Effects: This is the extra option that you don’t get on your phones. You can simply add music from the library or you can import any external audio and sound effects in your videos. You can also record your voice to put a voiceover in the video.
  • Add Text: You can also put some captions or any kind of subtitles in your videos through the option Add. It can be placed anywhere in the video by just dragging and rotating it or also the option to change its size and font.
  • Elements Effects: It is an optional step of stuffing elements in your video like GIFs, SFX, and some more effects to highlight your videos.
  • Save Your File: Most importantly save your edited clips by just clicking the option ‘save’ displayed on your screen somewhere.

How To Cut & Trim Tiktok Video On Pc?

Cutting out the extra part is just another step in how to edit Tiktok video on PC. Here is the step to step explanation by which you can cut and trim your clip through Tiktok video editor:

  • Select the video clip which you want to trim then, open the editing option.
  • Go to the Trim option that will let you cut the part with these options trim from the starting point of the clip or trim from the ending part. You can also cut it through the trim slider easily.
  • Saving the changes is the last step for this purpose.

Best Tiktok Editor For PC

Let’s check out some best video editor for Tiktok and Tiktok video editor online that will make it possible to you to put some amazing editing effects in your video.

Veed: Tiktok Video Editor Online

Veed IO is an online Tiktok video editor that offers every editing feature with an easy user interface. You can resize, trim and add extra video editing effects with just a click. It is one of the best Tiktok editor for PC that is free you don’t need to worry about purchasing its paid plan, here is a brief guide of using it:

  • Upload the video clip on this Tiktok editing app that you want to share on Tiktok.
  • The second step is about putting every single editing layer including the clip’s aspect ratio and cut & trim. Adjusting size and adding text, sound effects, and elements effects will make your Tiktok videos more stunning.
  • After the editing, download your edited video that is ready to post on Tiktok.

Wondershare Filmora: Best Video Editor For Tiktok

Filmora is one of the best video editing tools for Tiktok which provides most of the advanced video editing features that will allow you to stuff your Tiktok video. Check some Steps of editing through this Tiktok video editing app:

  • Upload your video clip on Filmora to edit.
  • It supports your high-quality 4K videos and can convert in different formats.
  • It allows you to edit by adding sound and music effects, you can also customize your music and the option of voiceover is also there. It also provides other various types of element effects like editing in slow motion, backward motion, color correction, noise cancellation, and many more function.
Pricing Of Wondershare For Filmora

It offers a free trial plan for its users and some subscription plans for further uses which are $28.98 per month and $68.98 for annual access. 

Here is the latest version of this video editing software that you can purchase from Filmora 11 coupon code at a lower price.

Beecut: Best Tiktok For PC

Beecut is the free Tiktok video editor for PC which comes with an absolutely easy user interface. Because of its easy user interface, Beecut is considered one of the best video editing software for beginners. It has enough interesting features to stuff your Tiktok videos with amazing effects. Get through with its working process which are:

  • Choose the Tiktok video that you want to edit.
  • The second step is to trim the extra part of the clip and set the suitable aspect ratio of the clip.
  • The next one is everything about editing whether it is color grading, transition, adding filters and Text, or some music effects. It can change your whole Tiktok video.
  • In the end, you must save your video and can directly export it to Tiktok or any other social media platform.

Openshot: Best Tiktok Editor For PC

It is open-source software to edit Tiktok video on PC that is easy to use and user-friendly interface. This also provides every video editing feature that will enhance your video editing skills. Here is the way how to use it:

  • Choose the video that needs to edit.
  • Starts experimenting with it by quick trimming and adjusting the ratio size of it. You can apply more effects by animation and keyframes and various audio effects to mixing with video and voiceover.
  • Then finally, save the changes you’ve done, and It also allows you to import and export your video and audio files in many different formats.

VSDC Video Editor For Tiktok

This software is used by most professional video editors and consider for of the best Tiktok video editor. It has amazing video and audio editing tools that make it suitable for editing Tiktok videos. Have a look over how to use it:

  • Open your video in this app.
  • Start with its structure and size by resizing its ratio and trimming out the unnecessary part of it.
  • Then edit it with a good number of transitions, filters, and other element effects and with ultra zoom, color grading, or matching, and even edit your 360-degree video with all of it. It also offers the option of removing the background of your clip by Chroma key
Pricing Of VSDC 

It is free to use but a pro version of VSDC offers a paid plan of $19.99 per month. This paid plan will give you access to its upgraded features that works more fluently and efficiently.

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Conclusion Of  How To Edit Tiktok Video On PC

So, we have stated these top 5 Tiktok video editors for PC that will surely help you to make your Tiktok video creatively. Some of them are free to use that offer almost every of the advanced editing features. If you are looking for professional video editing apps, then you must get consider some of the paid Tiktok video editors that are also mentioned above. Paid video editor for Tiktok has some extra functions that are also available at an affordable price. Have a good editing experience with these Tiktok editing apps.

What Is The Best Editing App For Tiktok?

iMovie, Adobe Rush, Inshot video editor, and YouCut are some of the most preferable software to edit Tiktok video on PC.

How To Remove Background Of Tiktok video On PC?

You can do it by using a feature of chroma key also known as a green screen. First, upload any background, put any main clip or photo, enlarge that clip, select chroma, and then finally select the chroma key option and activate it.

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